Will Smith’s ‘Pursuit Of Happyness’ #1 Friday; ‘Eragon’ #2, ‘Charlotte’s Web’ #3; Mel Gibson’s ‘Apocalypto’ Falls to 6th

By | Saturday December 16, 2006 @ 12:24am PST


SUNDAY AM: Holiday spirit ruled the box office, especially for Sony which scored its 13th No. 1 release this weekend and passed $1.573 billion in 2006 box office receipts — setting a new motion … Read More »

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Even More Abhorrent ‘Apprentice’: Losers Live In Tents In Beverly Hills Backyard

By | Friday December 15, 2006 @ 5:15pm PST

donaldtrump.jpgI didn’t think it was possible for NBC’s The Apprentice, or Donald Trump’s shtick, to get even more abhorrent. Boy, was I wrong! First, I’m surprised anyone will bother watching it January 7th, … Read More »

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Tracking: Pig/Will/Dragon Battle For #1; ‘Night At Museum’ Next Xmas Biggie?

By | Friday December 15, 2006 @ 4:34pm PST


I’m told, for this weekend, Fox’s Harry Potter clone Eragon is tracking “strong” with boys, and Paramount’s Babe-like Charlotte’s Web “strong” with girls, … Read More »

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Africa As The New Canada For Filmmaking

By | Friday December 15, 2006 @ 6:35am PST

blooddiamond.jpgTonight on Leno, Leo DiCaprio talked a lot about the Blood Diamond shoot — how he fell in love with Africa and spent some of the most unforgettable moments of his life there. ”From the … Read More »

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Vivendi Still GE/NBC Uni’s Silent Partner

By | Friday December 15, 2006 @ 6:08am PST

So the latest Hollywood perk seems to be a silent partner. A real silent partner. Vivendi has decided to keep its 20% stake in NBC Universal and extend its GE deal. Bloomberg reports the Paris-based company emailed a statement today that itRead More »

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Jen And Ben Nixed For ’24′ Guest Spots?

By | Friday December 15, 2006 @ 3:44am PST

alongcamepolly-stiller-aniston1.jpgCan this really be true? WENN entertainment news wire is reporting that Jennifer Aniston has been snubbed in her bid to land a guest spot on her supposedly favorite TV drama 24. “The former … Read More »

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Sadly, These Things Come In Threes…

By | Friday December 15, 2006 @ 1:07am PST

Ahmet Ertegun, Peter Boyle, Robert Altman.

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Geffen Offers $2 Bil For Los Angeles Times

By | Thursday December 14, 2006 @ 6:08pm PST

So David Geffen made a formal all-cash offer of $2 bil — less than half of his $4.6 estimated net worth — for the Los Angeles Times last month, and parent company Tribune has declined to accept or reject the bid. So says the oracle on Spring Street today. … Read More »

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This Is A Golden Globes Hype-Free Zone

By | Thursday December 14, 2006 @ 9:44am PST

I predict that, once again, whoever lobbied the so-called Hollywood Foreign Press Association the hardest will win. Which is why the Globes are never an accurate forecast of Oscar nominations. And, while I’m on the subject, be aware that the motley crew who belong to the scandal-riddled HFPA won’t grant membership to the real international … Read More »

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Strike By Canadian Actors Looms North: Mandate Could Come As Soon As Friday

By | Thursday December 14, 2006 @ 5:26am PST

Canadian actors could strike next month if they can’t reach a deal with the country’s film and TV producers. According to the Montreal Gazette, if the actors do hit the picket lines, it could halt all Read More »

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Jeff Zucker Should Bitchslap Himself

By | Wednesday December 13, 2006 @ 10:05pm PST


I’m so fed up with these overpaid blowhards who run the entertainment biz. Especially the ones who do a mea culpa for the crap they program and use “we” instead of “I” when pinpointing who’s to blame. Here’s a perfect example: NBC … Read More »

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Peter Chernin Bitchslaps Fox TV Execs

By | Wednesday December 13, 2006 @ 9:15pm PST

As everyone knows, the Fox network primetime really blows from Sept through Dec. This year was even worse than previous years: every new show tanked. The uber-expensive kidnap drama Vanished and sitcom Happy Hour were both yanked, and … Read More »

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Warren Beatty, Up Close & Too Personal

By | Wednesday December 13, 2006 @ 7:32pm PST

Bonhams and Butterfields will be holding a Los Angeles mega-auction of entertainment memorabilia, including animation art, on December 17th. Some of the cooler items include all the Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Greta Garbo paraphernalia. But, without doubt, my … Read More »

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NYT vs LAT On Subject Of David Geffen

By | Wednesday December 13, 2006 @ 7:14pm PST

geffen10.jpgFrom LAObserved which was on scene: Patrick Goldstein and John Horn of the LAT, and Sharon Waxman and Laura Holson of the NYT, talked entertainment journalism last night at a Read More »

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Busted! Oliver Stone Fined For Cuba Visit

By | Tuesday December 12, 2006 @ 4:44pm PST

fidel.JPGBusted! The feds have fined controversial director Oliver Stone in connection with his travel to Cuba to make documentaries about Fidel Castro. According to a tersely-worded Department of Treasury document from the Office … Read More »

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UPDATE: Co-Defendant Cops Guilty Plea In Pellicano Scandal; Big Victory For Feds

By | Tuesday December 12, 2006 @ 11:05am PST

danielnicherie.jpgUPDATED: Another one bit the dust at a hearing today. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles confirms that Daniel Nicherie, one of the six co-defendants in the wiretapping and racketeering case against … Read More »

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Film Critic Picks That Academy Can Ignore

By | Monday December 11, 2006 @ 11:03am PST

You know, of course, that these film critics and their yearly picks have little impact on Oscar voters, who revel in their contrariness. Nevertheless, far be it from me to ignore this media exercise in futility. So here are the latest winners for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Supporting … Read More »

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Weinsteins & MGM To Release Xmas Crap

By | Sunday December 10, 2006 @ 7:03pm PST

blackchristmas_poster2big.jpgShame, shame, shame on Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and their distributor MGM’s Harry Sloan, for opening a holiday-themed slasher movie on Christmas Day. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the ads … Read More »

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Disney’s New Oscar Campaign For Mel: He’s “Not As Bad As Roman Or Woody”

By | Sunday December 10, 2006 @ 12:50pm PST


OK, I wish this were a bad joke, but it’s real: Disney’s new and quiet Oscar campaigning for Mel Gibson … Read More »

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