fuchsmichael.jpgOne gossip column today buzzsaws Michael Fuchs about when he was honored June 11th at HBO’s NYC headquarters whose state of the art theater will now be known as the Michael J. Fuchs Theater. It tries to imply that Fuchs, who was famously fired by Time Warner almost 11 1/2 years ago and is recognized now for his singular contribution to the success of HBO, is on the outs again. Not so. Fuchs is producing a TV series whose pilot script is being written now for HBO. It’s a dark one-hour comedy about corporations from the top down. Who better to know about this than Fuchs, right? At the party for him, everyone was laughing at Fuchs’ jokes about Time Warner chieftain Jerry Levin, who fired Fuchs and then got fired himself. Especially Levin’s ex-wife, who was there. Besides, Fuchs is well-known on the rubber chicken charity circuit as a funny toastmaster. “It’s a shame that Page Six got it all backwards. It was one of the most emotional and fun nights of my career. It was a great reunion between old HBO and new HBO which is necessary at this stage,” Fuchs told me today. “I appreciate what HBO did. And I’m excited to be a supplier for them now.”

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