I know from experience how difficult it is to tell the truth about Big Media. But News Corp moguls need to answer for Fox News Channel airing doctored photos of two New York Times television beat staffers to make them look like trolls – all because the duo dared to report the news. Of course, News Corp squeals like a stuck pig whenever anyone criticizes their people. And Peter Chernin and Rupert Murdoch themselves are thin-skinned. (Again, I know this from experience…) But NYT reporter Jacques Steinberg and TV editor Steve Reddicliffe were just doing their job. And News Corp has plenty of opportunities to take on that reporting in the proper forums. What I don’t understand is the corporate culture at News Corp where the response is always to attack, attack, attack its critics in as underhanded a way as possible. (Again, I know this from experience…) It’s said that the fish stinks from the head. Murdoch may be unredeemable. But Chernin likes to think of himself as a good guy…
 Both and Editor & Publisher have the details. 

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