NO SEX, VIOLENCE OR STARS, YET #1: ‘Twilight’ Takes Biggest $70.5M Bite Out Of Box Office Weekend; Bond #2, Bolt #3

By | Saturday November 22, 2008 @ 9:30pm PST

SUNDAY AM: Summit Entertainment’s low cost blockbuster Twilight opened huge as expected because of heavy pre-sales with $35.8M Friday. But the front-loaded pic dropped a big but expected 41% to $21M Saturday. (Similarly front loaded Sex And The City also had … Read More »

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UPDATE: AMPTP Trash Talks SAG Strike

By | Saturday November 22, 2008 @ 11:50am PST

2ND UPDATE:  New SAG-AMPTP post coming with all new information…

Just now, the Big Media cartel’s negotiating clique, the AMPTP, issued this statement about SAG’s decision to seek a strike authorization vote from its members now that all talks have broken … Read More »

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TOLDJA! Summit Announces ‘Twilight’ Sequel “New Moon’: Studio May Make #2 And #3 Back-To-Back; Stars Thank Fans

By | Saturday November 22, 2008 @ 10:36am PST

NO SEX, VIOLENCE OR STARS, YET #1: ‘Twilight’ Opens With $35.7M Friday

UPDATE: I’m told Summit Entertainment to … Read More »

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SAG-AMPTP Talks Break Down After Only 2 Days; Mediation Process Adjourned; SAG Will Now Seek Strike Authorization

By | Saturday November 22, 2008 @ 1:28am PST

alarm.gif alarm.gifalarm.gif
The federal mediator had arranged the first formal face-to-face in months between the two parties. But, given the acrimonious history of their stalled negotiations, it’s not surprising that there was no progress. The question, just as it was before the … Read More »

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Weinstein Co’s Expected Layoffs Reality: But Will Harv & Bob Ever Admit Blame?

By | Friday November 21, 2008 @ 4:15pm PST

Sorry I’m late getting this up because today has been nonstop. But I’d been hearing from tipsters for weeks that firings were on the horizon at the Weinstein brothers’ company. But they finally came down today. (The New York Post says NYC employees … Read More »

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Christensen Wants To Do Time In His Crib

By | Friday November 21, 2008 @ 2:10pm PST

Former entertainment superlawyer and now convicted felon Terry Christensen is being sentenced at 8:30 AM Monday morning. But get this: he still thinks he’s a bigshot. Because he’s requesting to be put on probation for 10 months under home confinement. … Read More »

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Latest News On ‘Twilight’ Zone Phenom

By | Friday November 21, 2008 @ 11:19am PST

FRIDAY AM UPDATE: Summit Entertainment tells me Twilight midnight shows made ”north of $7 million” Thursday. That’s a big number. Here are some other updates on the Twilight zone phenomenon: major online ticket-seller Fandango has been selling 5 Twilight tickets per second … Read More »

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Bushies Now Fighting Janet Jackson/CBS Indecency Case Up To Supreme Court

By | Friday November 21, 2008 @ 10:52am PST

This looks like the last gasp decency battle fought by the Bush administration’s Republican-dominated FCC. Still, it’s utterly ridiculous that Dubya’s communications watchdog and his politicized Justice Department are now asking the Supremes to overturn that appeals court decision throwing out the … Read More »

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New Bond Now Boasts $355M Worldwide

By | Friday November 21, 2008 @ 10:23am PST

MGM/Sony’s Quantum Of Solace goes into this weekend with an overseas total of $272.9M. In North America, it finished Week One at $82.1M (vs $63.2M for Casino Royale, so +30%). That makes its new worldwide number $355M. Yowza!

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Wkd Prediction: Twilight $60M, Bolt $35M Vampire Movie’s Midnight Showings $7M; Fastest Online Ticket Sales Since Batman

By | Friday November 21, 2008 @ 6:31am PST

twilight_galleryteaser2.jpg bolt_galleryteaser.jpg

FRIDAY 6 PM: I think these numbers are way too early, but studios are estimating Friday’s Twilight take at $30+M based on matinees and maybe $65M for the weekend. “It’s taking that extra right out of Bolt which will … Read More »

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Stalled SAG-AMPTP Talks Resume; Agents Want To Help WGA On New Media Pay

By | Friday November 21, 2008 @ 12:06am PST

SAG and the AMPTP met throughout Thursday and will continue meeting Friday, I’m told. There were no formal announcements by either side, thus indicating another news blackout. The federal mediator had arranged the first formal face-to-face in months between the two parties. But, given the history of their stalled negotiations, it’s not … Read More »

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VIDEO: Letterman And Couric Talk McCain

By | Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 6:48pm PST
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Ax Falls On 3 Shows In ABC Primetime

By | Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 3:46pm PST

Today, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, and Pushing Daisies were all cancelled after posting season lows among adults 18-49 this week. But ABC did order five more episodes of its new series (based on the British drama) Life On Mars. All the axed shows were marginal at best, and two … Read More »

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Four PR Staffers Laid Off At PMK/HBH

By | Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 3:46pm PST

UPDATES: I’m hearing from tipsters that one of Hollywood’s top flacks there is also leaving. But I keep getting denials from PMK/HBH brass…

Here are the names of the flacks whom PMK/HBH let go today: Craig Bankey had some notable clients, but Jennifer Holiner (veteran from the NY office), Andy Snyder and Karen Oberman (both there … Read More »

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MRC Fails So Miserably That CW Pulls Plug

By | Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 1:08pm PST

The last time I checked, MRC was living in Fantasyland and fully expecting to come up with substitute shows to replace cancelled series Valentine and Easy Money on the Sunday nights that The CW stupidly allowed these network TV neophytes to program this fall. Well, the experiment has failed. Broadcasting & CableRead More »

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2ND UPDATE: PMK/HBH Layoffs Today

By | Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 11:34am PST

This was one of the big Hollywood flackeries I heard was going to be firing/laying off PR staff within 24 hours. I’ll have names by this afternoon, but one insider there now tells me no “senior” flacks there are exiting today.
(See my previous: … Read More »

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Vivendi Hints At NBC Universal Stake Sale

By | Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 9:46am PST

News reports quote Vivendi CEO Jean-Bernard Levy as saying he’ll “make the decision in the next 2 or 3 weeks, so you will hear about it shortly” whether to sell its 20% holding in NBC Universal. He acknowledged it’s not a long-term investment even though “right now, considering the general expectations for the value … Read More »

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Moguls Have Reason To Fear Congress

By | Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 9:05am PST

News reports say the Democratic Caucus voted today for U.S Rep. Henry Waxman to replace Rep. John Dingell as chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, which oversees the FCC and other other communications issues. Dingell was seen as ridiculously friendly to the handful of moguls who maintain a stranglehold on Read More »

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Since GE Stock Isn’t Low Enough…

By | Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 8:49am PST

If the people running it think this is a good idea, then no wonder GE Capital is in such a mess that it has to tap into the $700 billion government bailout of financials:

NEW YORK (20 November 2008) – The Peacock Equity Fund, the joint venture between GE Capital’s Media, Communications & Entertainment finance business

Read More »

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