VIDEO: Why Is Fox’s Sister Company Hosting New ‘Watchmen’ Sneak Peek?

By | Wednesday December 31, 2008 @ 10:42am PST

This sneak peek of the disputed Watchmen movie just went up online. No, not on Warner Bros’ site, but on News Corp’s MySpace, the sister company to 20th Century Fox which as of last week appears to be winning its lawsuit for distribution rights to the film because of copyright … Read More »

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SAG Executive Director Doug Allen Says Strike “Will Not Shut Down The Industry”

By | Tuesday December 30, 2008 @ 9:49am PST

So SAG leaders continue conducting their education campaign about the Strike Authorization Vote despite the ballot delay and upcoming January 12th-13th National Board meeting which could deep-six the idea. The following is the first in what is described to me as a series of responses to members’ questions at recent Town … Read More »

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WB Vows To Fight Fox Over ‘Watchmen’: Both Sides Continue To Be At An Impasse; No WB Plans To Move Release Date…

By | Monday December 29, 2008 @ 10:25am PST

VIDEO: Why Is Fox’s Sister Company Hosting New ‘Watchmen’ Sneak Peek?

UPDATE: Warner Bros just issued this statement after today’s status conference in federal court in Los Angeles to determine how to proceed in the WatchmenRead More »

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BEST DOGGONE CHRISTMAS WEEKEND! PG Pictures Rule: ‘Marley & Me’ $51.6M, ‘Benjamin Buttons’ $39M, ‘Bedtime Stories’ $38.6M, ‘Valkyrie’ $30M

By | Friday December 26, 2008 @ 5:00pm PST

SUNDAY PM: Marley stayed top dog! That’s because, understandably, family fare was what post-holiday moviegoers wanted this 4-day holiday weekend. So all Top 10 films were PG or PG-13 rated. Attendance on Christmas Day was enormous, with the top two pics setting all-time records for the holiday. Even the cold and snowy weather cooperated. Good thing too because Hollywood had been hotly anticipating the Christmas Day openings of five high-profile movies with potential to be blockbusters (because Christmas releases on average have a 6.9 multiple). Only one movie’s debut disappointed. Overall, it’s looking like a jolly $190 million 3-day weekend, up 5% from last year. Here are very early numbers for the Top 10 with Oscar-buzzed films below:

1. Marley And Me (20th Century Fox)
$37M 3-day weekend… $51.6M 4-day holiday
Hollywood underestimated the built-in audience for this pic based on the bestselling book. Expected to be runner-up, it easily held onto No. 1 all weekend in 3,480 theaters. (I hope the pooch had first-dollar gross.) When it comes to North American filmgoer favorites, don’t ever bet against a dog movie. Remember how well Beverly Hills Chihuahua debuted earlier this year? Marley‘s strength was in the middle of the country and in the south, and clearly its female-driven audience brought their boyfriends and husbands and families and Kleenex. Concern that moviegoers weren’t adequately prepared for the plot denouement, not even hinted at by the pic’s marketing, proved not to be a problem. Fox needed a hit film after a lousy summer and fall littered with losers. Chalk up one in the “win” column as well for both Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.

2. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Paramount)
$27.2M 3-day weekend… $39M 4-day holiday
This pic could have scored more if only its running time hadn’t been 2 hours and 47 minutes long. Still its box office was bigger than expected in 2,988 dates, proving skeptics wrong that this would be “Hollywood’s most expensive art flick”. The Brad Pitt-Cate Blanchett starrer directed by David Fincher was strongest on both coasts and mostly female driven. But its heavy marketing for a hefty price succeeded in delivering both moviegoers and awards buzz. (Studio boss Brad Grey feels a special obligation to try to win an Oscar for his former management client Brad Pitt and their once joint production company Plan B.) Strong word of mouth could push Benjamin Button to a great multiple through the holidays.

3. Bedtime Stories (Disney)
$28.1M 3-day weekend… $38.6M 4-day holiday
This had been expected to lead the pack this weekend since it was Disney-branded family fare starring Adam Sandler with the widest release of 3,681 plays and its 99-minute running time allowed for extra screenings daily. Blame all those kiddie matinees and their half-price tickets. Or the awful reviews that hurt word of mouth. Still, the pic’s grosses were big — just not big enough to qualify as this holiday season’s Night At The Museum, which made $575M worldwide.

4. Valkyrie (MGM/UA)
$21.5M 3-day weekend… $30M 4-day holiday
This didn’t flop like Tom Cruise’s other film for UA, Lions For Lambs. But Valkyrie‘s Fri-Sat-Sun grosses were less than his opening weekends for even his least successful action pics like Collateral, The Last Samurai, and Vanilla Sky (and not adjusted for inflation or higher ticket prices). So Tom’s star power continues to dim. But it’s still much brighter compared to the dark place where Valkyrie was a few months ago. What with Cruise in Nazi war movie, directed by Bryan Singer still living down his underperforming Superman Returns, with an ever-changing release date, the pic was a Hollywood joke. But $60M worth of smart marketing turned it around. Sure, Hollywood analysts don’t see how this pic will earn out unless it’s a blockbuster overseas where Cruise is still considered a huge star. (Lions For Lambs did 3x its domestic take overseas.) But Valkyrie tracked well with males aged 16+ and stole away the weekend’s guy audience.

5. Yes Man (Warner Bros)
$16.5M 3-day weekend… $22.4M 4-day holiday… cume $49.8M
The studio is pleased with this comedy’s hold and thinks it can get to $100M domestic. I say it’ll be a struggle. The real suspense is whether Jim Carrey gets a payday on this film. (See my previous, The Worst Talent Deal Ever?)

6. Seven Pounds (Sony)
$13.4M 3-day weekend… $18.2M 4-day holiday… cume $39M
Sony certainly did what it could to hype this pic, short of giving away the plot twists. With the same star and same director but without the happy ending, the film was no Pursuit Of Happyness juggernaut at the box office. But it was down only 10% from its weather-hurt opening last weekend. Now there’s a limit to how much fans will support Will Smith’s downer film choices.

7. The Tale of Despereaux (Universal)
$9.4M 3-day weekend… $11.4M 4-day holiday… cume $27.9M
This earnest mouse toon keeps playing very young. But is it too young for parents?

8. The Day the Earth Stood Still (20th Century Fox)
$7.9M 3-day weekend… $10.6M 4-day holiday… cume $63.4M
Well, some people are seeing it. Unclear if they’re liking it, however.

9. The Spirit (Lionsgate)
$6.5M 3-day weekend… $10.3M 4-day holiday
Not every comic book can become a hit movie. Movie analysts didn’t expect much life from this adaptation of Will Eisner’s graphic novels despite a flashy marketing campaign. Lionsgate shouldn’t have tried to brave the Christmas competition.

10. Doubt (Miramax)
$5.7M weekend… $7.1M 4-day holiday… cume $7.5M
Strong cast, heavy TV ad rotation, and big award nominations created wannasee for the expansion into 1,267 venues.

As for other Oscar-buzzed pics: Fox Searchlight’s Slumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle came in 13th place with a 3-day weekend of $4.4M and 4-day weekend of 5.8M Friday on 614 plays. Its new cume is $19.6M. Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino for Warner Bros was #15 despite playing in only 84 theaters for the best Top 20 per screen average. It took in $2.3M for the weekend and $3.1M for the overall holiday. Its new cume is $4.2M, but look for the pic to pop when it goes wide into 2,400 theaters on January 9th. Revolutionary Road starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio debuted on 3 screens for $67K Friday and and $66K Saturday for a $192K weekend that scored the highest per screen average of $64K set all year. Paramount Vantage expands it into the top 15 markets next week. Focus Features’ Milk directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Sean Penn on 311 dates earned $570K Thursday and $670K Friday and $64K Saturday for a $1.8M weekend and cume of $13.5M. Imagine/Universal’s Frost/Nixon directed by Ron Howard made $$1.9M for the 4-day holiday from 205 runs for a per theater average of $7,179 and new cume of $3.7M. The Weinstein Co’s The Reader with Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet can’t build any steam with $178K and $205K from 116 venues for a slow per screen average. And Fox Searchlight’s The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke playing in 18 theaters maintained an excellent per screen average with $381K for the weekend and $515K for the overall holiday and a new cume of $900K.   Read More »

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Oscar Ballots Mailed: Are Best Picture And Other Major Categories Already Decided?

By | Friday December 26, 2008 @ 10:06am PST

Oscar ballots go out today from the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences to its 5,810 members and are due back on January 12th. Nominations will be announced January 22nd with the Academy Awards telecast held February 22nd. I know people … Read More »

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Most Anticipated Tentpoles For 2009?

By | Friday December 26, 2008 @ 9:05am PST

According to Men:

1.  Star Trek 23%
2.  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 17%
3.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 14%
4.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine 9%
5.  Terminator Salvation 7%
6.  Watchmen 7%
7.  Angels & Demons 5%
8.  Public Enemies 3%
9.  G.I. Joe 3%
10. New Moon Read More »

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R.I.P. Eartha Kitt, Pinter, Mulligan

By | Thursday December 25, 2008 @ 5:22pm PST

How sad that these deaths always come in threes…

Eartha Kitt who came from South Carolina cotton fields to become a reknown actress singer, dancer and actress, has died at age 81. She played the lead female role opposite Nat King Cole … Read More »

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By | Thursday December 25, 2008 @ 4:35pm PST

Hollywood has been especially curious about producer Larry Gordon’s role smack in the middle of this Fox vs Warner Bros lawsuit over Watchmen. In federal judge George Feess’ latest ruling, there’s this interesting footnote:


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SHOCKER! Federal Judge To Side With Fox In Warner Bros ‘Watchmen’ Film Lawsuit

By | Wednesday December 24, 2008 @ 9:24pm PST


I’ve just learned tonight that the Fox Filmed Entertainment brass, because of the holiday, didn’t even know they had won! The New York Times’ Michael Cieply was … Read More »

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Xmas Weekend Predictions: ‘Bedtime Stories’ $40+M, ‘Marley & Me’ $30M, ‘Benjamin Button’ $25M, ‘Valkyrie’ $22M

By | Wednesday December 24, 2008 @ 6:06pm PST

WEDNESDAY PM: Big movies, big stars, big holiday weekend, and, if the weather cooperates, there’s a certainty of big box office grosses. But there’s still more snow and ice storms forecast for up and down North America threatening to lower yet … Read More »

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‘Marley & Me’ Leads Online Ticket Sales

By | Wednesday December 24, 2008 @ 2:29pm PST

With five films opening on Christmas Day, and Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, Owen Wilson, and Tom Cruise slugging it out, pre-sales really count:

Fandango Top 5 Online Ticket Sales (as of 12/24/08, 1:00 PM PT)
Marley & Me (Twentieth Century Fox) 26%
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Paramount) 15%
The Tale of Despereaux (Universal) 11%
Bedtime Stories Read More »

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2008 Movie International Watch List

By | Wednesday December 24, 2008 @ 12:53pm PST


So alongside The Black List is The International Watch List, which just came out with its 2008 roster. It’s an unofficial list of the American film industry’s favorite foreign feature and short films from the past year according to the judgment of over 50 US film … Read More »

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Warner Bros Slaps CBS With Lawsuit Over Deficit Financing Of ‘Two And A Half Men’

By | Wednesday December 24, 2008 @ 12:05pm PST

So Warner Bros filed in LA Superior Court seeking $49M over its agreement to give CBS options to order its Two And A Half Men for a 5th and 6th season. CBS, which airs the series, agreed that if it exercised those options and the show was a hit, the network would … Read More »

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Say What About Those Oscar Publicists?

By | Wednesday December 24, 2008 @ 11:04am PST

On what planet does The Washington Post reside? The paper actually claims in a recent article about Oscar publicists that “because Barry Dale Joseph is working on Slumdog Millionaire, the slumdog underdog, already nominated for a Golden Globe, has become the favorite.” Reality check: sure, his real name is … Read More »

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VIDEO: See Who Were Middle Class Actors

By | Wednesday December 24, 2008 @ 9:16am PST

I don’t know who did this video, but it’s making the email rounds:

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4th Annual Focus On Female Directors

By | Wednesday December 24, 2008 @ 8:59am PST

Wednesday, January 7 – 7:30 PM
This shorts program celebrates cinema pioneers, actresses-turned-directors, cutting-edge animators, music video helmers, documentary filmmakers, festival darlings and the brightest stars emerging from film school…. Read More »

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DHD To SAG: Forget Strike Authorization Ballot! Vote On AMPTP Contract Proposal

By | Tuesday December 23, 2008 @ 11:29am PST

The decision by SAG president Alan Rosenberg and executive director and chief negotiator Doug Allen to delay the Strike Authorization Ballot originally scheduled to start January 3rd should be recognized as the smart move to make now when SAG’s solidarity is splitting down the middle. It is a mature recognition

Read More »

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DHD Advisory: Lighter Holidays Posting

By | Tuesday December 23, 2008 @ 11:25am PST


DHD will keep on top of the box office through the end of the year. But other posting will be lighter. I wish you and yours a very happy holidays and good cheer for 2009.

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Snow Cools Off Hot Holiday Box Office: ‘Yes Man’ Cold #1 And ‘Seven Pounds’ #2; ‘The Wrestler’ Posts Best Screen Average

By | Friday December 19, 2008 @ 9:45pm PST

sevenpoungs_galleryteaser.jpg yesman_galleryposter.jpg

SUNDAY AM: The weather outside is frightful – snowstorms, followed by more cold and snow, in the Midwest and East – on this weekend before Christmas. So very early numbers for the three big movies opening in wide release in some … Read More »

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