TUESDAY UPDATE: Just one problem when late night TV tries to exploit Charlie Sheen for ratings: he’s a loose cannon. (Like, duh.) Turns out the Jimmy Kimmel show cut Charlie’s last line when he said, “That whore Sarah Silverman left this at my house” and slammed a toothbrush on Jimmy’s desk. I’m told Kimmel “felt it was insulting” to his ex-girlfriend. (Like, duh).

Monday Midnight: There’s no stopping media’s newest phenom what with all the TV moguls talking to him about network gigs new and old. (Let’s just hope he doesn’t meet the same fate as Howard Beale…) So it’s somewhat fitting that Charlie Sheen made a “surprise” appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight during an interview with Mark Cuban. The musical guest, Brett Dennen, just tweeted the album cover Charlie signed and gave to a member of the audience. Jay Leno no doubt is losing his mind about missing this “winning” opportunity…

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