Nellie Andreeva

After months of hearing Fox executives talk about the pilot for new series Touch (back in August, the network’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly called it “extraordinary”), here is the first trailer for the science-meets-spirituality drama starring Kiefer Sutherland, which will premiere in the spring. Like in his previous series, NBC’s Heroes, Touch creator Tim Kring tackles the premise that everything in the universe is interconnected. Sutherland plays a widower whose mute 11-year-old son possesses the ability to detect patterns that connect seemingly unrelated events. The trailer was first unveiled Tuesday at MIPCOM, where Sutherland said that in contrast to his signature role on Fox’s 24, where he had to keep all the emotion back, his character on Touch is all about emotion, something that is on display in the trailer. Fox has not announced an exact launch date for Touch, but speculation is that the series would premiere in March in what has become known as the “Kiefer” slot on Fox: Monday at 9 PM, where 24 (as well as Heroes) aired.

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