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At his first taping after Friday’s massacre at a Connecticut elementary school, David Letterman spent a good portion of his opening remarks during Monday’s Late Night With David Letterman behind his desk, expressing his feelings about the killings — much like he did in his first show following 9/11. As a parent with a young son, the tragedy hit close to him: “Since 1994, there have been 70 — and these are just school shootings — there have been 70, 70 episodes of school shootings in the United States since 1994,” he said. “And you think about, ‘Good Lord, really? Should there be that many?’…I would have thought, hopefully, once a year would be too many wouldn’t it?… Are we supposed to be worried about dropping our kids off at school now?… I never worried about it before. I always thought, well, school is a good place where my son will be free of the idiot decisions made by his father.” The comedian also questioned the need for assault-type weapons in America and praised President Obama for his response to the tragedy. Here is a snipped from his six-minute monologue:

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