Nellie Andreeva

In case you haven’t noticed, Deadline Hollywood and Nikki Finke have been a lot in the news lately. Now we are getting the Funny Or Die treatment. Here is a great photo we’ve obtained from the set of the spoof, which filmed yesterday. Directed by Jody Lambert and written by Lambert and Matt Oberg, who brought the idea to Funny Or Die, the skit promises to reveal who the real Nikki Finke is. You can see in the photo Jean Smart doing her best Nikki Finke impersonation, joined by extras from LA Casting. Co-starring in the video with Smart are Christina Applegate, Denise Vasquez, Ann Lansang, Michelle Gallagher and Amy Harber. Funny Or Die’s Betsy Koch and Rachel Goldenberg are producing. We will update with the video when it’s up but in the meanwhile, in tradition, you can offer a caption for the photo. We will pick the best and list them with the video.

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