*PRIVATE GALLERY* Comedy Central Headshots*PRIVATE GALLERY* Comedy Central HeadshotsIt’s safe to say that finally losing out on the Emmy last year didn’t ruin anyone’s career. Quite the contrary. Amid a flurry of promotions on Comedy Central’s late-night staple, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart has given three series veterans their executive producer stripes. Steve Bodow, Jen Flanz and Adam Lowitt are the new EPs alongside host Jon tds-adam-lowitt-at-deskStewart. All three of the Daily Show’s new exec producers were with the show throughout its entire 10-year run as Emmy winner for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy series. Bodow started as a writer in 2002 and worked his way up to co-EP in 2011. Flanz joined the show as a production comedycentral1assistant in 1998 and also was named co-EP in 2011. Lowitt came aboard as a postproduction assistant and makes the jump to EP from supervising producer, a job he landed in 2012. The show also said today that Tim Greenberg and Hillary Kun have been upped to co-executive producers, Justin Melkmann to supervising producer and Elliott Kalan to head writer. Meanwhile, over at the “rival” Colbert Report, Emily Lazar – who has been with the defending Emmy champ since its 2005 launch — has been named co-executive producer. Here’s the Daily Show release:

NEW YORK, January 28, 2014 — Steve Bodow, Jen Flanz and Adam Lowitt have been promoted to Executive Producers, Tim Greenberg and Hillary Kun to Co-Executive Producers, Justin Melkmann to Supervising Producer and Elliott Kalan as Head Writer, it was announced today by Jon Stewart, Executive Producer, Writer and Host of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

The seasoned staffers have all maintained lengthy posts at the critically-acclaimed series.  Bodow joined the show in 2002 and held positions as a Writer (2002-2006), Head Writer (2007-2010), Supervising Producer (2008-2010) and Co-Executive Producer (2011-2013).  Flanz started in 1998 as a Production Assistant (1998-1999) and moved on to roles as an Assistant Production Coordinator (1999-2000), Production Coordinator, (2000-2001), Production Manager (2001-2003), Coordinating Producer (2003-2007), Supervising Producer (2007-2010) and Co-Executive Producer (2011-2013).  Lowitt joined in 2002 as a Post-Production Assistant (2002-2003) and then moved on to Tape Coordinator (2003-2004), Footage Supervisor (2004-2007), Segment Producer (2007-2008), Senior Segment Producer (2008-2010), Senior Producer (2010-2012) and Supervising Producer (2012-2013).

Greenberg started in 2006 as a Field Producer (2006-2012) and then became a Supervising Producer (2012-2013).  Kun began in 2001 as a Talent Producer (2001-2009) and then moved onto Supervising Producer (2009-2014), and continues to book the show’s stellar caliber of guest appearances.  Melkmann is the one of the most tenured staffers, having joined in 1996 as a Post-Production Supervisor (1996-2003) and held positions as a Segment Producer (2003-2008), Senior Segment Producer (2008-2010) and Senior Producer (2010-2013).

Kalan started in 2003 as a Production Assistant (2003-2005) and then held roles as an Associate Segment Producer (2005-2007), Segment Producer (2007-2008) and Writer (2008-2014).

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