In a July 2009 Page One profile of her, The New York Times wrote, “Right now, there’s a good chance a Hollywood executive is leaning into a colleague’s office and quietly asking, ‘Did you see what Nikki just wrote?’” In an earlier 2009 article on Hollywood business coverage, the Financial Times called Nikki Finke “the reigning queen of Hollywood news” because of her “unrivalled network of high-level industry contacts. Since launching her Deadline Hollywood site in March 2006, she has earned a reputation as the best connected reporter in the industry.” The New York Times opined that the 2007/2008 writers’ strike “solidified her position as a Hollywood power broker. Executive producers, writers and agents attest to her influence.” The New York Observer named her its “2008 Media Mensch Of The Year” and said “she’s demonstrated that one determined reporter — with none of the support or backing of a media outfit, but also none of the entangling alliances — can, in fact, beat the big guys at their own game.” Elle magazine placed her on its list of the 25 most influential women in Hollywood, after writing, “Out West, where movies, moguls, and millions are made, Nikki Finke is the sheriff in town.”

The native New Yorker and Wellesley College graduate has been reporting from Los Angeles since 1986. Nikki Finke’s journalism career has included years as an AP foreign correspondent in Moscow and London, Newsweek correspondent in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Times staff writer covering entertainment and features. From 1995 through 2000, she was West Coast Editor and Hollywood columnist first for the New York Observer and then for New York Magazine. She joined LA Weekly as its “Deadline Hollywood” columnist in 2002, writing about the business, politics and culture of the infotainment industry.

Finke started on March 3, 2006 as the 24/7 version of her must-read column. It immediately became a uniquely candid, informed and authoritative source for breaking news in the entertainment industry before anybody else in town, often as the story was still unfolding, and often to the very people she was writing about. Instead of the “show”, Finke was more interested in the “business” – in the story behind the story, in the truth beyond the press release, in the details that the people in power don’t want journalists to know and which only she can uncover and deliver with speed, accuracy, and regularity. She owned the site and created what’s been described as “her own badass niche” in entertainment reporting. In 2007-2008, Finke won first place in almost every major entertainment reporting award, both online and print, as well as several column-writing and media reporting/criticism contests, including the Southern California Journalism Awards’ Entertainment Journalist Of The Year, the Best Of The West journalism competition, and National Entertainment Journalism Awards in which she swept every online category. She was named among “100 Leaders You Can Learn From On Twitter” in the journalists category, and included among the 2008 Time Magazine ”Time 100” finalists.

On June 23 PMC (formely known as Media Corporation), the Los Angeles-based digital media company that owns and operates growing portfolio of lifestyle brands, including, and, announced its acquisition of PMC also began a long-term partnership with Finke, Since then, her site has been renamed, and Finke is General Manager, Editor in Chief, and Founder. She continues to report and write Finke and PMC unveiled the site’s new branding and new look on September 4, 2009. Email her at