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Clooney’s ‘Leatherheads’ Fumbles For #3; ’21′ Is First Again, ‘Nim’s Island’ Is No. 2

leatherheads6.jpgSUNDAY AM: The movie that George Clooney directed, starred in and overhauled the script for, Leatherheads, stumbled badly at the box office this weekend, making only $12.5 million from 1,769 theaters and finishing only No. 3. (Interestingly, the pic’s studio, Universal, claimed it was No. 2, but every other Hollywood major had it as No. 3 behind Sony’s 21 and Fox/Walden’s Nim’s Island.) The screwball comedy about the early days of football was seen in Hollywood as a referendum on Clooney’s popularity at the box office. Because right now he is a big movie star but not a big box office star, and his hefty paydays in big studio projects like this definitely depend on the latter. (To be fair, few movie stars nowadays are reliably performing at the box office…)

Instead, Sony’s 21 casino caper fended off tough competition from three newcomers in the marketplace to score its second straight win as the #1 movie in North America. It earned a $15.1 million weekend, down only 37% from its opening last weekend, for a new cume of $46.5 million.

abigail_breslin1.jpgFamily fare Nim’s Island, starring Abigail Breslin and Jodie Foster for Fox/Walden, junped into 2nd place with $13.3 million thanks to strong Saturday kiddie matinees and a wide theater count of 3,513.

Another studio newcomer in release, horror pic The Ruins from DreamWorks /Paramount earned $7.8 million this weekend from 2,812 venues for 5th place behind #4 Horton Hears A Hoo!, the … Read More »

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’21′ Holds Winning Hand At Box Office; ‘Superhero’ Is Superflop; ‘Stop-Loss’ DOA

21_galleryposter.jpgSUNDAY AM: This weekend’s movie gross showed that Hollywood couldn’t revive the slumping box office during spring break even though 30% of students are out of school. No. 1 is Sony Pictures’s PG-rated based-on-a-true-story 21, which opened to a solid $8.6 million Friday and $9.6 million Saturday from 2,648 theaters. With Sunday estimates, that makes a better than expected $23.7M for the moderately budgeted pic (sources tell me it cost $35M). The casino card-counting caper suddenly came on strong tracking-wise these past two weeks to surprise everyone but the studio execs. A shocker was how weak the reviews were: only 22% positive among top critics on Rotten Tomatoes. But audiences craved the escapism. As a rival marketer gushed to me, “It is wish fulfilment in the truest sense of the phrase, this notion of a real person being able to beat the system, get the girl and live the life. The pic tapped into that really nicely.” I’m told the audience was broad based, drawing from all 4 quadrants — older and younger men and women, with 53% male and 47% female with 53% under the age of 25.

superheromovie_galleryposter.jpgIn its 3rd weekend in release, Fox’s Horton Hears A Who! continued playing strong in 3,826 dates for $5.2 million Friday and $7.3 million thanks to Saturday kiddie matinees to surge well past the all-important $100 million mark. It’s new cume is $117.2M after this weekend’s extra $17.4M because there was little else at the … Read More »

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Wkd Prediction: ’21′ Holds Winning Hand

By | Friday March 28, 2008 @ 12:48pm PDT

Sony’s 21 should do in the neighborhood of $21+ million for the weekend.

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UTA Loses Kate Bosworth (& Its Temper)

By | Thursday March 27, 2008 @ 4:43pm PDT

kate-bosworth.JPGIt happened yesterday after Kate Bosworth, a longtime UTA client, let the agency know she was leaving. So far she hasn’t landed at another tenpercentery. But her latest film 21 looks like it will have a good opening weekend. Meanwhile, the rumor mill has heated up about UTA after this loss, and Vince Vaughn’s leaving, and partner Marc Korman’s jump to Endeavor. Competitors are swirling rumors that UTA’s talent department is “falling apart” because of a ”toxic atmosphere”. There was even talk of a ”coup attempt” to unseat some partners there or a “sure thing” that three talent agents are leaving. I’m on overdrive trying to check out every phone call. So let me set the record straight:

I can report that the lousy news led yesterday to some closed-door meetings among UTA’s partners that turned ugly (as seen through the glass walls). “The partners had a fight. It was a bad week. But nobody’s going anywhere,” an insider explains to me. “The partners are hyper-passionate, so when stuff happens, they get upset. This is not a place where nobody cares.” I’m told specifically that a couple of young partners not in the agency’s talent department used the losses of Vaughn and Bosworth to “make some noise and get everybody uptight” and took advantage of Nick Stevens being out of town to take aim at two partners in his talent department, Lisa Hallerman and Sharon Sheinwold. Another source tells me, “It is true there were many conversations going on relating to the talent department and actors. The agency this week turned in on … Read More »

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