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TCA: Fox ‘Lone Star’ Deep In Heart Of Texas

What’s up with TV and Texas this season? This fall’s crop of new TV series includes NBC’s Chase shooting in Dallas, and ABC’s My Generation, shooting in Austin. At today’s TCA, Fox presented the new drama Lone Star — which, with that title, couldn’t really be set anywhere else. The show’s lead character (played by relative newcomer James Wolk) has two wives and two lives in two different locations, Houston and Midland. It will actually be shot in Dallas, the setting for another Fox series introduced earlier this year, The Good Guys. (Executive producer Peter Horton, who plans to direct some episodes, he joked of his involvement: “I thought it was going to be shot in San Francisco.”)

Lone Star creator/executive producer (and native Texan) Kyle Killen explained that when he pitched the series, ”I sold it as Dallas without the cheese.

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TCA: Networks Answer Diversity Questions

By | Sunday August 1, 2010 @ 3:21pm PDT

Diane Haithman is contributing to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

At this 2010 TCA, the issue of depicting diversity on shows has become a key talking point as the broadcast networks present their new programming to the media. First, it was CBS’ Nina Tassler admitting she was disappointed with her outlet’s track record” on depicting gay and lesbian characters after CBS recently received another failing grade from GLAAD.  Then CBS producer/talk host Sarah Gilbert discussed how her lesbian sexual orientation will be part of the story on her show The Talk.  At NBC, much was made of the two black romantic leads in its spy series Undercovers, and the Indian stereotypes on Outsourced. Today, it was ABC’s turn. Its hour-long documentary-style show My Generation (based on the Swedish show “On God’s Highway”) tracks 9 characters through a 10-year-period from high school to young adulthood in Austin, TX. The first question for the panel from TV critics was:  Why no gay character? The show’s creator and executive producer Noah Hawley responded that the audience would be “meeting more characters. We have families and this whole high school class that we can meet over time. We are going to continue to push the diversity. That is really important to us.” Added executive producer Warren Littlefield, “I think there are some gay people in Texas, so – yes.”

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