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Breaking: George Clooney Orbiting ‘Gravity’

Mike Fleming

UPDATE: Warner Bros has confirmed that George Clooney is set.

EXCLUSIVE: I’m hearing that George Clooney is now in talks to replace Robert Downey Jr in starring alongside Sandra Bullock in Gravity, the Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures 3D film that will be directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Deadline broke the story that Downey was going to bow out of the project because of scheduling problems. The plan at this point is to begin production in late April or early May, which would give Bullock the chance to complete the Warner Bros drama Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the Stephen Daldry-directed film that also stars Tom Hanks and newcomer Thomas Horn.

Clooney will replace Downey in the role of team leader of a space station. He and Bullock’s character, off working on a shuttle, are the sole survivors when the space station is decimated by the debris field from an exploded asteroid. Bullock will carry much of the action adventure, a mother who is hellbent on returning to her young child back on earth. Clooney is working the space schedule around The Ides of March, the adaptation of the Beau Willimon play. Clooney is directing and starring alongside Ryan Gosling in the political drama for Sony Pictures Entertainment and Cross Creek Pictures.

Cuaron wrote the script with his son, Jonas, and David Heyman is producing. Given the hardships Gravity has weathered, this … Read More »

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Will Sandy Bullock Board ‘Gravity’ Now That Natalie Portman Is Out?

Mike Fleming

UPDATE: Insiders say that Warner Bros is making a full court press for Sandra Bullock to play the role of a space station team member who tries to find her way back to earth and her daughter after the space station she is working on is destroyed by a debris field from an exploded asteroid. Bullock, coming off the Oscar win for The Blind Side, certainly has the drawing power and the chops to hold the screen. Numerous actresses have wanted to make the film because it is ambitious and original, and also because for the opportunity to work with director Alfonso Cuaron, which is a major reason Robert Downey Jr. agreed to co-star. Portman’s reps confirmed that she won’t star in Gravity, citing scheduling conflicts. Read More »

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