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Sarah Palin Elected To Second Term By Sportsman Channel

Sarah Palin Elected To Second Term By Sportsman ChannelTo the surprise of no one, Sportsman Channel has renewed Amazing America With Sarah Palin, aka The Show That Caused Many Reporters Who Cover Television To Write About Sportsman Channel For The First Time. The channel, who has elected the former GOP VPOTUS candidate to the new title of “First Lady of the Outdoors,” said the show will return in first-quarter 2015. The first season featured 12 episodes; the second season order is same. Read More »

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TCA: Sarah Palin Vows To Defend First And Second Amendments On ‘Amazing America With Sarah Palin’

TCADeadline__140109155905__140109183154Sarah Palin insists her new reality series on Sportsman ChannelAmazing America With Sarah Palin, will not be political. More accurately, she told TV critics at the TCA Winter TV Press Tour this morning, “Thank God this isn’t political.” 2014 Winter TCA Tour - Day 2It will, however, touch on “protecting our Constitution,”  she said during her breakfast Q&A here in Pasadena. What about the Constitution? The Second Amendment. And the First Amendment. Specifically, she said, about being able to say what you want without fear of losing your job, she explained, adding, “We’ve seen that with other networks recently.” She was, of course, referencing Duck Dynasty. Fan Sarah Palin took to social media to voice her support for Phil Robertson when A&E put him on hiatus for an indefinite period over comments he made in a GQ interview, saying that his suspension is an attack on free speech. “Free speech is an endangered species,” she wrote on Facebook. “Those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us.”

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2014 Winter TCA Tour - Day 2This morning, Palin — rail-thin and dressed in a bedazzled top, black jeans and American flag platform pumps she says were ordered for her by her niece McKinley “(Named after the mountain in Alaska, Palin said, which in turn, was named after the country’s 25th President William McKinley) — revealed she eats organic. She acknowledged a lot of people don’t associate the Palins “with the granola type of thing.” And their organic food isn’t wrapped in celophane, “it’s wrapped in fur.”

Amazing America, Palin said, will give viewers the opportunity to “see how it is we live out that Americana dream of productivity and loving the great outdoors.”  The show will be about living “unguarded, unchained, and living that Red Wild and Blue lifestyle in Alaska — what America used to be.” She hopes to “showcase people places and things in order to inspire… and restore fundamentally what made America so great ” she said, adding “independent,” “clean” and “free.” Read More »

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Sarah Palin To Star In Series For Sportsman Channel

“The Grizzly is unpredictable — and we’ve got the mother of them all,” The Sportsman Channel said this morning in announcing Sarah Palin will attempt to make her reality TV comeback with a show focused on the outdoors. Amazing America With Sarah Palin will premiere in April sarahpalinfoxnewson the channel that also features an NRA talk show, Antler InsanityPersonal Defense TV, and a series with rocker Ted Nugent.

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The Palin family were Barrymores of reality TV for a period. Palin previously starred in Sarah Palin’s Alaska  — it aired for eight episodes starting in 2010 on TLC but was not renewed for a second season though the network called the ratings “solid.” She also showed up regularly in the audience, and was interviewed on camera, when daughter Bristol became an improbable finalist on the 11th edition of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Husband Todd, meanwhile, starred on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes. Bristol went on to star in Lifetime’s Bristol Palin: Life’s A Trip and, more recently, returned for the all-star edition of Dancing. Sarah and Todd also pitched a reality series about Todd’s career as a championship snowmobile racer but apparently got no takers, because the show never surfaced.

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