‘Hunger Games’ Passes $460M Global Box Office: #1 Domestic Again Through Easter; ‘American Reunion’ And ‘Titanic 3D’ Open Strong Overseas Where ‘Wrath Of Titans’ #1

April 6-8 Weekend Actuals

1. The Hunger Games (Lionsgate) Week 3 [4,137 Theaters] PG13
Friday $12.8M, Saturday $13.0M, Sunday $7.3M, Weekend $33.1M (-43%), Cume $302.5M

2. American Reunion (Universal) NEW [3,192 Theaters] R
Friday $9.3M, Saturday $7.5M, Sunday $4.8M, Weekend $21.5M

3. Titanic 3D (Paramount/Fox) NEW – Wednesday opening [2,674 Theaters] PG13
Friday $7.1M, Saturday $6.7M, Sunday $3.5M, Weekend $17.3M, Cume $25.6M

4. Wrath Of The Titans 3D (Legendary/Warner) Week 2 [3,545 Theaters] PG13
Friday $5.4M, Saturday $5.7M, Sunday $3.7M, Weekend $14.7M (-56%), Cume $58.6M

5. Mirror Mirror (Relativity) Week 2 [3,618 Theaters] PG
Friday $4.6M, Saturday $4M, Sunday $2.5M, Weekend $11.M (-39%), Cume $36.6M

6. 21 Jump Street (MGM/Sony) Week 4 [3,009 Theaters] R
Friday $3.6M, Saturday $3.9M, Sunday $2.5M Weekend $10.0M (-33%), Cume $109.4M

7. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax 3D (Universal) Week 6 [3,003 Theaters] PG
Friday $2.3M, Saturday $1.7M, Sunday $1.1M, Weekend $5.0M (-35%), Cume $198.2M

8. Salmon Fishing In Yemen (CBS Films) Week 5 [524 Theaters] PG13
Friday $323K, Saturday $423K, Sunday $246K, Weekend $992K (-22%), Cume $4.7M

9. Housefull 2 (Eros) NEW [121 Theaters] NR
FSS N/A Weekend $847K

10.  John Carter (Disney) Week 5 [1,015 Theaters] PG13
Friday $293K, Saturday $327K, Sunday $210K, Weekend $830K (-59%), Cume $68M

SUNDAY, 8TH UPDATE… Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games continues its amazing run for the third weekend in a row for a new worldwide total past $460M. This gives the box office behemoth a 17-day total through Easter Sunday of $157.1M international and $302.8M domestic. In the U.S. and Canada, it overwhelmed both box office rivals Paramount/Fox’s Titanic 3D and Universal’s American Reunion. But the pair showed strength overseas. This weekend, The Hunger Games grossed $33.5M domestic and $25.5M foreign where it has been trying to stave off an onslaught from Warner Bros’ recent 3D entry Wrath Of The Titans. After a disappointing domestic start, this sequel is dominating overseas: over the holiday weekend it dropped just -43% from its opener with a gross of $43M in 60 markets from 13,540 screens. The international cume to date is now $152.5M and Warner Bros declared Wrath Of The Titans “#1 internationally”. It opens in Japan April 21st.

R-rated American Reunion finished in 2nd place with only a so-so $21.5M domestic but did surprisingly well around the globe with $19.3M from the 28 territories where it opened. That’s now $40.8M worldwide for the modestly $50M budgeted fourquel which set the highest grossing opening weekend internationally of all the previous films released theatrically in the American Pie franchise. It posted #1 openings in Russia ($5.1M), Australia ($5M), Netherlands ($1.1M), and Norway ($1.1M). “With schools closed for vacation this week, the good results should continue,” a Universal insider tells me. “We still have 30 territories to open including the major markets Germany April 26, France May 2, and Italy, Spain and the UK May 4.” Domestically, exit poll data showed audiences were almost evenly split between males and females (51% vs 49%) but predominantly aged 25 years and older (61%) vs under 25 (39%). As for the future of the $1.1+ billion franchise with 3 films that made $650M worldwide and 4 direct-to-DVD titles, Universal will try to keep it going to satisfy the foreign appetite for this kind of crappy raunch.

James Cameron’s $18M 3D conversion of his ocean epic met domestic expectations and, according to Paramount, made $17.3M this weekend. Titanic 3D reached $25.7M for its first 5 days in release despite a marathon running time. IMAX had 9 of the top 10 locations for the film earning $2.0M in 79 theaters. Exit polls showed that the audience was 51% aged 25 and under vs 49% aged 25 and older as well as 60% female vs 40% male. Amid reports of sold-out shows, Fox said the first international numbers steamed to $35.5M from 5,579 screens in 53 markets (84 countries). “That’s a per screen average of more than $6,300 per screen! It’s a fantastic start,” a Fox exec emails me. “We needed a $30M opening weekend to be on pace to $100M for international (not including China), and we exceeded that estimate by 18%.” Despite half the daily show times of the top competitors, Titanic 3D grabbed the #1 market share position in the UK, Germany, Italy, Austria and Sweden, while in a tight struggle for #1 in Russia with fellow opener American Reunion. Titanic 3D was the #1 MPA title in France, Japan, Hong Kong and Switzerland and #2 title overall in Holland, Belgium and Denmark. To illustrate how much the theatrical world has changed since the 1997/1998 release, the 2012 Russia opening weekend ($4.9M) is 97% of the lifetime theatrical result of what the original did in Russia in 1998 ($5.1M). China opens Tuesday, followed by the majority of Latin America (17 markets) including Mexico, Brazil and Argentina next weekend.

Here is the Top Ten this Easter Sunday:

1. The Hunger Games (Lionsgate) Week 3 [4,137 Theaters] PG13
Friday $12.9M, Saturday $13.1M, Weekend $33.5M (-60%), Cume $302.8M
International $157.1M, Worldwide Cume $460.0M

2. American Reunion (Universal) NEW [3,192 Theaters]
Friday $9.3M, Saturday $7.5M, Weekend $21.4M
International $19.3M, Worldwide Cume $40.8M

3. Titanic 3D (Paramount/Fox) NEW – Wednesday opening [2,674 Theaters]
Friday $7.1M, Saturday $6.6M, Weekend $17.3M, Cume $25.7M
International $35.5M, Worldwide Cume $52.8M

4. Wrath Of The Titans 3D (Legendary/Warner) Week 2 [3,545 Theaters] PG13
Friday $12.4M, Saturday $5.4M, Weekend $15.0M, Cume $58.8M
International $152.5M, Worldwide Cume $211.3M

5. Mirror Mirror (Relativity) Week 2 [3,618 Theaters] PG
Friday $4.5M, Saturday $3.9M, Weekend $11.M (-39%), Cume $36.4M

6. 21 Jump Street (MGM/Sony) Week 4 [3,009 Theaters] R
Friday $3.6M, Saturday $3.8M, Weekend $10.2M, Cume $109.5M

7. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax 3D (Universal) Week 6 [3,003 Theaters] PG
Friday $2.2M, Saturday $1.7M, Weekend $5.0M, Cume $198.1M

8. Salmon Fishing In Yemen (CBS Films) Week 5 [524 Theaters] PG13
Friday $320K, Saturday $417K, Weekend $975K, Cume $4.6M

9. John Carter (Disney) Week 5 [1,015 Theaters] PG13
Friday $290K, Saturday $322K, Weekend $820K, Cume $67.9M

10. Safe House (Universal) Week 9 [482 Theaters] R
Friday $212K, Saturday $229K, Weekend $580K, Cume $124.7M
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