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Tango Pictures Buys Horror Novel ‘Bedbugs’

By | Tuesday April 10, 2012 @ 8:44am PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Ti West (The Innkeeper) has been set to write the Bedbugs script by Tango Pictures, a new production venture created by producers Christina Lurie, Steven Shainberg, and Andrew Lazar. Tango acquired film rights to the Ben H. Winters’ bestselling horror novel. The deal marks one of the first made by former longtime CAA agent Shari Smiley since she formed The Smiley Group LLC after leaving the agency late last year. She worked with Quirk Books (which will get an executive producer credit) and lit agency Joelle Delbourgo Associates. Quirk published the book last year and Winters’ next novel, The Last Policeman, will debut in July.

The book features a premise that is all too relatable to anyone who travels to a major city like Manhattan or Toronto and turns over the mattress to see if anything is crawling as bedbug infestations become more common each year. Bedbugs is a tale of urban paranoia set in Brooklyn that follows the Wendt family as they move in to a new home and suddenly start to encounter strange occurrences. Susan Wendt begins suffering what she suspects are bedbug bites, but she’s the only one getting bitten and suddenly fears she may be going crazy. That’s until she’s confronted with a more menacing explanation for the strange things happening to her and the family.

Said Quirk associate publisher and creative director Jason Rekulak: “Reading Bedbugs as a manuscript felt like the literary equivalent of a … Read More »

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Toronto Critter Scare: Did Somebody Cry “Bedbug” In A Crowded Theater?

By | Tuesday August 31, 2010 @ 7:50am PDT
Mike Fleming

Amazing how a bedbug scare begins. One MSN reviewer’s tweet that a friend had been bitten by bedbugs while watching Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto. That fueled a frenzy of reports that festival-goers might not be the only things swarming the movie theaters of Toronto next month. Toronto International Film Festival co-director Cameron Bailey sent a tweet Read More »

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Grand Central Books Exterminators To Tackle Bedbug Problem

By | Wednesday July 21, 2010 @ 7:48am PDT
Mike Fleming

bedbug2Bedbugs have run rampant in New York City offices this summer (Bedbugs In CBS’ NY Offices), and Grand Central Publishing is the latest haunt to catch the bug. The publisher, whose Park Avenue offices near Grand Central Station are home to such bestselling authors as James Patterson, David Baldacci , Nelson DeMille and Nicholas Sparks, let staff know about the problem yesterday, and gave staffers the option of working from home today. There’s a corporate outing tomorrow that will keep the troops out of the office, and nobody works hard in the publishing industry on Fridays during the summer, anyway. The plan is to eradicate the critters and have the place back to normal Monday morning. A spokesperson said there is no infestation, but the decision was made to treat the problem chemically on Thursday, before it becomes a real problem. The bedbugs have found their way to hotels, agencies, and such places as satellite offices at CBS. These are nasty little critters that feed on human blood, and while vampire books continue to be the rage in publishing, this is taking things too far.

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