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Nat Geo Tosses Bits Of New Monica Lewinsky Interview To News Orgs To Plug Documentary ‘The 90′s: VIDEO

By | Tuesday July 1, 2014 @ 7:51am PDT

Nat Geo Tosses Bits Of New Monica Lewinsky Interview To News Orgs To Plug Documentary ‘The 90′s: VIDEONational Geographic Channel today tossed bits of its Monica Lewinsky interview to plug its new three-part docu, The 90s: The Last Great Decade. NBC News Today show, for instance, aired an “exclusive first look” at Monica Lewinsky’s interview that just happened to also include a snippet of Brian Williams weighing in, and a clip of a Saturday Night Live sketch from that era that poked fun at Lewinsky. CNN also lent a hand, showing a clip in which Lewinsky modestly observes, “I was the most humiliated woman in the world” — Lewinsky World being a place in which there is no Hillary Clinton.

Today, more accurately, called Lewinsky  “the most famous White House intern in history.”

In the clip of her interview for the NatGeo’s upcoming three-parter (her first TV interview since ’03) Lewinsky also called herself a “virgin”  — as in, “I was a virgin to humiliation of that level, until that day” when details of her canoodling with President Clinton were revealed in a 445-page report by special prosecutor Kenneth Starr. The lines just kept on coming; Lewinsky said, of finding herself “in the vortex of this media maelstrom,” back then,  she now thinks it “had to do with the fact that I was a woman.”
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Dick Cheney’s TV News Tour On Iraq Is “Unseemly,” Bill Clinton Tells NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’: Video

Dick Cheney’s TV News Tour On Iraq Is “Unseemly,” Bill Clinton Tells NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’: VideoDick Cheney‘s been much in the news of late, as he continues his Obama Botched Iraq Tour on TV (and in print).  Megyn Kelly made headlines when Cheney tried out his “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many” line on her FNC show, to which she responded: “Now, with almost a trillion dollars spent there, with 4,500 American lives lost there, what do you say to those who say you were wrong about so much at the expense of so many?” — throwing in a, “Time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong in Iraq as well, sir” for good measure.

NBC News‘s Meet The Press hopes to pour a little more lighter fluid on the situation — and gin up ratings — with an interview airing Sunday, in which former President Bill Clinton dismisses the former VPOTUS’s comments about President Obama’s foreign policy as “unseemly.” More where that came from — watch here:

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White House Correspondents Enlist History Channel To Produce Documentary About Journalists Organization

Actor George Clooney speaks with Chris WPulling back the curtain, History Channel announced this morning it will work with the White House Correspondents’ Association to produce a special video commemorating the centennial celebration of the organization as well as its annual White House Correspondents Dinner. The video will be screened at that annual Beltway bash/Hollywood petting zoo, which will again be held at Washington’s Hinckley Hilton on Saturday, May 3. President Obama and former President Clinton will participate in the video chronicling the origin of the WHCA in 1914 and its evolution over the century.

Related: Joel McHale To Host White House Correspondents’ Dinner

US President Barack Obama high-fives telIn addition to Obama and Clinton, among those scheduled to be interviewed include historians; press secretaries Marlin Fitzwater, Mike McCurry, and Dana Perino; and the WHC Dinner’s past and current celebrity hosts. In theory the latter means Stephen Colbert, who scorched the ballroom with his in-character indictment of then-president George W. Bush, and Craig Ferguson, who pronounced VPOTUS Dick Cheney “funny for an evil guy” after Cheney told him “enjoy your audit” following a Ferguson joke that Cheney had to start his move out of his official residence before the end of Bush’s second term because “it takes longer than you think to pack up an entire dungeon.”

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Bill Clinton To Make ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Debut Next Week, Returning A Favor

By | Friday March 28, 2014 @ 9:28am PDT

Bill Clinton Visits BelfastLooks like it’s a sweet quid pro quo for Jimmy Kimmel with former President Bill Clinton set to appear on the ABC host’s late night show on April 2. While he’s no stranger to the talk show circuit, this will actually be Clinton’s first time on Kimmel’s show. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the announcement today comes less than a week after Kimmel hosted the closing night of the 42nd POTUS’ Clinton Global Initiative University confab at Arizona State. Clinton appeared onstage with Kimmel on March 22 for a joint chat with his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and daughter Chelsea. With that kind of star power all together, a selfie like Ellen DeGeneres‘ mega-retweeted Oscars version is of course in order – which is exactly what Kimmel did and  posted it on his Twitter feed.

Wonder if we’ll see a selfie repeat performance next week? Kimmel is no stranger to Presidential level hijinks. He hosted the White House Correspondents Dinner back in 2012.

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Study: Bill Clinton Biggest Butt of Jay Leno Monologue Jokes During ‘Tonight Show’ Tenure

By | Wednesday February 5, 2014 @ 7:37am PST

jaylenoSince 1992, Jay Leno‘s top Tonight Show opening monologue target has been Bill Clinton, according to a study released by the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University. O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson topped his list of celebrity targets, but their tally is chump change compared to Clinton’s, according to the study that tracked nearly 44,000 Tonight Show jokes.

Clinton was the subject of one out of every 10 gags about public affairs and/or public figures in his monologues, and O.J. Simpson was his top celebrity target. The study tallied 43,892 jokes about public figures and public affairs from 1992, when Leno became host of Tonight Show, through January 24, 2014.

Clinton accounts for 4,607 of that joke total. For comparison sake, George W. Bush came in for 3,239 jabs, and Jay targeted Kim Kardashian a total of  just 57 times, according to the study. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Clinton’s VPOTUS Al Gore, and Monica Lewinsky accounted for four of Leno’s top seven targets. Overall, the Top-20 list includes the past four presidents and vice-presidents, as well as the past six failed major party nominees for president. Democrats were the targets of 10,885 jokes, 15% more than the 9,465 jokes directed at Republicans. The study says that’s because Leno frequently targeted presidents and Democrats occupied the White House in 13 of his 22 years as Tonight Show host.


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OSCARS: Why A Documentary Nomination Could Be Game-Changer For Gay Love Story ‘Bridegroom’

Pete Hammond

There are officially 151 films vying for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar this year. For that huge number of entries, a deadline looms this Friday: That is the last day of voting by the Academy’s docu branch for the lucky 15 that will make the shortlist of finalists, which will be announced in early December. That list will then be whittled to the five nominees. But for many docu filmmakers, just receiving early shortlist recognition would be a huge boost not just to their films but could do even more for the movies’ real-life subjects.

The steady, emotional journey of award-winning documentary Bridegroom continues with its availability for sale beginning today on iTunes and Amazon. But it is an Academy Award nomination — or even just making that shortlist – that filmmakers Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and husband Harry Thomason really want in order to carry their message of love and tolerance for gay couples worldwide. It demonstrates the importance of Oscar for many filmmakers who recognize its worth as a worldwide symbol. “We’ve done the research, and that would be so huge in getting it overseas,” said the film’s writer-director-producer Bloodworth-Thomason, a multiple Emmy nominee who created Designing Women. “Our goal now is to get it into as many countries we can. Even if it is underground, I want to get the film into places like Russia and the Middle East. I think we do have Oscar buzz. We are getting on these lists, but not ever having had it before, I am not sure I recognize it.”   Read More »

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Hillary Clinton Set For Hollywood Fundraiser On October 30

She hasn’t officially thrown her hat in the 2016 Presidential ring but Hillary Clinton is already out there raising money from Hollywood. The former Secretary of State and presumed Democratic candidate is the marquee name for a $15,000-a-ticket fundraiser on October 30 at the Beverly Hills home of Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl, according to an invite that went out this week. Selling tickets individually or for $25,000 a couple, the lunch on the day before Halloween lunch is actually for former DNC chair and longtime Clinton pal Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia Governor bid. With that election on November 5, Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton have a number of McAuliffe events scheduled in the next week, and on Monday the DNC sent out a McAuliffe donation solicitation email from Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is lining up Hollywood support if she makes her widely expected 2016 decision to run. Deep-pocket donors like Saban, Peter Chernin, and Jeffrey Katzenberg as well as the likes of Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams have pledged financial support to a Clinton 2016 campaign once it is made official, sources say. Chernin, Katzenberg, Spielberg and Abrams were all hefty financial backers of President Obama, both in the 2012 election and in the lead-up to next year’s mid-terms.

NBC Kills Its Hillary Clinton Miniseries, RNC Takes Credit
Will ‘Rodham” Affect Hillary Clinton in 2016? Read More »

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Bill Clinton Visiting Letterman To Kick Off CBS’ Premiere Week

By | Wednesday September 18, 2013 @ 12:01pm PDT

Former President Bill Clinton will visit the Late Show With David Letterman on Monday for the ninth time, his appearance coming on the first night of CBS‘ Premiere Week. Clinton is in NY next week hosting his Clinton Global initiative and will sit with Letterman for the first time since October 2011. His appearance headlines a glitzy week for the late-night show that includes Cher on Tuesday; Robin Williams on Wednesday, a day ahead of the series premiere of his sitcom The Crazy Ones; and The Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki on Thursday, the same night as Big Bang‘s Season 7 premiere. Steve Martin is the guest Friday.

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2013 GLAAD Media Awards: ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’, ‘The New Normal’, ‘American Horror Story’

By | Saturday April 20, 2013 @ 10:35pm PDT

Jennifer Lawrence and Harvey Weinstein presented the inaugural Advocate for Change Award to former President Bill Clinton at tonight’s 24th GLAAD Media Awards held at the JW Marriott in LA. Attorney Steve Warren received the Stephen F. Kolzak award from Charlize Theron and Leonardo DiCaprio while Summit’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower and NBC’s The New Normal topped film and TV awards. Here’s the full list of winners:

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Oscars: Will Politics Change The Race?

Pete Hammond

Everyone knows that with all of the rampant campaigning going on, Hollywood’s Oscar season can get quite political, but this year it’s literally poliitics. And not as usual. An infusion of real politicians, and political issues, have been characterizing this Academy campaign season for several weeks and it seems to be ramping up to new heights just as ballots went out this week and voting is now going on in earnest through February 19. Of course real-world politics have often seeped into Oscar season but, whether it is the political nature of the films or some other reason, it’s careening out of control.

Related: OSCARS: Anything Goes In This Year’s Race

Starting with the October release of Warner Bros‘ Argo, several real-life Presidents have been used to either officially – or unofficially – make an endorsement of a contender or at least be used in ways we haven’t seen before. For Argo’s end credits former President Jimmy Carter turns up in an audio interview basically confirming the facts of the CIA mission he approved to get six American hostages out of the Canadian Embassy in Iran by creating a fake movie production. It was a very effective way of validating the events of the film set in 1979 and giving it added gravitas. It also didn’t hurt the film’s awards chances to have Tony Mendez, … Read More »

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Golden Globes Movies: Winning Films Enjoy The Taste Of Victory, But Does It Really Help Oscar Chances?

Pete Hammond

If anyone thought the Golden Globes results were going to add any clarity to the topsy-turvy atmosphere that has so far characterized this year’s Oscar race,  forget it. In a week that has offered crushing disappointment and major highs to just about every serious contender, the Globes mixed it up Sunday but cleared up no questions about who is emerging as a frontrunner in one of the tightest and most interesting Academy Award contests in years. No one can figure this one out yet, and if they say they can, ask for proof because it just simply doesn’t exist. Yet.

On the other hand, one thing on which everyone seemed to agree was that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler knocked it out of the park as hosts and the show moved along in style. One former producer of an Academy Awards show sitting in the audience told me afterwards, “if I were an Oscars producer this year I would be worried. This was a very good show”.

Voting for Globes was in before the Academy Award nominations were announced on Thursday and before it was known the Acad’s directors branch had snubbed Argo director Ben Affleck while the rest of the Academy offered the film seven nominations. His directorial victory at Wednesday’s  Critics Choice Movie Awards and subsequent Best Picture win along with the same two wins at Sunday’s Golden Globes … Read More »

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Steven Spielberg Orchestrated Bill Clinton’s Surprise Golden Globes Appearance

By | Sunday January 13, 2013 @ 10:40pm PST

Related: Bill Clinton Introduces ‘Lincoln’ At Golden Globes: Video

UPDATED: Lincoln director Steven Spielberg was the one who ultimately arranged for Bill Clinton to appear tonight at the Golden Globes. Sources tell Deadline that the former President’s introduction tonight of Spielberg’s film about Abraham Lincoln was an almost state secret. “We had this on lockdown,” said DreamWorks co-chair/CEO Stacey Snider, one of the people who helped organize the appearance for the DreamWorks-Fox-Disney film. Only about a handful of people at the Globes knew the 42nd President was coming. In fact, to keep things under wraps, Hollywood Foreign Press Association members who did know about the surprise were told to lie – and say that the special presenter was Prince Albert of Monaco. Some of the HFPA hierarchy heard there would be a special guest in the first hour but didn’t know who it was. Certainly Golden Globes attendees dropping off their cars before the ceremony noticed that security was tighter than usual with assault rifles visible on authorities.
Related: Nikki Finke: Live-Snarking Golden Globes

Clinton received the first standing ovation of the night when he came onstage. Snider told Deadline that “her heart was pounding” during his intro of a clip. Clinton called Lincoln a “brilliant film” in … Read More »

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VIDEO: Bill Clinton Intros ‘Lincoln’ At Globes

By | Sunday January 13, 2013 @ 8:48pm PST

Here’s Bill Clinton’s surprise appearance tonight at the Golden Globes. The former President showed up to introduce a clip from the Steven Spielberg-directed Lincoln. Check it out:

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Martin Scorsese To Make Documentary About Bill Clinton For HBO

By | Monday December 17, 2012 @ 10:03am PST
Nellie Andreeva

Martin Scorsese will give former President Bill Clinton a documentary treatment at HBO. The pay cable network has teamed with the Oscar-winning director for a documentary spotlighting the 42nd President of the United States. Made with Clinton’s full cooperation, the film will explore his perspectives on history, politics, culture and the world, with Scorsese producing and directing, and Steve Bing producing. “A towering figure who remains a major voice in world issues, President Clinton continues to shape the political dialogue both here and around the world,” Scorsese said. “Through intimate conversations, I hope to provide greater insight into this transcendent figure.” Added Clinton, “I am pleased that legendary director Martin Scorsese and HBO have agreed to do this film. I look forward to sharing my perspective on my years as President, and my work in the years since, with HBO’s audience.”

Scorsese is a long-time Democrat with ties to the Clintons. He supported Hillary Clinton’s 2000 and 2006 Senate campaigns.

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Michelle Obama & Bill Clinton Get Grammy Noms; Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow, ‘Smash’ & ‘The Voice’ Coaches Too

By | Wednesday December 5, 2012 @ 10:17pm PST
Nellie Andreeva

They both campaigned with President Obama to help him secure a second term. Now both First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton have landed Grammy nominations. Both are up in the Best Spoken Word Album category for the audio version of their books American Grown (Obama) and Back To Work: Why We Need Smart Government For A Strong Economy (Clinton). Clinton won the category in 2005 for his autobiography My Life, while Obama’s husband has topped it twice — for Dreams From My Father and The Audacity Of Hope. Obama and Clinton are facing two top TV personalities in the Best Spoken Word Album field — Ellen DeGeneres (Seriously… I’m Kidding) and Rachel Maddow (Drift: The Unmooring Of American Military Power). Television’s presence on the Grammy nominations list announced tonight extends to the Best Song Written For Visual Media category, which features the tune “Let Me Be Your Star” from the pilot for NBC’s Smash, along with four songs from movies, including the Oscar-winning “Man Or Muppet” From The Muppets. (Nashville producer T Bone Burnett, who is behind the music on the freshman ABC drama, scored 2 noms for songs from The Hunger Games). The score soundtrack field includes Oscar winner The Artist.  Read More »

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ABC Wins Convention Day 2 Coverage; ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Ties CNN For Key Demo

By | Thursday September 6, 2012 @ 3:16pm PDT

It was Bill Clinton and ABC’s night at the Democratic Convention on Wednesday. However, unlike the former President, the network didn’t come out that far ahead of its competition. ABC pulled in 4.58 million viewers (1.72 million among Adults 25-54) during the 10 – 11 PM EDT slot that the networks covered the convention and Clinton’s speech nominating Barack Obama as the party’s standard-bearer. CBS was close behind with 4.41 million viewers (1.72 million in the demo) and MSNBC were close on their heels with 4.38 million viewers with 1.41 million among Adults 25-54. As Clinton spoke longer than scheduled, both ABC and CBS ran over the 11 PM out, airing DNC coverage until 11:28 PM and 11:29 PM EDT respectively. CNN had 4.13 million viewers (1.54 million in the 25-54 demo) watching during the 10 – 11 PM EDT slot. TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which had topped all the networks and cable news channels coverage of the GOP convention last Wednesday in the 10 – 11 PM hour among Adults 18-49, actually tied CNN among the 18-49 during the hour last night. Having said that, the five-week old pageant-based reality series was down 9% among the 18-49 demo from last week and down 20% in total viewership to 2.4 million from last Wednesday’s broadcast. Fox News had an audience of 3.10 million with 813,816 in among Adults 25-54. All of the networks saw their viewership rise from … Read More »

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Harvey Weinstein Guest-Hosting CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan’ With Bill Clinton: Live-Blog

By | Thursday May 31, 2012 @ 6:00pm PDT

Multi-Oscar winning indie studio chief Harvey Weinstein is guest-hosting CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight and spending the hour interviewing former President Bill Clinton. The show was pre-taped in New York this afternoon. The appearance by Weinstein, a long time Clinton supporter and big time donor to Democrats including President Obama this election cycle, comes as part of Guest Host Week on the primetime CNN talk show. With CNN’s primetime ratings hitting 20-year lows this month, Harv’s presence could be a good move for the network. Or not.

Weinstein starts off with an approach as measured and understated as his black suit and black tie. Quentin Tarantino would be proud.  After introducing Clinton (“The things I do for you, Harvey,” the ex-Prez says), Weinstein asked him right off what his favorite movie is. Clinton says High Noon is his flick pick – though he really likes Casablanca. Clinton tells Weinstein that Brad Pitt and George Clooney are too good-looking to play him in a movie, though Clooney is about his size. The former President thinks Meryl Streep should play Hillary Clinton. Harvey plugs The Weinstein Co’s  Iron Lady with the Streep reference. Clinton starts talking about how much The Lion in Winter and Tom Jones meant to him.

There was plenty of gooey-gushing by Weinstein, who tells Clinton he was the first President that “was cool”. Weinstein and Clinton also talk politics. The back to Hollywood. Weinstein says “in his world” everyone supports gay marriage and asks Clinton if Obama took a risk by … Read More »

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Bill O’Reilly Lands Bill Clinton As Guest

By | Friday December 16, 2011 @ 10:04am PST
Nellie Andreeva

Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly just got a nice Christmas gift, landing his first interview with former President Bill Clinton. It will air during The O’Reilly Factor next Tuesday. O’Reilly had been pursuing Clinton since he launched The Factor 15 years ago. On CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman in October, O’Reilly said that “there are only two guys that wouldn’t come on, we’ve got everybody else — Clinton and (Dick) Cheney.” Asked by Letterman about a potential Clinton appearance, O’Reilly said, “we’re negotiating; I would love to have him.” He just got his wish, with the two Bills set to discuss the Obama administration, the Republican presidential campaign and Clinton’s new book, Back to Work, among other topics, in their first sit-down. With Clinton booked, former Vice President Dick Cheney now remains the only holdout. Why wouldn’t he talk to O’Reilly? “He thinks I’m a punk,” the Fox News anchor told Letterman.

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Spoof: Clinton Foundation Celebrity Division

This Funny Or Die video from writer-director Josh Greenbaum explains why non-liberal America hates Hollywood. Featuring Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Jack Black, and Kevin Spacey. Wait for the scene with Bill:

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