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Time Warner Cable COO Says “We Cannot Give Up” On Fight With CBS: Video

By | Monday August 5, 2013 @ 1:19pm PDT

There’s no particular deadline for CBS to respond to Time Warner Cable’s offer to carry the network-owned stations on an a la carte basis, says Rob Marcus —  who will become TWC’s CEO at year end. But he hints, in an interview on Bloomberg Television, that TWC is prepared for a long fight over program carriage terms. He wouldn’t predict, as Cablevision CEO Jim Dolan did, that video may be expendable for cable companies as they concentrate on broadband. Still, Marcus concedes, programmers and operators have “a difficult dynamic.”

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Aereo Streaming Site Adds Bloomberg TV

By | Thursday December 13, 2012 @ 10:02pm PST

Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp-backed online-television streaming startup Aereo has made a deal to add Bloomberg TV as its first cable network offering. Aereo is paying Bloomberg for the privilege, according to the Wall Street Journal. Terms weren’t disclosed. Aereo streams over-the-air broadcast signals to NYC residents for a monthly fee. The major broadcast networks have sued Aereo in federal court alleging copyright infringement. Bloomberg, which lacks full traditional distribution, gains an outlet, and Aereo gains content unencumbered by litigation as part of a broader effort to expand Aereo’s service. Aereo said today it plans to add up to 15 cities its service early next year. Meanwhile, Aereo and the broadcasters are awaiting a critical appeals court decision.

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Business Briefs: Bloomberg TV Vs. Comcast, Apple Vs. Samsung, Google Fiber

By | Friday September 14, 2012 @ 6:36pm PDT

Bloomberg TV Asks FCC To Force Comcast Channel Placement
Bloomberg TV petitioned the FCC on Friday to force Comcast to immediately place the independent business news channel in the close numerical proximity to similar news services in 59 additional markets. The FCC back in May agreed with Bloomberg that Comcast needed to move its news channel into “news neighborhoods” to comply with a key condition of the NBCU takeover. That condition was meant to prevent Comcast from favoring its own news nets, such as MSNBC or CNBC, over independents. The FCC on August 14 stayed the order in some markets, and Bloomberg contends the stay allows Comcast to disregard the terms of the overall “neighborhooding” order.

Apple Didn’t Violate Samsung Patents, Trade Commission Judge Says
Apple did not violate four patents owned by Samsung Electronics in making the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, a judge at the International Trade Commission said in a preliminary ruling on Friday. Apple and Samsumg have been embroiled in patent disputes in 10 countries. Apple won a landmark victory last month after a U.S. jury found the South Korean firm had copied key features of the iPhone and awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages. Friday’s decision will be reviewed by the full commission in January.

Google Fiber Makes More Deals For Content Ahead Of K.C. LaunchRead More »

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FCC Bureau Clarifies Order For Comcast To Put Bloomberg TV With News Channels

By | Tuesday August 14, 2012 @ 4:37pm PDT

Today’s order from the regulatory agency’s Media Bureau means that by tomorrow Bloomberg TV will be located next to other news channels such as CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News in about 158 of Comcast’s systems. The bureau pretty much sided with Bloomberg, ruling that the cable company had to move the business news channel’s standard definition feed into the so-called “news neighborhood” of the dial in 32 systems even if it meant that another service had to be displaced. Also, Comcast couldn’t just move Bloomberg on the HD tier. “When coupled with the Bureau’s earlier mandate that Comcast place Bloomberg TV in 126 Standard Definition news neighborhoods by July 1, this stands as a big win for the public and independent programmers,” says Greg Babyak, Bloomberg’s Head of Government Affairs. The order clarifies a May 2 Media Bureau decision that Comcast discriminated against Bloomberg TV by positioning it away from other news services. It’s a sensitive issue because Bloomberg competes with CNBC: Before Comcast bought NBCU, it promised the FCC that it wouldn’t favor its own channels vs rival services. Comcast said it wasn’t discriminating against Bloomberg; it was already separated from other news services on Comcast systems before the NBCU deal.  The cable giant has said that it will appeal the ruling. Comcast wouldn’t comment on today’s Media Bureau ruling. Read More »

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Bloomberg TV Nabs ABC’s Dan Arnall To Be Executive Producer Of News

By | Monday January 30, 2012 @ 7:20am PST

This is essentially the job that respected producer Dan Colarusso had up to November when he leaped to Reuters. Arnall will set the daily editorial agenda and oversee bureaus in cities including Washington and San Francisco. But Arnall will be more focused on multimedia than Colarusso was as head of U.S. newsgathering. Bloomberg TV reaches about 67M pay TV homes. Here’s the release:

New York, January 30, 2012–Veteran business news journalist Dan Arnall has joined Bloomberg as Executive Producer of News for Bloomberg Television. The announcement was made by Andrew Morse, head of Bloomberg TV in the U.S.

Arnall brings more than a decade of experience covering the economy, American business and the impact of financial regulation, among other major stories. Based in New York, he will oversee Bloomberg’s television newsgathering and editorial in the U.S. Arnall will also work to integrate video content across the company’s multimedia properties including and Bloomberg Mobile, which together reach millions of users per day.

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Trish Regan New Bloomberg TV Anchor

By | Monday December 19, 2011 @ 10:25am PST

Trish Regan’s been seen a lot lately on Good Morning America and appeared as recently as last night on ABC World News. She was represented in this deal by Octagon’s John Ferriter and George Arquilla. Here’s Bloomberg’s release:

New York, December 19, 2011– Bloomberg Television announced today it has signed Trish Regan, former CNBC anchor and CBS News correspondent, as an anchor. The announcement was made by Andrew Morse, head of Bloomberg Television in the U.S.

Regan will co-anchor Bloomberg TV’s “Street Smart” which will air from 3-5 pm ET weekdays from Bloomberg Television’s global headquarters in New York, beginning January 9, 2012. She will also anchor a number of primetime specials and help lead anchor coverage of the 2012 Presidential election campaign for Bloomberg TV.

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Comcast Responds To Bloomberg TV Complaint

By | Wednesday July 27, 2011 @ 5:15pm PDT

UPDATE: 6:20 PM: Bloomberg LP has responded to Comcast’s rebuttal with a statement this evening saying it is confident that the FCC will enforce the Comcast-NBCUniversal merger conditions that “Comcast expressly accepted,” including the one that guarantees protections for independent sources of news. “Despite these strongly worded concerns, Comcast is not obeying clearly defined conditions, as Comcast continues to assert that ‘now’ does not mean ‘now’ and that their programming neighborhoods are not neighborhoods,” says Bloomberg head of government affairs Greg Babyak.

PREVIOUS, 5:15 PM: You won’t want to mess with Comcast’s lawyers when you see how much work they just put into refuting Bloomberg TV’s charge that the cable giant is playing an unfair game with its channel lineup. The financial news service complained to the FCC last month that Comcast is helping a channel it owns — CNBC — by relegating Bloomberg to the nose-bleed section of the cable dial. That allegedly violates Comcast’s agreement, when government officials approved its purchase of NBCUniversal, not to discriminate against competitors. Today, Comcast told the FCC in a 75-page filing that Bloomberg’s request to be moved close to CNBC in a news “neighborhood” would “confuse and frustrate customers” by creating a domino effect of channel relocations. ”In some cases, adjacent channel positions are occupied by broadcasters with statutory rights to be carried on their off-air channel positions or other positions where they have had historical carriage,” Comcast says. And other channel spots are “occupied by popular cable networks that Comcast would be required to displace from their long-standing channel positions in order to accommodate (Bloomberg) and other independent news networks.” Read More »

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Peter Chernin Talks About Rupert Murdoch

By | Wednesday June 29, 2011 @ 1:56pm PDT

Bloomberg Game Changers last night profiled News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch with interviews including former No. 2 Peter Chernin and current Fox Sports chairman David Hill. There’s some good stuff in here, including Chernin talking about Murdoch’s hands-on approach:

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Bloomberg Makes Good On Threat, Files Complaint Against Comcast

By | Monday June 13, 2011 @ 9:43am PDT

Bloomberg last week said it planned to file a complaint with the FCC against Comcast charging that the cable operator is discriminating against services like Bloomberg TV that compete with NBC Universal channels like CNBC. Today, Bloomberg made the complaint filing official. The dispute centers on the two companies’ interpretation of the FCC’s order to Comcast as a condition for its purchase of NBCU: Bloomberg says a “neighborhooding clause” in the FCC’s order means similar channels (news channels, sports channels, etc.) must be grouped together on Comcast systems; right now in Hartford, CT, for example, Bloomberg TV is on channel 178 and CNBC is on channel 60, which Bloomberg deems unfair. Comcast says the order means only that Comcast can’t discriminate in the future, and that shifting one channel would compel other channels to ask to be moved as well, creating “a significant disruption to consumers and other cable networks beyond anything the FCC contemplated or could reasonably have required.”

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