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Caption Contest Winner: Car Crashes Into CNN HQ

By | Friday June 13, 2014 @ 6:25pm PDT


You’ve really gotta step up your caption game when the talent starts contending for these contest crowns, Deadliners. Hot competition in captioning CNN’s car crash came from Hell On Wheels actor Anson Mount, who played along via Twitter. Today’s top caption goes to… Read More »

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UPDATE: The Caption Contest Winner Is…

By | Thursday October 29, 2009 @ 10:00pm PDT

…”DB” who submitted:

A: “I hope this Douchebag can make me richer.”
S: “I hope this Douchebag can make me richer.”

aro sacha photo contest

WEDNESDAY PM UPDATE: I’m being picky about which captions I let through.

WEDNESDAY: Rose Palmisano of the Orange County Register took this photo of Ari Emanuel and Sacha Baron Cohen “enjoying” the Lakers game at Staples Center last night. It’s time once again for a Deadline Hollywood Photo Caption Contest, commenters: What are these two major players really thinking?

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Winners: Santa Photo Caption Contest

By | Tuesday December 25, 2007 @ 3:35pm PST


2nd.gif“Speechless #360 – Santa Claus”

3rd.jpg“Well, the list was done by the deadline, but my agent says if I check it even once, it’s crossing the line.”

ribbon.jpg“I’ll give you animation and reality, I get to keep cookies and milk.”

“Well, technically I’m a teamster.”

“Next year in Jerusalem.”

Sixty years later and I have yet to see dollar one in Miracle on 34th Street residuals!


“Now Meyer, now Moonves, now Iger, now Chernin!
On Grey, on Sloan, Zucker and Lynton!
Back to the table, stop trying to stall,
Let’s make a deal now that benefits all!”

“Now, Counter! now, Chernin! now both of the Jeffreys!
On, Redstone! on, Murdoch! on, Iger and Leslie!
Jump to petty name-calling! To back channels and bribes!
To keep cash away! cash away! from union scribes!”

“Chernin’s chimney? Sure, it’s OK. Personally, I find platinum a bit cold.”

“Thomas Nast made me what I am today, and all he got was a one-time payment from Harper’s.”

“Blank blank blank
blank blank blank
blank blank blank blank blank
blank blank blank blank blank blank
blank blank blank blank blank.”

“You think I came up with ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ on my own?”

“You think I answer all those letters myself?”

“This looked better on paper.”

“This worked better on the page.”

“Jeff Zucker … Read More »

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DHD Strike Photo Caption Contest #2

By | Friday December 14, 2007 @ 12:55pm PST

Winner (as well as other best efforts) will be announced on December 25th…


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Winners: Endeavor Agent Caption Contest

By | Tuesday November 13, 2007 @ 6:34am PST

So here’s what I have learned about all of you from this caption contest. That you really don’t like agents. That you hold them in contempt. That you don’t trust them. And that you’re all very psychologically damaged. Some of your answers made me groan. But a lot made me laugh out loud. A few made me fall off my chair. First, enjoy my favorites, then scroll down to see 3rd Place, 2nd Place, and 1st Place…

Writer: “Glad to see you Endeavored out here. Ha ha…”
Agent:  “And you ask why I can’t get you work?”

Writer: “Come on, you can’t take credit for the strike!”
Agent:  “No, seriously, I called Patric Verrone and told him you’d be perfect for it.”

Writer: “Eva Longoria took my picket sign.”
Agent:  “I’m sorry, she’s with CAA…”

Agent:  “As your agent I commend you for sticking up for what you believe is right.”
Writer: “Thanks.”
Agent:  “As your asshole, consider yourself dropped.”

Writer: “I’m writing a novel.”
Agent:  “Yeah, neither am I.”

Agent:  “Good news. You’re next in line for the new horror assignment everyone’s talking about.”
Writer: “What’s it called?
Agent:  “Force majeure.”

Writer: “You want to pitch a reality show?”
Agent:  “Look at the talent we’ve got here. It’ll write itself.”

Writer: “This is terrible. Looks like we’re in for a long stand-off.”
Agent:  “Yeah, it looks bad.”
Writer: “Then why are you smiling?”
Agent:  “Mark Burnett just sent me a hilarious email. Sorry, what were you saying?”

Writer: “10% of zero is zero.”
Agent:  “Wait, my Blackberry has a calculator. That doesn’t sound right.”

Agent:  “What happens if the producers hire scabs?”
Writer: “Take a look at the dialogue they’re writing in the … Read More »

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