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Paget Brewster Tests Sitcom Waters As Fate Of Some ‘Criminal Minds’ Actors Is Uncertain

Nellie Andreeva

Will Paget Brewster be back on Criminal Minds next season? CBS certainly hopes so, I hear the network recently gave her an offer to return to the crime drama as a full-fledged regular next season. But as part of her modified deal for this season, in which she was asked to scale back her duties as a regular on the show (though she ended up being in every episode so far), Brewster was allowed to do a pilot for next fall, and she is using the opportunity. Brewster has already been approached for 3 Fox comedy pilots. She has comedy history at the network, having co-starred in the underrated Andy Richter Controls the Universe and done voice-over work on American Dad. Brewster is free to do pilots at any network/studio, but because CBS and ABC Studios, which produces Criminal Minds with CBS TV Studios, want her back on the show, I hear CBS, ABC and their studios will be refraining from offering her pilots to not compete with Criminal Minds for her services. “We’d hope that she would stay, she has the option to do so,”CBS’ entertainment president Nina Tassler said at TCA last month.

Because of her situation, I hear Brewster’s storyline on Criminal Minds this season will end with a cliffhanger that will allow the producers to bring her back or write her off if needed.

Brewster is not the only Criminal Minds cast member whose return to the … Read More »

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TCA: CBS’ Nina Tassler On Charlie Sheen & More

Nellie Andreeva

No surprise here: the CBS executive session at TCA kicked off with a question about Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen and CBS’ position on his recent erratic behavior off the set of the hit CBS sitcom.

“We have a high level of concern, how could we not,” CBS’ entertainment president Nina Tassler said. “On a very basic human level, I have a concern of course – this man is a father, he has children, a family. But you cannot look at this simplistically. He is also a performer who comes to work and does his job very well… So on a personal level, we are concerned, but he has his job, he does it well, and the show is a hit.” The subject was also broached after the Q&A session, with a reporter suggesting that in any other line of work, Sheen would’ve been fired long time ago. “For what? For going to work and doing his job?” Tassler retorted.  Several other notable tidbits from Tassler’s Q&A:

- CBS plans to order pretty much the same number of pilots as last season. “We don’t have many holes to fill, so those that make it have a pretty good chance of success,” Tassler said.

- On renegotiations with NCIS star Mark Harmon whose deal is up at the end of this season: “This is the nature of the business, we’ve become the victims of our own success. But we are very … Read More »

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HRTS Network Chiefs Lunch: A Star Is Born

Nellie Andreeva

ABC’s new chief Paul Lee charmed a room full of industry types at the Hollywood Radio and TV Society’s network chiefs luncheon today, which was otherwise pretty uneventful. Three months into the job, he looked confident and relaxed, stretching his legs for most of the time, interjecting with witty zingers and cracking jokes throughout the panel discussion moderated by HRTS and Lionsgate TV president Kevin Beggs. ”We used to strike when they moved the tea break at the BBC,” Brit Lee quipped when the subject of a potential new WGA strike came up. In terms of ABC programming, Lee didn’t deny the rumor that he might be looking to revive TGIF on ABC. (He recently did a trial run with a younger-skewing family comedy at ABC Family, Melissa & Joey). “I certainly think that Friday night is a huge opportunity,” Lee said. He also alluded that ABC may test some of its marketing campaigns on Facebook before forking out millions to roll them out.

Also pretty entertaining was Fox’s Kevin Reilly, who was asked about the challenges of doing a series for broadcast vs. cable where FCC regulations don’t apply. “It is frustrating sometimes,” he said. “On cable, we would’ve been able to have the guys on Lone Star take off their clothes, the show would’ve pulled 1.3 million viewers and we would’ve declared it a hit because that’s what Mad Read More »

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