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TCA: NBC Mulls Pickup Of Maya Rudolph Variety Show, No Return Set For ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

By | Sunday July 13, 2014 @ 10:28am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

TCA: NBC Mulls Pickup Of Maya Rudolph Variety Show, No Return Set For ‘Celebrity Apprentice’NBC is in “an active creative discussion” for more of The Maya Rudolph Show, either as a weekly series or a series of specials, NBC’s president of alternative Paul Telegdy said during the NBC executive session. The variety show, starring the Saturday Night Live alumna and produced by SNL boss Lorne Michaels, started as a special that aired on May 20 behind The Voice. That special is looked at as an “imperfect first episode,” Telegdy said.

A discussion is ongoing about the show’s future structure and format, including the quotient of music performances versus sketch comedies. “It is a show we were really proud of,” Telegdy said. “On balance, we really enjoyed the experience. Added NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt, “We were very encouraged by the ratings.” In a Q&A with Deadline last month, Michaels was optimistic about the show’s future.

Also today, Telegdy was asked about the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, which has been in the can for awhile but has not been scheduled yet. No update on a premiere date yet, Telegdy said. Celebrity Apprentice‘s most recent season aired in the spring of 2013. Greenblatt noted that the network has taken long hiatuses with other long-running reality series, like The Biggest Loser.You look at what your needs are,” he said. 

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Donald Trump Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ He’s Mulling Run For NY Governor

By | Monday December 16, 2013 @ 7:17am PST

NBC‘s Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump, America’s greatest living political tease, donaldtrumpappeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends this morning to say, “I’ll make a decision at some time pretty soon” in re whether he will run for governor of New York. That news comes a couple weeks after a group of GOP politicos met with Trump to discuss the possibility of his taking on Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year. In press reports before the meeting, Trump’s EVP Michael Cohen had said Trump had already stated on several occasions that he’s not interested in running for governor of New York. After the meeting, Cohen told Daily News “We had a very interesting meeting and Mr. Trump has agreed to meet with them again at a later date.”

For years now Trump has been savvily mulling a race for governor or POTUS, generating pots of publicity for his various businesses, including the business of co-owning/starring in Celebrity Apprentice and Miss Universe Pageant – both on NBC.  “I will not be running for president — See you for a great season!” Trump famously announced in May 2011, turning NBC’s unveiling of its new primetime schedule into a political news conference and demoting NBC’s pitch to advertisers about new dramas The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect and Grimm, and comedies Up All Night, Free Agents and Whitney to BTW status in media coverage of the presentation. Read More »

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Donald Trump Makes Morning Rounds As NBC Mum On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

By | Monday August 26, 2013 @ 9:04am PDT

Donald Trump today flooded the morning infotainment zone to talk about the lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General re Trump University. The lawsuit could not have come at a better time for Trump, what with NBC having not made any announcement about Trump’s competition series Celebrity Apprentice since Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said less than a month back the network had not yet made a decision about ordering another cycle.

Meanwhile, NBC’s reality-TV chief Paul Telegdy said the decision will be made strictly “based on our considerations if it still rates.” Those two execs’ statements about the program came about two months after Trump tweeted, on the eve of NBC’s upfront presentation to advertisers, that the show had been picked up; sources later said that was the result of a misunderstanding.

During NBC’s slice of Summer TV Press Tour 2013, Telegdy, while talking about how NBC would make its decision about another round of Celebrity Apprentice, also noted Trump’s “opinions are not reflective of anyone sitting on this panel.” Good thing too because, Trump, on ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN’s New Day, and FNC’s Fox & Friends this morning called NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman a “hack,” said he filed the lawsuit after meeting with President Obama, suggested the lawsuit is “a mini IRS” and that the Tea Party might want to investigate.

Schneiderman on Saturday sued Trump for $40 million, claiming Trump used his celebrity status to get students … Read More »

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NBC’s Bob Greenblatt Declares “Flat Is The New Up” In TV Ratings, Laments The Lack Of Respect For Broadcast Shows: TCA

By | Saturday July 27, 2013 @ 11:01am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

At NBC‘s executive session, entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt touted the network’s performance this past season, which he called “The year of improvement.” It was up-and-down season for the network which, after a dominant fall, took a ratings dive in the first quarter before rebounding somewhat in the spring to finish No.3 among adults 18-49 (but closer to the leaders than last year). “Season to date, we are the only network that is flat,” Greenblatt said. “At this point in our business, flat is the new up.”

Greenblatt, who headed Showtime before moving to NBC in 2011, took an issue with a comment about the Emmy drought for broadcast drama series and the notion that quality scripted programming can only be found on cable these days. “If I was putting on one show a year, it would be the best show you can do; we have 85 million people working on that one show,” he said, noting the big disparity in output between the broadcast and cable networks. “Those [critically praised cable] shows on our platforms with those numbers would be canceled,” Greenblatt said. “Broadcast now is the bastard child…. I wish we get more respect for the work that we do.”

On another subject, Greenblatt confirmed that Fashion Star has been cancelled and won’t return for a third season. NBC has not made a decision yet on ordering another cycle of Celebrity Apprentice but is looking into casting. NBC’s alternative chief Paul Telegdy stressed that the decision will be made strictly ”based on our considerations if it still rates… [Donald Trump's] opinions are not reflective of anyone sitting on this panel.” Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: Billboard Awards Surge From 2012, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Finale Falls, ‘Simpsons’ Finale Flat

By | Monday May 20, 2013 @ 9:19am PDT

Just like last year, the last Sunday of the broadcast season saw a schedule full of specials and finales. Unlike 2012, the specials and the finales split the difference for the top spots. With wins by Taylor Swift and Madonna, boos from the audience directed at Justin Bieber and a closing performance from Prince, the 2013 Billboard Awards (3.6/10) was up big from last year.  On ABC for the third year in a row, the live three-hour Tracy Morgan-hosted ceremony surged up from its 2012 broadcast. The highest-rated show of the night. The Billboard Awards was up 33% among adults 18-49 and up 28% in total viewers to 9.47 million watching. ABC aired the season finale of America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.8/6) before the Billboard Awards. The most watched show of the night with 9.84 million viewers, the original found footage show was up 29% from its May 12 show and up 20% from last year’s finale on May 20, 2012. With 8.863 million watching, ABC won the night among viewers and adults 18-49.
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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Survivor’, ‘Revenge’ & ‘Once Upon A Time’ Finales Down, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Hits Season Low, ’60 Minutes’ Up

By | Monday May 13, 2013 @ 9:26am PDT

As the Upfronts prepared to kick off in New York, the networks wrapped up several of their shows for the season on Sunday night. On CBS, they had a winner on Survivor: Caramoan (2.6/8) as the reality series ended its 26th season. After a finale puzzle challenge, it was down to the three finalists, running to about 10:09 PM when the winner was announced. The highest-rated broadcast of the night, the live two-hour plus show, which has usually run on Wednesdays this season, was even with its May 8 airing. However Survivor was down 19% from its Season 25 finale on December 16, 2012 and down 10% from it last Spring season finale on May 13, 2012. Immediately after the season finale, a special live Reunion Show (2.2/6) with all the contestants from both the Fan and the Favorites tribes aired. Last night’s Reunion Show bopped up 5% from last season’s version but was down a slight 4% from its Season 24 show last spring. As is common with live shows like this, expect an adjustment in the final numbers later today. The network actually had more than Survivor on last night. The most watched show of the night with 10.12 million viewers, 60 Minutes (1.5/6) started things off at 7 PM. The news magazine show was up a solid 25% from last week. With the 60 Minutes and Survivor combo, CBS won the night in total viewers and among Adults 18-49.
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NBC’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Renewed, Donald Trump Says

By | Sunday May 12, 2013 @ 4:12pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

NBC’s official 2013-14 schedule issued just two hours ago announced Celebrity Apprentice as being still on the bubble and not renewed for next season. Not according to star Donald Trump. “I AM PLEASED TO INFORM YOU THAT CELEBRITY APPRENTICE HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR ANOTHER SEASON BY NBC,” he just tweeted. “SEE YOU AT THE NBC UPFRONTS TOMORROW. No word back from NBC yet whether Trump has really been renewed or he will be crashing the party. Trump likes the stage at the NBC upfront — two years ago he used it to announce his decision not to run for President and return to Celebrity Apprentice.

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Mentalist’ & ‘Amazing Race’ Finales Down, ‘Red Widow’ Ends Season Up, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Hits Low

Sunday night saw three season finales as The Amazing Race (2.3/6), The Mentalist (1.7/5) and Red Widow (0.9/2) wrapped up their runs. The long-running CBS reality series ended its 22nd season with a two-hour finale that was the highest-rated regularly scheduled show of the night. Still, Race dipped 4% from its April 28 show and was down 15% from the 2.7/7 of its Season 21 finale on May 6, 2012. The Mentalist followed and concluded its fifth season with the true identity of serial killer Red John narrowed to seven names. The second-most-watched show of the night, the police procedural bopped up 6% from last week. However, compared to its Season 4 finale on May 17, 2012, Mentalist was down 32%. Earlier in the night, 7 PM’s 60 Minutes (1.2/4) was the most-watched show of the night with 10.50 million viewers, though it fell 20% to a season low. With 9.393 million watching, CBS won Sunday in total viewers, while Fox was tops in adults 18-49. Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Good Wife’ Finale Dips, ‘Revenge’ Up, ‘Red Widow’ Hits Low, CBS & Fox Tie To Top Demo

By | Monday April 29, 2013 @ 9:15am PDT

It was the fourth night of the May sweep last night, and it also was the end of the fourth season of The Good Wife (1.6/4) on CBS. Full of the corruption, cynicism and plot twists that have marked the legal drama’s latest season, plus a new Governor, the 9 PM finale was up 7% from last week but dipped 6% from the 1.7 of last year’s April 29 season finale. With 9.01 million watching, last night’s Good Wife was also down from the 9.97 million who tuned in for its Season 3 finale. CBS began the night at 7 PM with 60 Minutes (1.5/5), which was the most-watched show of the night with 11.59 million viewers but down 21% from its April 21 show. The Amazing Race (2.3/6) also was down but just 4% from last week. Airing at 10 PM, The Mentalist (1.5/4) wrapped up the night, slipping 6% from its April 21 airing. With 9.60 million watching, CBS won Sunday in viewership and tied with Fox to top the night among adults 18-49 with a 1.7. Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Mentalist’ & ABC’s Hallmark Movie Up, ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Cleveland Show’, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ & ‘American Dad’ Down

There were no sports and no award shows on primetime TV last night, but there was a lot of action. CBS, for instance, had a full lineup of originals on Sunday. As usual 60 Minutes (1.9/4) started the night for the network. Without the overrun of the 2013 Masters Tournament final round like last week that pushed everyone on CBS’ schedule ahead almost an hour, the newsmagazine was down 14%. Over on The Amazing Race (2.4/7), things were actually up a bit, with the reality stalwart posting a 4% rise over its April 14 show. As reality went up, drama went down. At least one CBS drama, The Good Wife (1.5/4), fell 12% from last week. The April 14 Good Wife had been its first original in three weeks. Pushed out of primetime last week by an overrun, The Mentalist (1.6/4) jumped 12% from its April 14 airing. CBS won the night in total viewers and among adults 18-49. ABC was second in viewers and the key demo.

ABC began Sunday primetime with a new America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.3/4). The found-footage show was flat with its previous new show four weeks ago and consequently tied a season low. Next up at 8 p.m. was a new Once Upon A Time (2.1/6) that dipped 5% from the Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Rises, CBS Wins Night With Masters Coverage, ‘Cleveland Show’ & ‘Simpsons’ Down

By | Monday April 15, 2013 @ 9:16am PDT

There was a healthy dose of reality, lots of repeats and some golf on Sunday’s primetime.  With the final round of the 2013 Masters tournament running 56 minutes into CBS’ primetime in the East Coast and Central time zones, the network’s schedule became one big slide and the scheduled 10 PM Mentalist ran way outside primetime in the East and in Central.  That means last night’s ratings are approximate and very likely subject to change more than usual. The Masters overrun got a 4.1/13 leading into a 7:56 PM 60 Minutes (2.4/7) which was up 71% over last week because of the game. Basically moved an hour ahead from its regular slot and head-to-head with All Star Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, The Amazing Race (2.0/5) was down 17% from its last original on March 24. The Good Wife (1.7/5) was flat with its last scheduled original three weeks ago. With that, CBS won Sunday in total viewers with 12.41 million watching and among Adults 18-49 with a night average of 2.6.

Related: CBS’ Masters Final Up Strong From 2012

Like last week, it was all reality on NBC on Sunday with something old and something new. The old was repeats of last week’s blind auditions from The Voice (1.0/3). The new was All Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.7/4), which had Trace … Read More »

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Donald Trump Pulls Plug On $5M Bill Maher Lawsuit

By | Monday April 1, 2013 @ 3:31pm PDT

Well, it’s April 1st and we have our fool. After all his huffing and puffing, Donald Trump has unsurprisingly withdrawn his $5 million lawsuit against Bill Maher. The Celebrity Apprentice host had his lawyers file the request for dismissal with prejudice in LA Superior Court on March 29. Trump, whose NBC show hit a season low last night, first filed the breach of contract suit back in early February against the HBO host. He said that Maher broke a written promise that he’d give $5 million to the charities of Trump’s choice if The Donald could prove he wasn’t “the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.”

Related: Maher On Trump Lawsuit: “Suck It Up” – Video Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ & ‘Red Widow’ Hit Lows, ‘Revenge’ Down; CBS Wins Night

By | Monday April 1, 2013 @ 8:56am PDT

As The Bible miniseries ended, The Walking Dead wrapped its latest season and Game Of Thrones began Season 3 on cable last night, it was all reality on NBC on Sunday. There was a new All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.4/4) at 10 PM. Former winner and CNN host Piers Morgan dropped by, and as always on the Donald Trump-hosted series someone was fired — April Fools, we’re not going to tell you who. However, we can say that Celebrity Apprentice was down 13% from last week’s show, a season low. Hoping to grab a few more ratings from the big numbers it did last week, the network kicked off the night replaying the March 25 two-hour season premiere of The Voice at 7 PM (1.1/3) and the March 26 one-hour show at 9 PM (1.5/3).

ABC had originals of Revenge (1.5/3) and Red Widow (1.0/3); both dramas were down 17% from last week’s shows, with freshman Red Widow tying a series low. The network celebrated Easter with a broadcast of It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (0.6/2) special, down 57% from its April 1 broadcast last year. That was followed by an encore of Once Upon A Time (0.6/1) that aired at 8 PM. Read More »

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Donald Trump Acts Like Horse’s Ass Again

By | Monday February 4, 2013 @ 4:59pm PST

Talk about stupid lawsuits. Donald Trump has actually sued talk-show host and (fellow?) comedian Bill Maher to pay up on a joke bet Maher offered last month on The Tonight Show. Mocking Trump’s similar offer asking President Obama to release college and passport records, Maher told Jay Leno he’d give $5 million to the charities of Trump’s choice if The Donald could prove he wasn’t “the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan”. In the breach of contract suit (read it here) filed today in LA Superior Court, Trump claims he accepted Maher’s bet in writing the next day and provided his birth certificate – so now The Donald wants the cash for five charities. The suit says Trump’s acceptance means a contract was formed, and Maher never responded to repeated letters to pay up. “As a consequence of Maher’s disregard of his obligations, Mr. Trump has been injured by not receiving payment of the promised sum,” the suit reads. “In addition, the five worthy charities identified by Mr. Trump have been deprived of millions of dollars in donations, which they have not been able to utilize for the benefit of their constituents.” Hmm, could it be the Trump is just looking for publicity for his unwatchable NBC humilitainment show Celebrity Apprentice which premieres March 3rd? When is Comcast gonna fire this jerk?

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‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Cast Touts Series’ Integrity: TCA

By | Sunday January 6, 2013 @ 10:55am PST

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Donald Trump was, sadly, nowhere in sight this morning as NBC kicked off the broadcast portion of the TCA winter press tour. So it was left to the actual castmates of NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice to supply the eye-popping commentary, which Penn Jillette was more than happy to oblige at the outset. In response to a question about why he would participate in an unscripted endeavor that might qualify for an episode of his previous Showtime series Bullshit, he maintained that in fact Celebrity All-Star Apprentice is “the most honest show I’ve ever heard about in reality.” Seriously? “That’s the stunning thing that blows people’s minds,” Jillette continued. “Celebrity Apprentice has more integrity and is the most straightforward show I’ve ever seen…I have never seen or heard an example of disingenuous editing or anything being done out of context.” When this claim didn’t elicit gasps in the room, he continued, “The story that’s told on Celebrity Apprentice seems to be the story that could be told if you were there. I was really amazed by that, and honesty is perhaps as important to me as anything else. So I was thrilled to go back and trust the editors and the producers.” Jillette added that in a genre often generously described as being at least partially scripted, he stressed that the celebs on the show are not playing a role and are encouraged instead to be themselves. “It’s no different than being in life. It’s exactly the same.” Read More »

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NBC Sets Lineup For ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’

By | Friday October 12, 2012 @ 9:11am PDT

ABC’s all-star version of Dancing With The Stars has struggled to find its footing in the ratings this season. Now it’s NBC‘s turn to try: The network announced today that its upcoming Season 6 of the Donald Trump-hosted Celebrity Apprentice will also feature returning contestants, including previous winner Bret Michaels and original cast member Omarosa. All-Star Celebrity Apprentice‘s cast of 14 includes Michaels, Trace Adkins, Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey, Penn Jillette, Lil Jon, Dennis Rodman, Dee Snider, Omarosa, Marilu Henner, La Toya Jackson, Claudia Jordan, Lisa Rinna and Brande Roderick. The new season of the Mark Burnett-produced series also will include for the first time previous winners who return as advisers — another trend in reality competition shows. Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, John Rich and Arsenio Hall are back in those new roles.

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Arsenio Hall Tests Syndicated Talk Show Waters

By | Tuesday May 29, 2012 @ 2:23pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Arsenio Hall Talk ShowBack in the headlines after his recent Celebrity Apprentice win, Arsenio Hall is mulling a return to the late-night syndicated talk show circuit. I hear Hall has been in talks with CBS TV Distribution about a project that also may involve Tribune. There are no deals in place but if conversations materialize, Hall will likely film a presentation. CBS TV Distribution declined comment. Immediately following his Celebrity Apprentice victory a week ago, Hall spoke publicly of his desire to return to television in a more permanent fashion. A deal with CBS TV Distribution would mark a reunion for the company and Hall. His syndicated late-night Arsenio Hall Show, which ran from 1989 to 1994, was produced by CBS TV Distribution predecessor Paramount Domestic TV.

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Ratings Rat Race: Billboard Awards, ‘Jesse Stone’, All Season Finales Down From 2011

By | Monday May 21, 2012 @ 9:52am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Jesse Stone Benefit Of The DoubtThe final Sunday of the broadcast season featured a mix of season finales and specials. The specials won over as ABC’s coverage of the 2012 Billboard Awards (2.7/7 in 18-49, 7.4 million total viewers) led the network to a nightly demo victory and CBS’ latest Jesse Stone movie, Benefit Of The Doubt (1.2/3, 12.8 million), drove CBS to a total viewer win. Both specials were down from last year’s installments — the Billboard Awards were down 10% in the demo, Jesse Stone down 8%.

The biggest year-to-year decline belonged to NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, whose season finale (2.2/6) was down 27% from the 2011 closer to rank as the celebrity franchise’s lowest-rated finale ever. On the bright side, it was Celebrity Apprentice‘s highest 18-49 rating in five weeks. Fox’s animated series also had their season finales last night: The Cleveland Show (1.3/4) was flat with last week, The Simpsons (2.1/7) was up 11% with a guest turn by Lady Gaga, Bob’s Burgers (1.7/5) was down 6%, while the hourlong finale of Family Guy (2.5/6) was up 4%. All four season enders were down from last May’s finales.

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