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Family Comedy Starring Chevy Chase & Beverly D’Angelo Produced By Aaron Kaplan Gets ABC Production Commitment

By | Friday January 10, 2014 @ 1:16pm PST
Nellie Andreeva

chase_dangeloWhile New Line’s National Lampoon’s Vacation reboot has been put on hold, the stars of the hit feature comedy franchise Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are reuniting for a TV comedy project, which has received a large penalty by ABC that qualifies as a production commitment. They again will play a married couple, this time raising grandchildren. The single-camera comedy, which is looking for a writer and has not been set up at a studio yet, is eyed for the 2015-16 development season. Based on an original idea by Aaron Kaplan, who executive produces through his Kapital Entertainment, the untitled single-kapitalcamera comedy  would star Chase and D’Angelo as spouses in their 60s who are finally enjoying their golden years. They have raised their daughter, who is grown and now lives on the other side of the country with her two kids — and that’s the way these selfish grandparents like it; now they only need to see their grandkids a couple of times a year. But, due to circumstances beyond their control, they now are forced to raise their grandchildren.

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Daniel Radcliffe, Chevy Chase Among Celeb Guests For Sky’s Reboot Of ‘The Kumars’

By | Thursday December 19, 2013 @ 3:30am PST

the kumarsThe follow-up to International Emmy and Peabody Award-winning comedy/talk show hybrid The Kumars At No. 42 will bring the Kumar clan back to television after a seven-year break. The new show, titled The Kumars, is a six-part series that will air on the UK’s Sky1 HD from January 15th. The original ran on the BBC for 53 episodes and was also broadcast on BBC America. There is no U.S. deal yet, but given the earlier show’s popularity and the caliber of guests, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it land Stateside. The original scripted and improvised show centered on three generations of a British Indian family. Sanjeev Bhaskar played the thirtysomething son whose parents support his dream of being a talk show host by building a TV studio onto the back of their home. Celebrity guests were greeted with fanfare at the family’s front door, sometimes making a pit-stop on the living room couch for nibbles (see video below), before being ushered into the TV studio for a chat with Bhaskar while his parents and grandmother offered inappropriate questions from the peanut gallery. The new series will kick off with Daniel Radcliffe, Chevy Chase and Broadchurch‘s Olivia Colman as guests. Returning cast include Bhaskar, Vincent Ibrahim and Meera Syal. But fortunes have shifted and the family now lives in a flat behind a homewares and gift shop that the father … Read More »

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Chevy Chase In For ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Sequel

By | Thursday June 6, 2013 @ 3:03pm PDT

EXCLUSIVE: The repairman is getting back in the Hot Tub Time Machine business. Chevy Chase will reprise his role as the advice dispensing mysterious repairman in the sequel to MGM’s 2010’s Hot Tub Time Machine. Details are sketchy about whether the actor will play a bigger role in the sequel than he did in the original. Certainly in the first one Chase’s character was pivotal to explaining how John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke ended up back in 1986 and the role a certain energy drink played. Chase is the latest of the Hot Tub crew to jump back in. Corddry, Robinson and Duke will be back too as will director Steve Pink and MGM is putting it out. Cusack will not returning, but Parks and Recreation‘s Adam Scott is set to climb onboard. Chase is repped by Paradigm and KLWGN Entertainment.

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Chevy Chase Leaving NBC’s ‘Community’

By | Wednesday November 21, 2012 @ 2:10pm PST
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: Pierce Hawthorne is dropping out of Greendale Community College. After a tumultuous three-and-a-half-year relationship, Chevy Chase and the producers of NBC‘s cult comedy Community are parting ways by mutual agreement. Chase’s departure from the show is effective immediately. The bulk of Community‘s 13-episode fourth-season order have been filmed. Chase won’t appear in the one or two episodes that have not been shot yet. Read More »

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Chevy Chase Drops N-Word In Tirade On The Set Of ‘Community’

By | Saturday October 20, 2012 @ 11:48am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

There was a commotion on the set of NBC comedy Community yesterday. I hear hot-tempered co-star Chevy Chase had another outburst, this time featuring the N-word. It appears that the tirade was not addressed at black cast members Donald Glover or Yvette Nicole Brown. People close to the situation say that Chase had been increasingly frustrated and uncomfortable with the direction of his character, Pierce, who is a bigot. After getting fed more lines he found offensive during a scene yesterday, I hear he snapped and launched the tirade, airing his frustration and suggesting that the way things with Pierce are going, he may next be asked to call Troy (Glover) or Shirley (Brown) the N-word. I hear the outburst upset the cast. Chase later apologized. The racial content of his tirade does appear out of character for Chase, who once marched in the civil rights movement, but the blowup itself is not. Chase is known for having a short fuse and storming off the set of Community in the middle of a scene if he is not happy with the script. His feud with show’s creator/former showrunner Dan Harmon last year escalated into a profanity-laced message Chase left on Harmon’s voice mail.

Never one to mince words, Chase has been vocal about his displeasure with his gig on Community and hinted multiple times last spring that he may leave, which didn’t happen. In a recent interview … Read More »

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Entire ‘Community’ Cast Coming Back

By | Wednesday June 27, 2012 @ 4:18pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: The Greendale Community College gang will be coming back intact in the fall. I have learned that Sony Pictures TV, which produces Community, has picked up the options on all actors from the cult NBC comedy series for next season. That includes co-star Chevy Chase, who seemed noncommittal about his future on the show in the spring. “I probably won’t be around that much longer,” he said in an interview with the Huffington Post in April, around the time we broke the story about his feud with Community creator-executive producer Dan Harmon. Following Community‘s renewal by NBC for a fourth season last month, Harmon was replaced with new showrunners, David Guarascio and Moses Port. When a Community Comic-Con panel was announced yesterday, confirmed to appear were Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi. The list doesn’t not include Chase as well as fellow original regular cast member Donald Glover. It turns out Chase is out of town for the convention but will be back to work when Community starts production on Season 4 as will be all other regulars, McHale, Jacobs, Brown, Brie, Glover, Jim Rash and Ken Jeong. The series is riding high after scoring its first major award at the recent Critics Choice Television Awards, where it won best comedy series. More good news for the show came out of San Diego, where Community was moved … Read More »

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UPDATE: ‘Community’ Creator Dan Harmon Apologizes For Playing Chevy Chase’s VM

By | Tuesday April 3, 2012 @ 6:34pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

On Saturday, I posted a story about the feud between Community creator Dan Harmon and co-star Chevy Chase, which included a recording of a profanity-laced Chase voicemail to Harmon, which Harmon had played at a show he does at a comic book store. This afternoon, Harmon addressed the incident. In a blog post, which I’ve reposted in its entirety below, Harmon apologized to Community fans for playing the voicemail publicly without Chase’s consent, something he now calls “a dumb, unclassy, inconsiderate move on my part.” However, he doesn’t address the rift between the two or the action that allegedly prompted the voicemail, Harmon doing a “Fuck you, Chevy” speech at Community‘s wrap party last month in front of Chase, his wife and his daughter after Chase had walked off the set of the show without filming his scene.

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Not That it Helps, But:

I’m really not supposed to be commenting on the situation, which I think is great advice, because anything I say will extend the story’s life and cause more fans discomfort. But as a guy who blogs or tweets every time he wipes his butt, hugs his cat or hurts his girlfriend, it’s conspicuously weird of me to say nothing at all about the giant fart with my name on it that you’ve been inhaling. It feels dishonest not to acknowledge it, it feels rude to the caring fans of the show, people who are tweeting me their concerns that I’ve jeopardized something they fight to protect, those are the sentiments that are [rightfully] the most painful because every choice I make, I try to make for the good of the show, and the show is not an expression of my ego or entitlement, it’s an expression of my desire to make strangers happy. When that’s not happening, when I’ve done something that hurts an audience, it’s always an accident. So I have to just acknowledge my mistake and apologize for it to the fans. Even the people that hate the show that are tweeting heckles at me are right, I’m a selfish baby and a rude asshole and not a person to trust with your feelings.

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Chevy Chase In Feud With ‘Community’ Creator Dan Harmon

By | Saturday March 31, 2012 @ 11:04am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

UPDATE SUNDAY: Since I posted the story yesterday, several people working on the show have come forward to confirm Chase’s version of the events. One noted that the show indeed was “suffering through a ‘non-script day’” when Chase walked off. Another claimed that most of the cast and crew members who attended the wrap party disapproved of Harmon’s behavior at the bash.

PREVIOUS: Things are looking up for NBC’s perennial bubble series Community, which has been solid since returning from a long hiatus earlier this month, establishing itself as NBC’s second highest-rated comedy behind The Office. But behind the scenes, a rift between co-star Chevy Chase and creator/executive producer/showrunner Dan Harmon has escalated into an ugly war of words.
Accounts of the feud have leaked online, including on social news website Reddit. The chronology of the events, corroborated to me by multiple sources, involves Chase walking off the set of the show on the last day of shooting last month without filming one of his scenes, which reportedly was to close out the season finale. Then at the wrap party, Harmon got up and gave a “Fuck you, Chevy” speech in front of Chase and his wife and daughter, and encouraged the crew to join him in saying “fuck you” to the actor. Chase left immediately and later left Harmon a profane-laden voice message, a portion of which found its way Read More »

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