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Global Showbiz Briefs: Mirren Beats Down Drummers, Champs-Elysées Hosts Cinema

Dressed As Queen, Helen Mirren Dresses Down Drummers
There really is nothin’ like a Dame. Helen Mirren won an Olivier Award last week for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in Peter Morgan’s The Audience. But Saturday night’s performance led the Oscar winner to use some not-so-royal language when dressing down a troupe of drummers who were passing by the West End’s Gielgud Theatre. “The drumming just slowly got louder and louder and then settled right outside the stage door,” Mirren told The Telegraph. Unable to hear her co-star and sensing the audience couldn’t either, Mirren “literally walked straight off stage, straight up the stairs and straight out the stage door and banged my way through the crowd who were watching and said, ‘Stop, you’ve got to stop right now’ — only I might have used stronger language than that,” she told The Telegraph. “I’m afraid there were a few ‘thespian’ words used.” The Times quotes her saying, “I think they must have thought I was some completely batty old bird.” The “very sweet” drummers stopped immediately, and Mirren says she’d like to invite them to see the play.

Champs-Elysées Fest Turns 2
The Champs-Elysées Film Festival will celebrate its second year June 12-18 in Paris with Olivier Martinez acting as president. The fest opens with the Chris Colfer-penned Struck By Lightning, which Eurozoom releases in France the following week. The fest closes … Read More »

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Oliver Kieran-Jones Joins ‘Glee’ Cast As NYADA Glee Club Leader

By | Friday December 7, 2012 @ 1:30pm PST
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: Glee is bringing another new face to the mix. I’ve learned that the Fox dramedy, known for breaking fresh talent, has cast young British actor Oliver Kieran-Jones in a recurring role. (The show tends to cast newcomers as recurring and then promote those whose characters pop to regulars.) Kieran-Jones will play the leader of the glee club at NYADA, which new student Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) is interested in joining. (With the rigorous training at NYADA, do other college glee clubs even stand a chance?!) With the addition of a glee club, the New York storyline of the show will now more closely resemble the one in Ohio where New Directions is currently picking up the pieces after their shocking loss at sectionals. Read More »

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‘Glee’s Chris Colfer Signs With ICM Partners

By | Thursday October 11, 2012 @ 2:19pm PDT
Mike Fleming

Chris Colfer Hollywood Agency ICM PartnersICM Partners has signed Chris Colfer, the Glee star who is branching out into writing and producing. Colfer won a Golden Globe for his role as Kurt Hummel on Glee, and he has twice been nominated for an Emmy. Colfer made his feature film debut in Struck By Lightning, which he scripted and executive produced. The film premiered at Tribeca, and ICM Partners packaged the film and sold the North American rights to Tribeca Films, and international rights to Lightning Entertainment. It will be released in the U.S. later this year. Colfer is also the author of The Land Of Stories, a bestselling children’s book, and next month Little, Brown releases his first young- adult novel, Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal, an adaptation of the film. ICM will co-rep Colfer with Coast To Coast and he’s managed by Inphenate, with Rob Weisbach repping him for books.

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Tribeca Film Acquires ‘Struck By Lightning’ With ‘Glee’s Chris Colfer

By | Tuesday June 19, 2012 @ 7:00am PDT
Mike Fleming

Tribeca Film announced today that it has acquired U.S. rights to “Glee” star Chris Colfer’s film debut, the high school comedy Struck By Lightning. In addition to starring in the movie, Colfer also wrote the screenplay for the film, which had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and was met with a standing ovation. Directed with awareness and exuberance by Brian Dannelly (Saved!), the highly anticipated film also stars Allison Janney, Polly Bergen, Rebel Wilson, Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Hyland and Angela Kinsey.

Tribeca Film plans a late 2012 theatrical release day and date with on-demand platforms where it will be available in 40+ million homes through a variety of video-on-demand offerings, in addition to iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Xbox and Samsung Media Hub.

High school senior Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer) was destined for bigger things than his close-minded small town could ever offer. He was on a path to greatness, but destiny had a different plan when he was suddenly killed by a bolt of lightning in his school parking lot.

Demonstrating that life is what happens while you’re busy planning your future, Carson recounts the last few weeks of his life via witty, insightful flashbacks, including a blackmail scheme targeting the popular kids in school that he concocts with his best friend (Rebel Wilson, Bridesmaids), and a home life that includes a mother (Allison Janney, Juno, “The West Wing”) who’s more interested in the bottle than

Read More »

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Hot Trailer: Chris Colfer’s ‘Struck By Lightning’

By | Saturday February 18, 2012 @ 3:16pm PST

Chris Colfer won a Golden Globe last year for his role on Glee and has been busy, writing a pilot for Disney Channel and two children’s books as well as penning the screenplay for, co-producing and starring in Struck By Lightning. Brian Dannelly directed the high school comedy-drama that co-stars Christina Hendricks, Allison Janney, Dermot Mulroney and Rebel Wilson. David Permut is producing with Rob Aguire and Mia Chang, and the plan is for the film to come out sometime this year. ICM packaged the film and is repping rights. Here’s the trailer:

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More Creative Arts Emmy Presenters Set

Justified‘s Walton Goggins and Graham Yost, Glee‘s Chris Colfer and Brad Falchuk, and The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway‘s Paul Reubens are among the additional presenters announced today for the 2011 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, set for Sept. 10 at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles. Rebecca Romijn and Paul Scheer (NTSF:SD:SUV), Priscilla Presley and Steve Binder (Elvis’ ’68 Comeback Special), and H. Jon Benjamin and Adam Reed (Archer) also will appear to hand out awards. They join presenters revealed last week. The ceremony will air Sept. 17 on ReelzChannel.

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EMMYS Q&A: Ryan Murphy About ‘Glee’

By | Friday August 5, 2011 @ 6:15am PDT

There was virtually no way Fox’s innovative musical comedy Glee wouldn’t be nominated for an Emmy this year (although Season Two lost some momentum) after conventional wisdom declared it a toss-up for Outstanding Series with Modern Family in 2010. This time around, Glee received 12 nominations and co-creator Ryan Murphy isn’t hiding from industry insiders how much he wants the show to get gold. Even though last month’s firing controversy put him on the defensive with the media and even the show’s actors. (See EXCLUSIVE: Glee’s Ryan Murphy Talks For First Time About Firings Missteps.) Here is the rest of his exclusive interview with Deadline special correspondent Allison Hope Weiner:

DEADLINE: How do you feel about Glee being nominated for 12 Emmys and you not getting nominated for writing or directing?
MURPHY: I was really happy with the ones I got. I was a little disappointed with the ones I didn’t get. I just loved so many of the episodes and I think our show is so hard to direct. It’s an hour. It’s musical numbers. That said, I think people are assholes when they say they should have been nominated. Sometimes it’s your year and sometimes it’s not. For a thing like an awards show, you just should be quiet and happy and gracious and say thank you for what you get.

DEADLINE: When Nip/Tuck wasn’t nominated for outstanding series did it bug you?
MURPHY: FX hadn’t really broken through. The first drama that they got nominated was Damages. The thing I was thrilled about for Glee was that we were still nominated for comedy so that we were still in the game, but also a lot of the cast and crew got nominated. Somebody like Gwyneth Paltrow whose father was nominated 9 times and never won. She was nominated. When I called her, she was very emotional because it meant something to her because of her father. I was really happy about that. Would I have liked to see (directors) Alfonso Gomez-Rejon or Brad (Falchuk) or Eric (Stoltz) get in there? Yeah. But when you look at all those nominees, I think those were all great episodes. I think the hard thing about our show is that articles are written asking whether we are a dramedy. I hate that word. They talk about starting separate categories. To which I’m like, ‘Do we really need more categories? Do we really need another half an hour on that Emmy awards show?’ No. I think our first season was spectacular. I think our second season was good. I understand people’s criticisms of it, but I still love it.

DEADLINE: What about last year’s conventional wisdom that it was an Emmy face-off between Glee and Modern Family?
MURPHY: When we first started off with Modern Family, I felt very competitive with them. We were both the babies of (20th Century Fox TV chairman) Dana Walden. We would win the Golden Globe and they would win the Emmy. Now it’s different. I’m really proud of Steven and (Levitan) I’m really proud of Chris (Lloyd) and I’m really proud that they got so many nominations. I salute them. I think that they will win. I would love to win. I would love for our show to be recognized. But I think they’re a classic. I think good for them.

DEADLINE: Do you really think that?
MURPHY: Look, the morning of this year’s Emmy nominations, I was really excited. The year before, we had 19. I got up at 5:30 AM. I saw we got 12, and I was like, ‘Oh, I wish we had a couple more for our cast and crew.’ I would have liked to have been nominated. But I looked at the list of nominees and you can’t argue with that. I was disappointed Matt (Morrison) wasn’t nominated and Lea (Michele) wasn’t nominated. With those things, you have to see the glass as half full. And you call up Lea and say, ‘Next year, we’re writing great stuff for you.” I was really thrilled for Dot Marie Jones. The reason Dot got that part was she was a stunt woman and she hadn’t really acted and she came in and blew our socks off, Brad and I, for a pilot we did called Pretty Handsome. The pilot wasn’t picked up. But I never forgot her performance. We wrote that role for her. We said, ‘You’re a really cool unusual lady and it’s probably hard for you to be cast. We’re going to show the world what we see.’ The fact that she did the part and she got nominated, I was like, that’s amazing. I was so proud of Chris Colfer. And I was so proud of Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth Paltrow is the coolest chick that you’re ever going to meet. She’s talented and the thing about Gwyneth is if you have a friend with cancer or an ailment, she’s the person that everyone in her life turns to. She’s so kind. She knows how to be a good friend. When she first found out about the Emmy nominations, she didn’t talk about herself. She talked about how her dad would be so proud. We love her. That’s how I feel about the Emmys.

DEADLINE: After doing an edgy show like Nip/Tuck, was it hard to do a show like Glee?
MURPHY: What happened was because of the success of Nip/Tuck I was lucky enough to get an overall deal at Fox. And at that point, the two guys who’d greenlit Nip/Tuck at FX, Peter Ligiori and Kevin Riley, were now at Fox. So I was very close with them, and very close with Dana Walden. That first general meeting was, ‘What do you want to do?’ And I think they thought I want to do something dark and upsetting. But I wanted to go from something nihilistic to something optimistic. I said one of my favorite movies is Cabaret and I’d love to do a musical. They said, ‘We’ve always been looking for something to pair with American Idol. It’s never worked.” But I just threw it out there. Two weeks after that meeting, I was approached by Michael Novick who had his friend Ian Brennan’s movie script which was about a glee club. It was much darker, like an independent movie. I read it and I called them in and said, ‘I love this, but I think this could be a cool TV show. I think this is the way to do it.’ Ian was like, ‘I love that idea.’ So with my writing partner at the time, Brad Falchuk, who worked with me on Nip/Tuck, we went to Kevin and Peter and Dana and Gary (Newman) and said, ‘Here’s the idea. It’s youthful.’ And I said, ‘I promise it won’t have transsexuals.’ Peter Liguori used to say, ‘Oh God, another transsexual.’ And to their credit they never said no. They were like, ‘If you believe in it, let’s try it.’ So they read it and they greenlit it within like 12 hours or something crazy. We turned it in and it tested OK. It was one of those things where some of the people in the test didn’t even realize it was a musical because it was sort of its own animal. All of those people, no matter what has been said, always believed in it. Read More »

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Comic-Con 2011: ‘Glee’ Stars Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith Not Leaving

By | Sunday July 24, 2011 @ 12:07pm PDT

Deadline Comic-Con TV correspondent Gary Hodges Files:

Their characters may be graduating, but Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith will not be leaving Glee at the end of this coming season, the series’ co-creator and executive producer Brad Falchuk said at the Glee Comic-Con panel this morning moderated by TVLine‘s Michael Ausiello, contradicting recent remarks by fellow co-creator/exec producer Ryan Murphy. “Here’s the exact thing: They’re seniors. They’re graduating. But that doesn’t mean they’re leaving the show,” Falchuk said. “It was never our intention or plan to let these people go… They are not done with the show after this season.” Later on in the panel he revealed they had discussed the possibility of a spin-off show depicting the three graduates in New York, trying to start careers on Broadway, but that it probably wouldn’t happen and he was “leaning against doing it.”

Falchuk also addressed the departure of recurring guest star Chord Overstreet, who was offered a deal to return for 10 episodes with a possibility to become a regular at midseason but declined, the producer said. “We wanted him back because we like Chord personally and had some good stories planned for him and with Mercedes (Amber Riley),” Falchuk said. “He decided he would have opportunities elsewhere that he would like to pursue, and we can’t force him to work. “We told him to go with god.” Here is more from the Glee panel: Read More »

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Trio Join Chris Colfer’s ‘Struck By Lightning’

Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney and Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland have joined the cast of Brian Dannelly’s indie comedy Struck By Lightning, which was penned by Glee star and Emmy nominee Chris Colfer. Allison Janney also stars. The story opens with Colfer’s character being struck and killed by lightning, and in flashbacks he chronicles his exploits as he blackmails his fellow classmates into contributing to his literary magazine. Production in underway. David Permut is producing with Rob Aguire and Mia Chang. Colfer and his manager Glenn Rigberg executive produce with Jason Michael Berman. Permut Productions’ Steve Longi, Camellia Entertainment’s Monica Aguirre Diez Barroso and Mark Moran co-produce.

Colfer is a busy guy. He recently penned a pilot for Disney Channel, The Little Leftover Witch, based on the children’s book of the same name, and will also publish two books with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers that will be released in summer 2012. He is repped by Coast to Coast and Inphenate. Hendricks is repped by CAA and Kritzer Levine Wilkins Griffin, Mulroney by ICM and Jackoway Tyerman, Hyland by WME and Richard Konigsberg Management.

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More Reason Not To Watch ‘Glee’ Anymore

By | Wednesday July 13, 2011 @ 4:57pm PDT

Our sibling site TVline has the story: Glee exec producer Ryan Murphy isn’t bringing Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer back for Season 4.  It’s not new news because the plan always has been to graduate the cast. Um, but weren’t these the best cast members? Worse, this megalomaniac-in-the-making brags that he didn’t bother to tell Monteith before telling the media. And announcing it on the eve of the Emmy nominations is simply classless.

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Chris Colfer Sells Pilot To Disney Channel

By | Wednesday April 20, 2011 @ 4:38pm PDT

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Colfer is one of the best tune-ins for Fox’s Glee and is sure to be considered for an Emmy. But he’s multi-talented: Not only has he scripting an indie movie shooting this summer, but I’ve learned he has penned a pilot that the Disney Channel is about to shoot. It’s called The Little Leftover Witch, based on a children’s book of the same name by Florence Laughlin. The series would be about a little witch who was taken in by a family after crash-landing from her broom. The book was originally optioned by Rick Fine, the husband of Colfer’s Coast To Coast agent Meredith Fine, who brought the property to Chris to adapt. This is one busy guy even though he only turns 21 this May. After wrapping production on Glee this spring, Colfer joins the cast on tour and then returns to star in the indie feature Struck By Lightning, which he also wrote and which Brian Dannelly (Saved) is set to direct. He will then return for the third season of Glee this fall. Colfer is also repped by Inphenate and attorney Derek Kroeger.

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Globes Love ‘Glee’, ‘Boardwalk Empire’, ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, ‘Big Bang’, & ‘Carlos’

Nellie Andreeva

Ricky Gervais Assesses His 2nd Golden Globes Performance
Live-Snarking The Meanest Golden Globes

HFPA’s love affair with Glee continues. For a second consecutive year, the Fox dramedy was the most nominated program at the Golden Globes  with 5 noms. And for a second consecutive year, it was the winner for best comedy/musical series. But this time, Glee was also the biggest TV winner of the night, for best series and best supporting actors Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer. HBO’s Boardwalk Empire emerged as a new awards heavyweight with 2 wins, including best drama series. HBO once again topped the networks’ tally with 4 Globes, followed by Fox (3) and Showtime, FX and Sundance Channel (1 apiece).

After starting off with several big surprises early on, the TV portion of the Golden Globes turned more predictable as the night went on. But overall, it was out with the old and in with the new as, except for Glee‘s repeat best comedy series victory, all other series winners were first-timers, including the wins for freshman Boardwalk Empire, one of the biggest upsets of the night – Katey Sagal’s best drama series victory for FX’s Sons of Anarchy, as well as Emmy winner Jim Parsons’ best comedy actor trophy for The Big Bang Theory. Big Bang already accomplished something a multicamera comedy had not been able to do in 6 years – land a best comedy series Globe nomination. But with Parsons winning the best actor award, Big Bang did something such acclaimed multicamera comedies as Will & Grace and Everybody Loves Raymond could never do – win a Golden Globe. This was the first Globe for a multicamera sitcom in 8 years, since Friends star Jennifer Aniston won in 2003.

Parsons gave a good speech. He thanked a lot of people, including the show’s writers, directors, network, studio as well as his reps and nephew. But he only acknowledged the cast of the show in passing, despite his co-star Kaley Cuoco, who presented his award, literally jumping for joy on stage after reading his name and giving Parsons a warm embrace as he walked up to accept his award.

The ceremony started off with two shockers in the first minutes in the best actress in a drama series and best movie or miniseries categories. Last month, Sagal’s Golden Globe nomination represented hit biker drama Sons of Anarchy’s first mainstream award nomination. Make that the show’s first major award as Sagal won the drama actress category over January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, Juliana Margulies, Kyra Sedgwick and Piper Perabo. Read More »

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EMMY SPOILERS: Big Opening Dance Number Features Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Joel McHale, Chris Colfer & Jane Lynch

Here’s my 2nd spoiler about Sunday night’s Emmys broadcast and it’s a juicy one: According to my source inside the Nokia Theatre today, the big opening number features host Jimmy Fallon coming out alone with an electric guitar and singing/playing “Born to Run.” Then he is joined by Randy Jackson from American Idol on bass. Then by a dance troupe consisting of Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, 30 Rock‘s Tina Fey, Community/Talk Soup‘s Joel McHale, and Glee‘s Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch. (There’s also a very buxom blonde whom my source couldn’t ID.) Robin Antin, creator of the Pussycat Dolls, was choreographing. ”I left at 5 PM. I think it’s going to take a lot more time to whip the number into shape,” my insider predicted.

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