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Comic-Con: ‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter Would “Love To Do A Prequel”

By | Sunday July 15, 2012 @ 4:06pm PDT

They were the last panel of Comic-Con’s huge Hall H this year but today Sons of Anarchy gave fans of the FX biker drama a few things to look forward to. SOA creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter told the crowd today that he’d “love to do a prequel about the formation of the club.” Though he gave no details of the prequel, which he has brought up before, Sutter said today that he had discussed the idea with the show’s network FX. Before the panel came out, the thousands in the crowd were treated to a seven-minute preview of Season 5′s 90-minute September 11 opening episode. With some flashbacks to the power struggle within the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original the preview started out with the Jax character writing in his journal and then revealed a long run delivery by SAMCRO on the northern California roads that gets highjacked. A pounding cover of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground on the soundtrack was used to set the tone. Thirty seconds of the preview were blacked out for  ”content reasons.”

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Sutter later explained that the blackout was a sex scene involving Katey Sagal and season guest star Jimmy Smits that Comic-Con felt was too explicit. Read More »

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Comic-Con: ‘Doctor Who’ With Cowboys Out West And Dinosaurs In Space

By | Sunday July 15, 2012 @ 1:46pm PDT

Doctor Who is coming out West, to Ancient Egypt and taking dinosaurs to space it was revealed at Comic-Con today. The British series (seen here on BBC America) has a Western episode coming this season. Today’s panel showed a brief preview of that as well as longer clip with a Cleopatra character and dinosaurs from another episode. The Western clip had the Doctor stumbling into a saloon brawl. Like Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti Westerns, theDoctor Who Who episode was actually not filmed in the U.S. “We did the one thing you always have to do when shooting iconic American culture, we went to Spain,” joked the series lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat before playing the clip. Moffat, who was otherwise resolutely circumspect about the upcoming season, later revealed that the new Doctor Who would “have more Daleks that you’ve ever seen in one place and a new generation of Daleks,” He added, “I don’t think we’ve ever had a wider variety of episodes than what we are about to show you.” The panel included Who executive producer Caroline Skinner, Moffat, cast members Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill join and to huge applause the 11th Doctor himself Matt Smith.

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Comic-Con Q&A: Peter Jackson On His Return To Middle Earth With ‘The Hobbit’ And How 48 Frames Can Save Moviegoing

By | Sunday July 15, 2012 @ 12:45pm PDT
Mike Fleming

Peter Jackson wowed the Comic-Con crowd Saturday in Hall H by showing footage from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first of a two-parter on the Bilbo Baggins’ journey that leaves on his finger Sauron’s Ring Of Power, the precursor to Jackson’s billion dollar grossing The Lord of the Rings trilogy for New Line Cinema. Jackson’s appearance created as many questions as it answered. Bloggers are reporting he said that The Hobbit might become a trilogy and they’ve also wondered why Jackson chose not to show the 3D in the 48 frames-per-second format in which he shot both Hobbit films. On the trilogy possibility, I’m told that while Jackson shot plenty of extra footage, he has already stretched a single book into two movies. His DVD editions of The Lord of the Rings were so compellingly loaded with extended cuts of each film—they actually filled in storytelling gaps for hard core fans–that my bet is he indulges those fans that way again, even though no final decision has yet been made. I don’t think anybody but the money guys behind Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 thought it was creatively satisfying to break Stephenie Meyer’s last book into two films and I would be surprised if Jackson went that route unless the movies are just too long to fit in a double feature.

DEADLINE: Guillermo Del Toro told me he didn’t feel badly about stepping away from directing The Hobbit because the film ended up in the right hands, your hands. Everybody felt that way but you it seemed. Why did it take you so long to embrace a return to Middle Earth as director?

JACKSON: It did seem that way, but you’re talking about a series of events that were largely out of everybody’s control at the time. I have a certain belief in fate. Not in a religious way but over my life I find that if you try to assert yourself and influence things too much, it’s not necessarily the best idea. You kind of take your foot off the clutch at some stage and freewheel and let things happen. Guillermo was developing The Hobbit, I was producing it and I had other things that I was developing of my own at that time. And for the 18 months he was on it, we never had a green light. Read More »

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Comic-Con: ‘Fringe’ Pic Possible, Cast Says

By | Sunday July 15, 2012 @ 11:12am PDT

There might be a Fringe movie, at least if members of the cast have their way. “The film is very possible down the line,” John Noble said today at the show’s Comic-Con panel. “The show will live on in some form or another,” added fellow cast member Joshua Jackson. It was Fringe’s last turn at Comic-Con today but if the packed Hall H was any indication the fans certainly don’t want the sci-fi series to even think about ending. That dedication was evident right near the beginning of the session as hundreds in the crowd held up print out of white tulips in tribute to the show’s 18th episode and the flower’s role as a symbol of forgiveness. Beyond the actor’s speculation and fond hopes, not a lot was revealed in where things were going in season five or down the line.

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“It’s only 13 episodes so I’m going to be careful with what I say because I really want you guys to experience it. I’m going to be tight lipped,” said executive producer J. H. Wyman near the end of the session. The panel today included Wyman as well as cast members Anna Torv, Jackson, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole and Noble. Blair Brown was supposed to be there but it was announced she couldn’t make it due to a cold. Read More »

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Comic-Con Q&A: Vince Gilligan On ‘Breaking Bad’

By | Sunday July 15, 2012 @ 10:06am PDT

Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s television coverage.

Vince Gilligan Breaking BadIt began with a pitch about a drama in which the lead character evolves from “Mr. Chips into Scarface.” But Vince Gilligan never thought he would get this far with Breaking Bad, his AMC series masterpiece that has the rare luxury of going out via a two-pronged, 16-episode final season that begins tonight and concludes sometime next summer. The onetime X-Files writer-producer recently hinted that this may not really be the beginning of the end, that Breaking Bad could spin off into another series starring Bob Odenkirk as blustery and corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman. But before that happens, there’s an Emmy-winning series to put to rest. Gilligan spoke to Ray Richmond last week for Deadline about running a drama hailed as a classic, his obsession with going out on top, and the fact everyone has a theory for how this thing should end.

Deadline: Do you ever feel like your career is kind of peaking with this show and it’s going to be all downhill from here?
Vince Gilligan: I say that a lot. And all joking aside, it’s something that you think about. On the one hand you say to yourself, I am so extraordinarily lucky to be doing this, much as a lottery winner is lucky. You think to yourself, man I worked hard to get here. On the other hand, I don’t remember doing anything specific for which I deserve this particular level of good fortune. And then once you start going down that road, you think to yourself, if this really was a matter of winning the lottery, well then how do you win twice?
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Comic-Con: ‘Glee’ Makes Room For New Kids While Keeping The Regulars

By | Saturday July 14, 2012 @ 8:59pm PDT

GleeAnthony D’Alessandro is a Deadline contributor.

A Glee panel minus Ryan Murphy detailed a flurry of Season 4 highlights today at Comic-Con, some of which will come as no surprise to Gleeks. Also missing were notable castmembers including Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Dianna Agron and Chris Colfer. Oddly, no sizzle reel either. The panel kicked off with a docu clip about how Glee has become a pop phenomenon.

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In Season 4, Lea Michele‘s character Rachel Barry contends with a big-fish-from-a-little-pond in the big city scenario as she starts college in New York. There she’ll be dealing with her dance teacher, played by Kate Hudson. “She’s in a school with 1,800 Rachels,” said Michele.

Co-creator Brad Falchuk teased, “Finn (Cory Monteith) is off on an adventure (in the army) and his classmates don’t know what’s happening with him.” Plus “we’ve got a new senior class and we’re trying to get 12 kids into sectionals, said co-creator Ian Brennan. “Every series regular we had who has a deal will be back, in varying proportions,” added Falchuk. Read More »

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Marvel At Comic-Con: Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Feige, Shane Black, Jon Favreau, Don Cheadle, Edgar Wright

By | Saturday July 14, 2012 @ 8:08pm PDT

Luke Y. Thompson is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of Comic-Con.

The Warner Bros/Legendary panel was a tough act to follow, but Marvel came through. A montage of past Hall H guest panels interspersed with prior movie footage was shown, with thanks to fans for making Marvel’s The Avengers the biggest superhero movie of all time, and finally declaring: “Phase Two Begins.” Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige confirmed that the next four movies are Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Edgar Wright came out to reveal some Ant-Man test footage he shot two weeks ago (unfinished). It featured Ant-Man in a costume that looked like a hybrid of the comic costume and Ultraman – full body suit that appeared to amplify his strength. We saw him run down a corridor, grow to full size, leap into the air, shrink again, super-punch the bad guys inside their mouths, then return to full size again and enter the elevator again.

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Then Robert Downey Jr strolled down the aisle through the crowd, to the sounds of Luther Vandross music. “I’ve got three questions: how much do I love you? How much do you love me? Why aren’t we watching any footage yet?” The footage obliges. It Tony Stark trying to get armor pieces to fly onto him automatically, which they do, but in some cases too hard. Read More »

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Comic-Con: Marvel Sets Dates For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’, ‘Captain America’ And ‘Thor’ Sequels

Mike Fleming

Marvel Studios is keeping busy. Marvel’s Kevin Feige confirmed August 1, 2014 as the release date for the next super-hero ensemble Guardians Of The Galaxy. Edgar Wright said he and Joe Cornish have written Ant-Man and Wright shot a test that he showed to the crowd. People loved Ant-Man, a tiny guy who Wright observed kicks ass one inch at a time. Meanwhile Captain America: The Winter Solder is targeted for April 4, 2014. Alan Taylor is directing Thor: The Dark World to come out November 8, 2013. As previously reported Shane Black is proceeding smoothly with Iron Man 3 toward its May 3, 2013 date. Jon Favreau who directed the first two movies is reprising his on-screen role Happy Hogan. Footage included Ben Kingsley as the Mandari and Guy Pearce as another bad guy and they blew up Tony Stark’s cliffside mansion. Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheadle, Black and Favreau all came up on stage.

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Marvel Planning ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Movie For 2014

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‘Pacific Rim’, ‘Man Of Steel’, ‘The Hobbit’, ‘Godzilla’: What Comic-Con Was Made For

Luke Y. Thompson is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of Comic-Con.

For the Warner Bros/Legendary panel Comic-Con‘s big screen expanded to Cinerama proportions to impress fans with Pacific Rim and Godzilla teases while Man of Steel moved at least one fan to tears. For good measure, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey footage mixed familiar and new. Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, dressed as David Tennant’s Doctor Who, moderated what was probably the most anticipated panel of the convention. He came in with a Sonic Screwdriver remote control, and suddenly two extra giant side screens were revealed as the black curtains peeled back. (Sort of like the Terminator 3D screen at Universal Studios.) This feels like what Cinerama was always supposed to be.

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Legendary’s Thomas Tull came onstage, saying that his having a mic up there was a sign of the apocalypse, then briefly showed off how all the screens worked together for a Pacific Rim tease (metallic panels, serial numbers, vague sketches of pods – a mere taste for what was coming). Then Guillermo del Toro came out to say, in his inimitable, profane-comic fashion, “I’m shitting in my pants right now.” As he spoke and was pictured on the center screen, production designs and on-set footage flanked him on the side screens. He said it was important to have a sense of romantic adventure — not a war movie. And that it was important to have a sense of awe in a movie with giant robots and monsters. Del Toro said this will be the only thing shown until Christmas, and that this footage was just for us at Comic-con. Admonished “you motherfuckers with the James Bond cameras in the glasses, take them off.”

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There was a huge reaction for Charlie Day coming out, and Ron Perlman (only in cavernous Hall H). Charlie Hunnam and Rink Kikuchi followed. Cheers for them too, but not quite as extra loud. How does Perlman feel about coming to Comic-Con? “It’s a miracle I’m still invited.” He says Guillermo’s standards are clearly plummeting since he keeps inviting Perlman back. Read More »

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Comic-Con: ‘True Blood’s’ Alexander Skarsgard Not Cast In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,’ Actor Says

By | Saturday July 14, 2012 @ 5:43pm PDT

Alexander Skarsgard said today that he hasn’t been offered a role in the film adaption of E.L. James’ best selling Fifty Shades of Grey. “I haven’t read the book and I haven’t seen a script,” said the True Blood actor on the HBO show’s Comic-Con panel this afternoon. Skarsgard might not be playing Christian Grey right now but today’s panel did let out some other information. We’re going to learn more about Sookie Stackhouse’s parents in the just started fifth season of True Blood, show creator Alan Ball reveled today. Overall, Ball, who is stepping back as showrunner for the series next season, and everyone else on the HBO show’s panel at Comic-Con this afternoon kept their lips pretty tightly closed. It was all tidbits. Another small detail from Ball was that there were going to be three new romantic relationships on the series during season five. Actor Joe Manganiello let out that his werewolf Alcide Herveaux character “will sexually eviscerate someone this season.” Deborah Ann Woll let slip that this season’s episode 10 is a big one for her character. Fellow cast member Stephen Moyer, who had just flown in from Georgia where he is shooting the Atom Eyogen-directed Devil’s Knot, wouldn’t say anything about the upcoming episode of True Blood that he directed except to praise Sam Trammell’s … Read More »

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Comic-Con: ‘Act Of Valor’s Scott Waugh To Helm ‘Hawken’

By | Saturday July 14, 2012 @ 4:59pm PDT
Mike Fleming

Act Of Valor co-director Scott Waugh has signed on to direct a live action adaptation of Hawken, a free-to-play shooter game from Meteor Entertainment that started creating buzz at E3. Warner Bros has signed on to make the movie.

The team behind Hawken let word about the project slip at a Comic-Con panel for the web series. Bandito Brothers will be producing. The game will be playable on Android, iPhone and other platforms. Hawken already has over 300,000 users registered, and Archaia will publish the graphic novel.

WME reps Waugh, the former stuntman who is also in talks with DreamWorks to helm an adaptation of the vidgame Need For Speed.

DreamWorks Picks Up ‘Need For Speed’ From EA
Hot Bandito Brothers Teaser: ‘The Prototype’

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Comic-Con Q&A: Guillermo Del Toro On ‘Pacific Rim,’ Japanese Movie Monsters, Lessons Learned From ‘The Hobbit’ & ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’

Mike Fleming

There is no chance the Comic-Con crowd will have forgotten him, but Guillermo Del Toro’s last directorial effort was a Hellboy sequel released in 2008. In the four years since, he collaborated on the scripts for two installments of The Hobbit, but dropped out as director. Then his fully realized 3D adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness got abruptly unplugged by Universal. Del Toro is back at Comic-Con after completing the robots vs monsters saga Pacific Rim financed by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. While it won’t be released until July 12, 2013, Del Toro is at Hall H today to show footage at a Warner Bros panel that also includes The Hobbit. Some in the industry have seen the early visuals and said they are stunning and they predict Del Toro will make a stirring return that was informed by his setbacks.

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DEADLINE: You are finally here with a movie you directed. Describe your road here.

DEL TORO: Two years in New Zealand on The Hobbit, a year in L.A. and Canada developing Mountains. Luckily, during the year of Mountains, I started on Pacific Rim and when people ask me why I have four or five things in development, here’s the answer. … Read More »

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Seth MacFarlane Says “I’d Be Open To Making Ted 2″: Comic-Con

Seth MacFarlane might be making a sequel to Ted. “I’d be open to making Ted 2,” the director today told fans at the American Dad panel at Comic-Con. MacFarlane didn’t elaborate on the possibility of he and Ted co-star Mark Wahlberg’s reunion. However, the fact that the film, which was released on June 29, has become one of the the biggest R-Rated comedies at the box office, a sequel makes sense.

Earlier on the panel, it was announced that Mad Men’s Jon Hamm will join Danny Seth MacFarlaneGlover, Sarah Michelle Geller, Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint, Danny Glover and former SNL cast member Will Forte as guest stars on the new season of American Dad. The guest stars announcement came on the American Dad panel that immediately followed the Family Guy panel in Comic-Con’s Ballroom 20 today.

MacFarlane, who is also Family Guy’s executive producer, creator and star also told the fans that his Flintstones reboot isn’t dead but it’s really not a priority right now. “It’s been put on the backburner, so we don’t know when it is going to happened. There’s no exact schedule,” Read More »

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Comic-Con: ‘End Of Watch’, ‘Silent Hill 3D’ Unveiled For Open Road

By | Saturday July 14, 2012 @ 2:29pm PDT

Luke Y. Thompson is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of Comic-Con.

Django UnchainedOpen Road Films End of Watch turned out to be a cop movie shot from a sort of “found footage” perspective while not actually resorting to that now-tiresome gag, and the Silent Hill sequel was pretty creepy and scary in 3D. End Of Watch director David Ayer opened the panel by saying the last time he was in San Diego, he was serving on a nuclear submarine. Via video, Jake Gyllenhaal introduced some clips, one of which was an uninterrupted shot from an in-car camera as the movie’s two cops (Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena) chase a perp’s car, then get out and make the bust. A more conventionally edited scene had the two buddies cracking racial jokes at each other, with Gyllenhaal imagining a nagging Mexican wife and Pena imagining a boring white wife who likes flavored coffee. A third scene was a nightmarish POV thing with Gyllenhaal rescuing someone from a burning house – very tight camera, heavy heartbeats and sound distortion on the soundtrack, ending with subjective POV shot of being treated by firemen for smoke inhalation. <!–more–>Ayer emphasized the realism of the movie – said he showed it to cops and they liked it, the training he put his actors through (Pena said he had gotten badly overweight, like … Read More »

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‘Django Unchained’ A ‘Shaft’ Prequel? So Says Quentin Tarantino: Comic-Con

Luke Y. Thompson is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of Comic-Con.

Django UnchainedDjango Unchained a Shaft prequel? Really? There’s one more week of shooting on Django, and they just did scenes with Jonah Hill as a member of the Regulators (the pre-Civil War version of the KKK). Quentin Tarantino said it turned into one of the funniest scenes he’s ever done, which he says is up there with the name-colors conversation in Reservoir Dogs. There is one character in the movie that ties into the larger Tarantino-verse which he’s keeping a surprise, but he says Kerry Washington‘s character Brunhilde von Shaft is, in his mind, an ancestor of John Shaft – this prompted QT to start singing the theme song out loud. The panel was moderated by Anthony Breznican from Entertainment Weekly, who said he needed a whole new level of grandiloquent profanity to describe Django, a “twisted, bloody fairy tale,” before introducing Jamie Foxx, Walton Goggins, Don Johnson (with Jeff Bridges-looking facial hair and gray ponytail), Christoph Waltz (long hair and a bushy white beard that almost looks false, like Santa Claus), Washington, and Tarantino (in a leather jacket, dorky felt fedora, and a T-shirt depicting many of his characters as kids playing in a sandbox).
Read More »

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Comic-Con: ‘After Earth’ Environment Hostile To Humans Will And Jaden Smith

By | Saturday July 14, 2012 @ 11:42am PDT

Luke Y. Thompson is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of Comic-Con.

Despite there being no Will or Jaden Smith and no M. Night Shyamalan, Sony’s panel on After Earth was packed to capacity in Room 6A. Without that key talent, attendance likely would have seemed sparse in the larger Hall H usually reserved for event movies. Set 1,000 years after Earth has become uninhabitable and humans live on a world called Nova Prime, the movie deals with a father and son – with dad being one of the best rangers ever – who crash land on the inhospitable future Earth where nature has taken over again. Screenwriter Gary Whitta referred to it as “Jurassic Planet … we were evicted by nature because we were no longer welcome there … every single thing on this planet will kill you.” Air, plants and creatures are all hostile to humans because nature has developed defense mechanisms to keep people from coming back. Jungles, forest (the Redwood forests up north where Return of the Jedi was filmed) and desert are the main environments of the story.

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Still, we got a glimpse via a behind-the-scenes video that revealed Jaden Smith doing heavy martial arts training (mostly stick-fighting and parkour) and director Shyamalan saying he … Read More »

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Comic-Con: Marvel TV Previews New ‘Avengers Assemble,’ ‘Hulk & Agents of S.M.A.S.H.’ & More Joss Whedon’s ‘Astonishing X-Men’

By | Saturday July 14, 2012 @ 11:28am PDT

Marvel is not cancelling The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for Avengers Assemble, the company’s head of Television said today. Instead the upcoming series, which was briefly previewed at Comic-Con this morning, is “the next level,” said Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb. The Marvel TV chief announced that after 52 episodes the animated The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is “transitioning out into the new Avengers.” Loeb told fans that the series, rumored to be on the chopping block, was intended almost from the beginning to run for a 52-episode order and that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will “have an epic conclusion.” Loeb told Deadline that the series, which is aired on Disney XD, will end sometime later this year. With that said, the real emphasis on today’s “Marvel Television Presents” panel was on new properties.  To that end, Loeb showed the fans a rough trailer of the upcoming animated Avengers Assemble. Coming next year Avengers Assemble is much darker that Earth’s Mightiest and, as Loeb said repeatedly, derives from the Joss Whedon-directed blockbuster with the same characters, same tech and similar tone. “We’re going to give you the best Avengers we can and that’s a promise from Marvel Television.”

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Avengers Assemble wasn’t the only addition to the 11 AM Sunday morning Marvel Universe … Read More »

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Comic-Con: ‘Breaking Bad’ Heading To Germany In New Season, Panel Reveals

By | Friday July 13, 2012 @ 7:45pm PDT

Breaking Bad is heading to Germany in the second episode of the new season, showrunner Vince Gilligan said today. Gilligan also told the Comic-Con crowd that audiences should expect more German accents than Spanish accents this upcoming season based on some financial deals that Walter White has made. He also said the White character finally does something that removes all sympathy for the character. “This season is all about winning and staying on top,” he added. “As we wind down to 16 episodes, we’re cranking it up,” said star Bryan Cranston. He also noted that Sunday’s opener is “not violent but intellectual.” His onscreen partner in crime Aaron Paul, whose catchphrase of the opening episode “magnets, bitch” he revealed, described the new season as “eerie”. That wasn’t all the audience learned about the upcoming season. Two days before the Season 5 debut of AMC’s Breaking Bad, the crowd tonight at Comic-Con got a glimpse of what’s to come. If the gunplay in the short preview they showed in Ballroom 20 this evening is any indication, the opener might not be so violent but the new season of Breaking Bad is going to be very, very violent. Also new characters will be added, and the Skinny Pete character played by Charles Baker is coming back. The preview showed that Walter White’s cooking meth again and his wife Skylar is on board. And after an initial attempt at killing Walt for the death of Gus at the end of season four, Mike Ehrmantraut has joined him and Jesse Pinkman. Read More »

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Comic-Con: Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’ Plus ‘Looper’, ‘Total Recall’ & ‘Resident Evil 5′

By | Friday July 13, 2012 @ 7:01pm PDT

Luke Y. Thompson is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of Comic-Con.

The most-anticipated moment of the Sony panel was easily the presentation of Neil Blomkamp‘s Elysium, and it did not disappoint, looking like a 2001/District 9 hybrid, or maybe even Wall-E with humans. It’s another stylish sci-fi class-struggle parable with Matt Damon as a shaven-headed working-class guy on an overpopulated earth (downtown LA is shown covered with tent encampments, even atop the skyscrapers). He was inadvertently exposed to toxic radiation and given a mechanical exoskeleton to help him capture a rich bureaucrat played by William Fichtner and infiltrate Elysium, an off-world space station created for the richest 1%, where disease Comic-Concan be eradicated and everything is perfect. Sharlto Copley’s also in there as a crazy bearded dude with a personal force-field. Robotic cops look not unlike the District 9 bugs. It feels like a potential smash. The footage shown had rough, unfinished effects but it didn’t matter. Panelists were Blomkamp, Jodie Foster, producer Simon Kinberg, Copley (hugely cheered by this crowd) and Damon. Copley revealed that his character is a villain, which wasn’t evident in the clips. He also begged fans to ask Blomkamp for a District 9 sequel, joking that he’s still looking for work.
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