Marg Helgenberger Returns For ‘CSI’s 300th Episode

By | Tuesday August 20, 2013 @ 10:44am PDT

Marg Helgenberger is returning for the 300th episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, set to air October 23. Helgenberger, who’s starring in the new CBS drama Intelligence, will reprise her original character Catherine Willows who returns to … Read More »

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‘CSI’s’ Elisabeth Shue In Talks For ‘Parental Guidance Suggested’

By | Thursday August 2, 2012 @ 12:47pm PDT

EXCLUSIVE: Elisabeth Shue is in negotiations to join the cast of Parental Guidance Suggested. The CSI actress would be joining Selena Gomez, Nat Wolff, Austin Stowell, Cary Elwes and Dylan McDermott in the indie teen … Read More »

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TCA: ‘CSI’ Will Explore Humorous Side Of Murder And Gore With Ted Danson

Diane Haithman is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of TCA.

More laughs than screams? At today’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation panel at TCA, producers and actors from the long-running procedural drama said viewers should expect a lighter tone than in recent seasons with the introduction of Ted Danson’s new character, D.B. Russell.

Executive producer Carol Mendelsohn said the 12th season of CSI will still tend to open with “one or more dead or maimed bodies,” but that more humor will be injected into the procedure. “I think you can infer it — last year we were chasing a serial killer; that arc has come to an end … we will have more humor than last season.” After the session she reiterated that blood will still spill: “It will be our usual gore that we’ve all been desensitized to. … I don’t think we are going to lose our template.”

Said Mendelsohn of the decision to hire Danson: “We wanted a Sherlock Holmes — we did not want a science nerd. And we started the premiere of Season 1 with, ‘Here comes the nerd squad.’ We said, how do we get someone of great intelligence who is not a nerd?” That led, she said, to making Danson’s character the son of intellectual, Left Coast hippie parents. Read More »

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Ted Danson Surprisingly Takes On ‘CSI’

UPDATE: He’s coming in as a new team leader on the graveyard shift of the original CSI, filling one of the voids left by Laurence Fishburne, who himself took over from William Petersen. The talks with Ted Danson only … Read More »

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CSI Most Watched Series In World – Again

So the world’s #1 television franchise is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The CBS/CBS TV Studios/CBS Studios International/Jerry Bruckheimer TV show was presented with the International Television Audience Award for a Drama TV Series at the 51st Monte Carlo TV Festival. … Read More »

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Teen Pop Star Justin Bieber Is Now An Actor Too: Will Make His Debut On CBS’ ‘CSI’

Nellie Andreeva

JustinBieberWith teen pop star Justin Bieber’s telegenic looks and huge following, it was inevitable for Hollywood to come knocking. And now the Baby singer, who has done some skits on Saturday Night Live and, most recently, on MTV’s Movie Awards, is … Read More »

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