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RATINGS RAT RACE: Charlie Sheen Is A Hit

Nellie Andreeva

ABC’s special Charlie Sheen edition of 20/20 (3.3/10 in adults 18-49, 9.5 million viewers) was the top-rated program among adults 18-49 at 10 PM last night. It almost doubled its lead-in, drama V (1.8/5, 5 million, down 5% in 18-49), a rare feat for a program in the DVR-heavy 10 PM hour. This was ABC’s best performance in the slot with an hourlong program in 2 years.

However, Charlie Sheen didn’t seem to hurt CBS, the network he has been attacking for the past few weeks. Against 20/20, CBS’ The Good Wife (2.2/6, 11.3 million) was No.1 in total viewers and up 10% in 18-49 from last week despite a weaker lead-in. However, NBC’s 10 PM dramedy Parenthood (1.9/6, 5 million) got dinged, down 10% from last week.

Like V, all shows airing in the 8 PM and 9 PM hours took a hit from facing Fox’s American Idol, which is airing in an irregular Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday pattern this week. NBC’s The Biggest Loser: Couples (2.4/7) was down 11% for a season low. ABC’s freshman No Ordinary Family (1.2/4, 4.3 million) was down 14% for a series low.  CBS’ NCIS (3.8/11, 19.2 million) was down 14%, NCIS: LA (3.2/9, 15.6 million) was down 18%, tied as a season low.

However, the 8 PM hour offered a sight pretty unheard of in today’s fragmented TV universe – two shows, American Idol and NCIS, drawing audiences of 20 million viewers.

A 90-minute edition of Idol (7.5/21, 21.3 … Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘CSI’ & ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hit Lows Against ‘American Idol’

Nellie Andreeva

Two hours of Fox’s American Idol (7.2/20 in adults 18-49, 21.6 million viewers) dominated another Thursday, delivering the highest numbers on the night with non-sports programming for any network in 3 years (18-49) and 4 years (total viewers). The reality series was down 5% in the demo from last Thursday but, probably boosted by judge Jennifer Lopez’s breakdown at the end of the Wednesday’s episode, last night’s show was up 11% vs. the comparable night last season.

News was a tiny bit better for the other networks than last week when ABC and NBC posted their lowest Thursday nights with original programming this season with all of their series hitting or tying season lows in 18-49, joined by CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, which also posted a low. The rule for the shows airing against Idol last night was: reality/comedies – up or even with last week, dramas – down.

ABC’s Winter Wipeout (2.2/6) rebounded the most, up 16% from last week. But the network’s flagship medical drama Grey’s Anatomy (3.3/9) was down 11% for a new series low. Not facing Idol at 10 PM, Private Practice (2.4/7) was up 4%.

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (3.8/11, 12.5 million) was up 3% from last week, while its new mate, veteran Rules of Engagement (2.8/8, 9.6 million) was up 8% from the last original of $#*! My Dad Says in the 8:30 PM slot. But vs. its last airing in the Monday 8:30 PM … Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ABC, CW And Fox Up, CBS Down, NBC Flat On Monday

Nellie Andreeva

After getting a ratings hit on Valentine’s Day, ABC’s female-friendly Monday lineup had a rebounded nicely last night. The Bachelor (3.3/9 in adults 18-49, 10.3 million viewers) was up 14% from last week in the demo for a season high. Castle (2.6/7, 9 million) was up 18%. With CBS’ flagship Monday series, Two and a Half Men, in repeat, ABC edged CBS for the top spot in adults 18-49 (3.1/8), scoring its best Monday numbers in the demo and total viewers (9.9 million) in 3 months.

CBS’ midseason comedy Mad Love (2.8/7, 8 million) slipped 7% from its so-so premiere last week. Its lead-in, How I Met Your Mother (3.6/10, 9.4 million) was down 3%. With its lead-in, Two and a Half Men (3.0/8, 11.5 million), a repeat after airing its last original completed before the current hiatus last week, Mike & Molly (3.2/8, 11.3 million) was down 16% from last week when it drew its largest audience ever. At 10 PM, Hawaii Five-0 (2.7/8, 10.2 million) was less impacted, down 4% from last week in the demo. The action drama won the 10 PM slot by a razor-thin margin in the demo and comfortably in total viewers. CBS (3.0/8, 10.1 million) finished first for the night in total viewers and close second in 18-49.

Fox’s dramas were up slightly after … Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: Sci-Fi Dramas Lead Friday Rebound, ‘Blue Bloods’ Returns

Nellie Andreeva

After a depressing Thursday ratings report riddled with declines and season/series lows, things looked much brighter on Friday with most shows posting week-to-week gains.

After two alarming drops, Fox’s sci-fi series Fringe (1.5/5, 4.1 million) rebounded, up 7% from last week. Its lead-in, Kitchen Nightmares (1.7/6, 3.9 million) was up 13% after slipping by about that much last week.

CBS’ The Defenders (1.3/5, 8.5 million) also reversed a down trend, up 18% in 18-49. CSI: NY (1.8/6, 10.6 million) was up 13%. Blue Bloods (1.6/5, 11.1 million) returned to its regular Friday slot close to the levels of its ratings performance there before it moved to Wednesdays for a trial run. In its last original airing on Fridays on Dec. 3. Blue Bloods drew  a 1.7/6 and 11.4 million. The cop/family drama failed to carry over a demo ratings bump from its extra exposure on Wednesdays where it averaged a 2.1/6 and 11.8 last week. However, it is clear the Tom Selleck drama has a strong base as its viewership numbers stay virtually the same no matter the time slot or the length of the hiatus. CBS and Fox finished tied in 18-49 (1.6/5) for the night, with CBS (10.1 million) dominating the total viewer race.

Supernatural (2.3 million, 1.0/4 in 18-34) was up 25% in 18-34 and 27% in total viewers from last week, while Smallville (2.2 million, 0.9/4 in 18-34) was up 13% in 18-34 and down a fraction in total … Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ABC And NBC Sink To Thursday Lows

Nellie Andreeva

What a depressing overnight ratings report we got this morning. ABC and NBC posted their lowest Thursday nights with original programming this season with all of their series hitting or tying season lows in 18-49. CBS’ The Big Bang Theory also hit a season low. Fox’s American Idol and Bones, CBS’ CSI and The Mentalist and CW’s The Vampire Diaries and Nikita logged minimal ratings increases that in no way offset the across-the-board drops for the rest of the Thursday series. So what happened last night? There is no definitive explanation. HUT levels were down week-to-week but within the standard diviation range (4%). Ratings experts suspect that, with weather across the country improving, we’ve started to see the so-called “spring ratings slump.” Or some viewers may have started their Presidents weekend a little earlier. Here is a network-by-network rundown:

Fox’s American Idol (7.5/22 in 18-49, 21.9 million) was up 3% from last Thursday in 18-49 and flat in total viewers. Versus the same telecast last year, which was part of new judge Ellen DeGeneres’ first week on the show, the singing competition was down 21%. It easily ranked as the top telecast of the night and drove Fox to a nightly victory. At 9 PM, Bones (3.3/9, 9.9 million) was up 3% from last week in the demo.

All ABC series hit season lows in 18-49. Winter Wipeout (1.9/6) was down 14% from … Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘American Idol’ Holds Steady While Several Series Hit/Tie Lows

Nellie Andreeva

Fox’s American Idol (7.2/20 in adults 18-49, 21.7 million) continues to hold up well. Its first Hollywood week episode last night was down just 4% in the demo and 1% in total viewers from last week’s Thursday audition episode. Vs. the comparable episode on Wednesday last year, Idol was down 7% in 18-49 and up 3% in viewers. At 9 PM, Bones (3.3/9, 10.1 million) was even with last week, and Fox once again topped the night with a 5.3/14 in 18-49 and 15.9 million viewers.

Last night was a mixed bag for ABC. At 8 PM, Winter Wipeout (2.2/6, 6.9 million) continues to fade against Idol after a strong start, down 12% in 18-49 from last week for a season low. Tentopole drama Grey’s Anatomy (3.9/10) was also down, by 9%, tying its season low. On the bright side, Grey’s spinoff Private Practice 2.7/7 perked up, up 8% from last week, despite its lead-in being down.

CBS’ lineup was mostly down. Big Bang Theory (3.9/11, 12.8 million) was down 9%, $#*! My Dad Says (2.7/7, 10.4 million) was down 4%, while CSI (2.8/7, 12.6 million) was down 7% to tie its series low. At 10 PM, The Mentalist (2.9/8, 14.7 million) was flat. CBS (3.0/8, 13 million) was No.2 for the night in 18-49 and viewers behind Fox.

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Fringe’ Takes A Hit

Nellie Andreeva

After encouraging first 2 weeks on Friday, Fox’s Fringe (1.6/5 in 18-49, 4.2 million viewers) dropped 16% in the demo in its third airing against an original Supernatural and a Super Bowl commercials special on CBS. At 8 PM, Kitchen Nightmares (1.7/6, 4 million) held steady and won the hour in the demo. Read More »

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RATING RAT RACE: ‘Idol’ Holds While ‘Perfect Couples’, ‘Parks & Recreation’ Drop

Nellie Andreeva

As February sweep kicked in last night, we had our first all-original Thursday competition on the broadcast networks since the return of American Idol. As expected, the newest entry, midseason comedy Perfect Couples (1.4/4) was the hardest hit by Idol, down 18% from last week’s performance which, in turn, was down 19% from the comedy’s Thursday debut. With the exception of 30 Rock (2.4/6), which was flat, all other NBC comedies were down week-to-week as competition increased with original Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist. Community (2.0/5) was down 9% from last week, The Office down 8% and Parks & Recreation (2.5/6) down an alarming 17%. Outsourced (1.8/5) was down a modest 5% and showed a solid 75% retention of its 30 Rock lead-in.

Fox’s American Idol (7.5/20, 21.8 million) continues to hold up well, down 3% from last week in 18-49 and total viewers and towering over the competition. Airing against an original Grey’s and CSI, Bones (3.3, 10.9 million) was down 15%.

CBS’ Big Bang Theory (4.3/12) showed growth against Idol, up 2% vs. its last original 2 weeks ago. It also manged to finish as the highest-rated scripted program of the night, edging ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy (4.2/11, down 2% from Jan. 13) which did not face Idol. With an original Big Bang as a lead-in, $#*! My Dad Says (2.8/7) was up 22% from last week when it followed a repeat. CSI (3.0/8, 13.8 million) was … Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: Veteran ‘NCIS’ Hits Another Viewership Record: 22.7 Million

Nellie Andreeva

It is amazing for a show in its eighth season to post a series high in today’s fragmented TV universe. It is even more amazing for an eight-year-old show to do it twice. That’s what CBS’ NCIS did last night, drawing its largest Live+same day audience to date, 22.7 million, and eclipsing the previous record of 19.9 million posted just 3 weeks ago. In adults 18-49, the veteran procedural averaged a 4.6/12, up 12% from its last original 2 weeks ago and its best result in more than a year. NCIS‘ hot steak has been helped by Fox’s Glee airing repeats in the 8 PM slot for the entire month of January but still, packing such audiences at this stage of a show’s lifespan is pretty remarkable. NCIS was easily the top program of the night in viewers and 18-49, leading CBS to a nightly win in both categories. NCIS: LA (3.8/9, up 15% vs. 1/18; 17.8 million) and The Good Wife (2.2/6, up 5%; 12.1 million)  extended CBS’ winning ways with time-slot wins at 9 PM and 10 PM. At 10 PM, The Good Wife was tied in the demo with NBC’s Parenthood, which was also up 5% from its most recent original 2 weeks ago. Parenthood followed a two-hour Biggest Loser: Couples (3.3/8), which was up 3% from last week’s hourlong telecast to match its season high for … Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: NBC Tops State Of The Union Tuesday With ‘Loser’, CW Shows Back

Nellie Andreeva

The coverage of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address was the main attraction on the Big 4 networks last night, which also marked the return to originals for the CW’s series after a long winter hiatus that was only briefly interrupted for the two-hour finale of Life Unexpected. In its new Tuesday time period previously occupied by LUX, freshman Hellcats (2.2 million, 1.1/3 in 18-34) drew its largest audience since September and was up 10% in viewers and 18-34 since its last original on Dec. 1. Its lead-in, veteran One Tree Hill (1.9 million, 1.3/4 in 18-34), was down 14% in viewers and the demo since its last original on Dec.7. With Hellcats replacing the underperforming LUX, the CW posted its most watched Tuesday of the season.

The only entertainment original on the Big 4 nets was NBC’s The Biggest Loser (3.0/9 in 18-49, 8.7 million) from 8-9 PM, easily the highest-rated program of the night in the 18-49 demo, which matched NBC’s best 18-49 rating in the hour with non-sports programming since June 1. NBC also earned the highest demo ratings among the broadcast nets for its State of the Union coverage but reliable, time zone-adjusted numbers for all State of the Union coverage will be available later this morning. Everything else on the broadcast nets was reruns, with NBC expected to win the night in 18-49 and CBS in total viewers.

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Nellie Andreeva

The quiet before the storm. Not a whole lot happened last night ratings-wise as the networks are focusing on tonight’s return of Fox’s American Idol. CBS (3.2/9 in 18-49, 16.5 million) was once again the top network for the night, though it slipped a bit from last week’s big numbers. NCIS (4.1/11, 21 million) was down 9% in the demo, NCIS: LA (3.3/9, 17.3 million) was down 11%, and The Good Wife (2.1/6) was down 9% to tie its season low in 18-49. CBS won every hour in primetime in both total viewers and 18-49 (At 10 PM, The Good Wife was tied with NBC’s Parenthood in the demo.) With Parenthood (2.1/6, 5.6 million), and a two-hour Biggest Loser (2.9/8, 8.2 million), NBC finished second for the night with a 2.6/7 in 18-49 and 7.3 million. ABC rebounded from last Tuesday’s across-the-board series lows. No Ordinary Family (1.8/5) at 8 PM was up 20%, while V (2.0/5) at 9 PM climbed a tenth. AT 10 PM, the ABC News special The Congresswoman & The Astronaut (who comes up with those titles?!), about recovering Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband (1.3/4, 6.2 million), didn’t do much at 10 PM, up two tenths from the series low Detroit 1-8-7 posted in the hour last week. ABC finished tied with Fox for third place in 18-49 (1.7/5). Speaking of Fox, following a Glee repeat (1.4/4), game show Million Dollar Money Drop (1.9/5) … Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Good Guys’ Make Quiet Exit

Nellie Andreeva

Fans didn’t rally behind The Good Guys to give it a boost in the finale last night. The Fox dramedy (0.7/2, 2.3 million) matched its demo rating from the last 2 weeks to finish fifth in its 9 PM slot and second to last among all programs on the night – original or repeats – with only the 8 PM Good Guys rerun (0.6/2, 1.9 million) behind it. With CBS airing drama reruns (average of 1.2/4, 7.4 million for the night), ABC took the top Friday spot in adults 18-49 (1.4/5, 5.1 million) for the second time this season. (CBS was still No. 1 in total viewers.) NBC was a close second in the demo (1.3/4, 5.7 million). ABC and NBC were tied for first place at 8 PM (1.2/4) with new Supernanny (1.2/4) and a Minute to Win It repeat. ABC won the 9 PM hour with Primetime: What Would You Do? (1.5/5), while NBC had the edge at 10 PM with the second hour of Deadline (1.6/5). CW continues to be competitive on the night with Smallville (1.0/4, down a tenth from last week, 2.6 million) and Supernatural (1.0/3, flat, 2.2 million). In adults 18-34, Supernatural was up 25%.

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Ratings Rat Race: ‘$#*!”, ‘Mentalist’ Hit Lows

Nellie Andreeva

Win is a win – pretty or ugly. CBS’ ratings victory last night was on the ugly side, with all series down and two, $#*! My Dad Says and The Mentalist, hitting series lows. Still, the network logged another Thursday win in adults 18-49 (2.9/8) and total viewers (12.4 million). CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (3.8/12, 12.1 million) was once again the top-rated program of the night, in 18-49 sharing the honors with NBC’s The Office (3.8/10, 7.6 million), which aired an hourlong episode. (However, NBC’s results may have been inflated by NFL coverage in Nashville.) The Office, which was up a tenth from last week, Fox’s Fringe (1.9/5, up a tenth) and CBS’ CSI (3.0/8, 13.1 million) down a tenth from its last original on Nov. 18) didn’t get a significant boost from the lesser competition at 9 PM, with ABC airing Barbara Walters’ Oprah The Next Chapter special (2.9/8, 13.1 million) instead of original Grey’s Anatomy. Despite the heavy promotion, the Oprah special finished third at 9 PM in the demo and currently runs narrowly ahead of CSI by 10,000 viewers for No. 1 in the slot among total viewers. Here are other ratings highlights by network:

NBC stop-motion animation holiday episode of Community (2.0/6) did not score the way the series’ Halloween episodes have. It was up only a tenth from last week and that may be from inflation due to the NFL preemption in Nashville. 30 RockRead More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Biggest Loser” Hits High, ‘Running Wilde’ & ‘LUX’ Show Spunk

Nellie Andreeva

It was the Grinch (as played by Sue Sylvester) vs. Charlie Brown in the mostly Christmas-themed 8 PM time slot last night. Fox’s Glee (4.4/13, 11 million), topped the hour and the night in adults 18-49 but slipped a tenth from last week’s fast national demo rating (It was down two tenths from the Live+Same day number as Glee normally rises by a tenth in the finals.)

Heading into the live season finale next Tuesday, The Biggest Loser (3.1/8, 8.2 million, up 7% in the demo) hit a season high in adults 18-49, posting a second week of ratings growth in its new 9-11 PM slot. Its lead-in, the premiere of the Christmassy batch of Minute to Win It (1.9/5) was down 21% from its last cycle premiere.

The Christmas-themed Raising Hope (2.9/8) was up 7% to log its best performance since Week 2. And Running Wilde (1.7/4), which did not get a back order, is putting up quite a fight for survival, up 21% week-to-week after last week posting a 8% gain following another stretch of preemptions.

Ditto for CW’s Life Unexpected. With only a two-hour season finale/series finale left, the drama last night hit season highs in total viewers (1.8 million, up 20% from last week) and all key demos, including 18-34 (1.5/4). Its lead-in, veteran One Tree Hill Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Sing-Off’ Up In Debut, American Country Awards Disappoint

Nellie Andreeva

CBS and NBC had the 8-10 PM time period pretty much all to themselves last night, with ABC and Fox largely out of contention. Fox aired the inaugural American Country Awards, which flopped with a 1.5/4 rating among adults 18-49 and 6 million viewers overall.  For comparison, the 44th Annual Country Music Association Awards on ABC drew a 4.7/13 in 18-49 and 16.5 million viewers last month, and the Academy of Country Music Awards on CBS averaged a 3.2/8, 13.1 million in April. Meanwhile, ABC’s  Dancing with the Stars spinoff Skating with the Stars (1.0/3, 4.8 million) shed another 17% week-to-week in its third airing for a new low. Following a Modern Family rerun, which aired after the 90-minute Skating, ABC’s Castle (2.2/6) was down 12% from its last original on Nov. 15 for a season low.

NBC took advantage of the weakened competition. The 8-10 PM season premiere of reality series The Sing-Off (2.8/7) was up 22% from the show’s series premiere last year for a series high. Despite having a stronger lead-in than its regular one, The Event, freshman Chase (1.5/4), whose order was recently reduced from 22 to 18 episodes, was down 6% from last week.

It was a mixed bag for CBS. How I Met Your Mother Read More »

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Ratings Rat Race: CBS Regains Friday Edge

Nellie Andreeva

Here is where we left things off on Friday two weeks ago, heading into the Thanksgiving holiday: CBS was handed its first non-N.1 finish on the night this season by ABC, which edged the eye network by a tenth of a rating point for its first Friday victory in adults  18-49. CBS rebounded last night, returning to the top spot in the demo (1.6/5) by the same tenth of a rating point margin over ABC whose newsmagazines inched down. ABC’s 20/20 (1.9/6, 6.8 million) was once again the top-rated program of the night in 18-49,  down a tenth from its average 2 weeks ago, while the network’s  Primetime: What Would You Do (1.4/4, 4.8 million) at 9 PM was down 2 tenths. CBS’ Blue Bloods (1.7/6, 11.4 million) was tops in viewers, up a tenth from 2 weeks ago. CSI: NY (1.7/6, 10.2 million) was up one tenth from its fast national result and two tenths from its final, while Medium (1.4/5, 6.8 million) held steady. CBS once again won Friday in total viewers with 9.5 million. From 8-10 PM, NBC’s time-buy family movie, the Procter & Gamble/Walmart-backed A Walk in My Shoes (1.0/3, 4.5 million) finished behind the first movie in the series, Secrets of the Mountain (1.3/5, 7.8), which aired in the same time slot in April, and slightly above the second, The Jensen Project (0.9, 3.9 million), which aired in July. CW’s Smallville and Fox’s The Good Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Law & Order’ Series And ‘Top Model’ Finale Up

Nellie Andreeva

CBS won a third consecutive night this week with a lineup that featured repeats. With ABC’s comedy block in reruns, CBS’ Survivor: Nicaragua (3.6/10, 12.2 million) was up a tenth from its last original 2 weeks ago to rank as the highest rated program on the night by a mile in 18-49 and total viewers. Following a Criminal Minds repeat (2.2/6, 9.1 million) CBS aired a Grammy Awards nominations special (1.7/5, 5 million), which was down 26% from last year’s telecast. NBC’s Law & Order dramas benefited from the decreased competition to log their best numbers in more than a month. Law & Order: SVU (2.5/7, 9.2 million) was up 19% in the demo from its last telecast 2 weeks ago; Law & Order: Los Angeles (2.2/6, 9.1 million) was up 16% to top the 10 PM hour. Fox’s lineup was up from last week when it was impacted by the Thanksgiving holiday. Human Target (1.6/5) was up 14%, while Hell’s Kitchen (2.6/7) was up 18% and won its 9 PM time period. And two meaningless ratings results: NBC’s soon-to-depart Undercovers (1.3/4) was up 8% from its last original 3 weeks go, while, in its brief return before its permanent exit from the schedule, ABC’s The Whole Truth (0.9/3) was down 18% from its last original more than a month ago for an all-time low. ABC’s comedy repeats were led by Modern Family (2.3/6, 7 million). The CW’s America’s Next Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: CBS Tops Monday With Reruns; NBC, Fox & CW Series Gain

Nellie Andreeva

This is a throwback to the dog days of summer: CBS’ all-rerun Monday lineup dominated the original competition last night. The network’s comedy reruns – Two And A Half Men (3.0/8), How I Met Your Mother (2.7/8), Rules Of Engagement (2.4/6) and Mike & Molly (2.3/6) – ranked as the 4 highest-rated programs on the night among adults 18-49. With a Hawaii Five-0 repeat (1.9/5) also winning its 10 PM slot, CBS easily topped the night in 18-49 (2.4/6) and total viewers (8.6 million).

ABC’s Dancing with the Stars spinoff Skating with the Stars (1.2/3) dived 50% from its mediocre premiere behind Dancing’s performance finale last week. In another CMA tie-in, ABC aired the CMA Country Christmas special (1.4/4) from 9:30-11 PM, following a 90-minute Skating.

With no Dancing and CBS in repeats, NBC, Fox and the CW’s originals posted ratings increases. NBC’s Chuck (2.0/6, 6.2 million) was up 18% from last week to match its season high in 18-49 and hit a new season high in total viewers. The fall finale of The Event (1.9/5) was up 12%, while Chase (1.6/4) was up 12%. Following a House repeat (1.6/4) a new Lie to Me (2.2/6, 6.3 million) on Fox was up 29% to post season highs in adults … Read More »

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