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MTV’s VMAs Fall Hard From 2011

Somebody does not want their MTV. Despite being the top show on cable last night, the network’s Video Music Awards lost more than half its audience compared with the 2011 show, which drew a record 12.4 million viewers. Last night’s VMAs pulled in 6.1 million and earned a 2.8 rating, far below 2011’s 6.2. There certainly were a lot of changes this year: Back in May, MTV decided to move the start time of the two-hour show ahead an hour to 8 PM so it didn’t conflict with President Obama’s 10 PM speech at the Democratic National Convention. The show also moved from airing on a Sunday to a Thursday.

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While the network wasn’t a big winner with the event, which was broadcast from LA’s Staples Center for the first time, the Simon Cowell-created One Direction was. The boy band won three awards including Best New Artist. Comedian Kevin Hart hosted the show, with Taylor Swift, Pink and Rihanna, who won the Video of the Year award for a second time, among the performers.

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Fox News Wins Overall GOP & DNC Convention Coverage

By | Friday September 7, 2012 @ 12:23pm PDT

Over six days of primetime political party coverage, Fox News Channel has come out on top among the networks and its cable news rivals. In the 10-11 PM ET hour, according to Nielsen, Fox pulled in an average of 5.33 million viewers over the three nights of the Republican National Convention and the three nights of the Democratic National Convention. Fox News’ closest competitor was NBC, which garnered an average audience of 5.03 million. However, NBC’s numbers are averaged over five nights, not six. The numbers don’t include anything from Wednesday for NBC as the network aired the NFL season opener instead. Read More »

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RATINGS RAT RACE: NBC Wins Last Night Of DNC, ‘America’s Got Talent’ Hits Series Low, ‘Big Brother’ Up, ‘Rookie Blue’ Finale Way Up

By | Friday September 7, 2012 @ 9:14am PDT

Barack Obama TV Ratings ConventionPresident Obama accepted his party’s nomination last night and NBC returned to take the top spot in coverage of the Democratic National Convention. But then the numbers were stacked in the network’s favor: NBC, which didn’t broadcast any of Wednesday’s DNC because of its NFL season opener, doubled up on Thursday, beginning its broadcast live from Charlotte at 9 PM EDT — an hour before ABC and CBS. NBC’s coverage earned a 2.1/6 rating in fast nationals. That was up from last week’s one-hour live broadcast of the closing night of the Republican National Convention but down 5% from its 9:53-11:02 PM EDT coverage four years ago at the DNC in Denver. ABC landed a 1.0/3 rating last night, about flat with the final night of the RNC but down a steep 50% from its 10-11:07 coverage in 2008. CBS’ coverage last night received a 0.9/2, down from last week’s RNC and falling 31% from its 2008 broadcast on the comparative night. NBC drew 8.03 million viewers in the 10-11 PM ET slot compared with ABC’s 3.67 million and CBS’ 3.03 million. Coverage wasn’t time-zone adjusted and the numbers will likely change later in the day. NBC won the night among adults 18-49 and in total viewers. Read More »

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George Clooney Lends Voice To Obama

By | Thursday September 6, 2012 @ 7:55pm PDT

“We’ve been through a lot together,” the Oscar winner tonight told the Democratic Convention. Not George Clooney in person but his voice. The big supporter and fundraiser for Barack Obama narrated the short film that introduced the President to the stage in Charlotte tonight. Deadline has learned that Clooney recorded his voiceover yesterday in Los Angeles. Shown in primetime and on all the networks and cable channels, the 7-minute video included interviews with Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton. On May 10, Clooney held a dinner for Obama at his LA home that brought in a record breaking $15 million for the campaign. Late last month the actor attended a Democrats Abroad fundraiser in Geneva that raised $625,000. Here’s the video:

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Obama Relies On Hollywood Film (Again)

By | Thursday September 6, 2012 @ 6:41pm PDT

The film that Tom Hanks and Davis Guggenheim made for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign earlier this year was played at the DNC tonight. Actually it was an edited version of The Road We’ve Traveled that the delegates in Charlotte saw. Trimmed down from its original 17-minutes to 7-minutes, the wide ranging video that the Oscar winner narrated and the documentarian directed tonight had some new footage weaved in and became a focused testimony to Obama’s commitment to America’s armed forces and veterans. The Sacred Trust video was put together by NYC political consultants Siegel Strategies and Mooney Marketing. After the shorten and revised video was played, retired Admiral and campaign co-chair John Nathan took the podium, with almost two dozen veterans behind him, to praise the administration’s efforts for America’s returning and wounded soldiers.

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Eva Longoria Takes Poised Aim At Mitt Romney At Democratic Convention

By | Thursday September 6, 2012 @ 5:42pm PDT

UPDATE, 5:42 PM: “Let me tell you something, the Eva Longoria who worked at Wendy’s flipping burgers, she needed a tax break but the Eva Longoria who works on movie sets does not,” the former Desperate Housewives star told the delegates in Charlotte to big applause tonight. Besides hitting out at Barack Obama’s GOP rival Mitt Romney and his policies, the campaign co-chair used her just over six minute speech to stress employment opportunity issues. “As I travel the country for the President, I see Americans of every background fighting to succeed. They’re optimistic, they’re ambitious, they’re hardworking but they also want to know that their hard work will pay off,” Longoria said. “We’re lucky that our President understands the value of American opportunity because he’s lived it,” she added to big applause.  In a poised partisan and personal biography heavy speech, the long time Obama supporter was a clear contrast, as she promised yesterday to be, to the often rambling appearance by Clint Eastwood at the GOP convention last week.

PREVIOUSLY, 5:19 PM: Eva Longoria has walked on stage at the Democratic National Convention. A co-chair of the President’s reelection campaign, the former Desperate Housewives actress has promised over the past day that she will not be pulling a Clint Eastwood during her turn in the political spotlight. “I come from a very different position than Clint Eastwood,” said the long time Obama Read More »

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Scarlett Johansson & Kerry Washington Urge Democrats To Get Out The Vote

“What has been accomplished and what is at stake, whether we can get health care, afford to go to college, be guaranteed equal pay, all of these things are at great great risk,” The Avengers star told the DNC today after a short speech by Scandal star Washington. “And that’s why I’m here today to use whatever attention I’m fortunate enough to receive to shed the spotlight on what’s at stake for all of us,” she added. Johansson’s less than five minute speech was short on Hollywood talk and long on policy and politics, as was Washington’s. “We want you to know that tonight, even as this convention is coming to a close, a movement is building is around our country,” said the Scandal star earlier. While not quite the secret or surprise that Clint Eastwood was at the Republican Convention last week, Johansson and Washington were last minute confirmations to the Democrats speaker schedule. Both the actresses who are long time supporters of Barack Obama, are reaching out to younger voters and potential voters by discussing women’s issues, student loans and employment. Johansson and Washington, who followed a performance by the Foo Fighters, are two of a number of stars taking center stage tonight at the convention before the Vice-President and the President speak.

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Fox News Gives Free Rides To Conventioneers

Fox News ChannelInstead of hosting lounges at the Republican and Democratic conventions, Fox News Channel has been providing free rides to delegates and other conventioneers. Advertising Age reports the network provided cab service in Charlotte and Tampa adorned with Fox News personalities.

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ABC Wins Convention Day 2 Coverage; ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Ties CNN For Key Demo

By | Thursday September 6, 2012 @ 3:16pm PDT

It was Bill Clinton and ABC’s night at the Democratic Convention on Wednesday. However, unlike the former President, the network didn’t come out that far ahead of its competition. ABC pulled in 4.58 million viewers (1.72 million among Adults 25-54) during the 10 – 11 PM EDT slot that the networks covered the convention and Clinton’s speech nominating Barack Obama as the party’s standard-bearer. CBS was close behind with 4.41 million viewers (1.72 million in the demo) and MSNBC were close on their heels with 4.38 million viewers with 1.41 million among Adults 25-54. As Clinton spoke longer than scheduled, both ABC and CBS ran over the 11 PM out, airing DNC coverage until 11:28 PM and 11:29 PM EDT respectively. CNN had 4.13 million viewers (1.54 million in the 25-54 demo) watching during the 10 – 11 PM EDT slot. TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which had topped all the networks and cable news channels coverage of the GOP convention last Wednesday in the 10 – 11 PM hour among Adults 18-49, actually tied CNN among the 18-49 during the hour last night. Having said that, the five-week old pageant-based reality series was down 9% among the 18-49 demo from last week and down 20% in total viewership to 2.4 million from last Wednesday’s broadcast. Fox News had an audience of 3.10 million with 813,816 in among Adults 25-54. All of the networks saw their viewership rise from … Read More »

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Scarlett Johansson And Kerry Washington’s DNC Focus: Student Loans, Women’s Rights

Mike Fleming

BREAKING: The Democratic Party has firmed Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington to give major speeches at the Democratic National Convention tonight at 7 PM. The choice of the actresses is hardly random. Organizers of President Obama‘s re-election campaign have taken a decidedly different track with its use of Hollywood celebrities than the Republicans did last week with Clint Eastwood’s rambling lecture to an empty chair that had many scratching their heads.

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RATINGS RAT RACE: NFL Opener Down, DNC Flat, ‘Big Brother’ & ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Slip

By | Thursday September 6, 2012 @ 9:04am PDT

The big shows last night on TV were football and Bill Clinton. The NFL regular season kicked off on NBC (8.7/23) as the Dallas Cowboys beat the defending Super Bowl champs the New York Giants. However, it wasn’t all touchdowns — this year’s 8:30-11 PM ET opener was down 15% from the 10.2/27 fast nationals of last season’s September 8 opener. Nonetheless, the Cowboys-Giants game dominated the night, pulling in 21.81 million viewers and leading NBC to the nightly win in total viewers and adults 18-49. The network’s 8:30 PM NBC Sports NFL Kickoff (5.5/17) was also down from last year, falling 14% from the 6.4/21 of last September 8. Read More »

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Eva Longoria Says She’ll Be No Clint Eastwood At Democratic Convention

By | Wednesday September 5, 2012 @ 6:47pm PDT

Eva Longoria says unlike Clint Eastwood she will not be bringing out any empty chairs when she speaks to her party’s convention tomorrow. “People keep comparing us because we are both from the entertainment industry and (sic) he had a very different narrative,” the former Desperate Housewives actress told CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight at the DNC. “I come from a very different position than Clint Eastwood,” said the long time Barack Obama supporter and Latino outreach activist. “It was interesting yeah but I haven’t seen the whole thing so it’s not fair for me to judge it,” Longoria said of Eastwood’s unsuccessful appearance as the surprise speaker at the GOP convention last Thursday in Tampa. Longoria, who is a co-chair of the Obama reelection campaign, is scheduled to speak tomorrow night to the delegates in Charlotte, North Carolina on the subject of Hispanic women and education. Read More »

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MSNBC Beats Fox News & CNN In DNC Day 1 Coverage; Total Cable Viewership Up Over RNC

By | Wednesday September 5, 2012 @ 12:36pm PDT

Michelle Obama Speech RatingsMSNBC has fashioned itself as pro-Obama and pro-Democrat, and last night at the Democratic National Convention that stance paid off. The cable news network topped rivals CNN and Fox News in total viewers and the adult 25-54 demo on Day 1 of the DNC, which featured a speech from First Lady Michelle Obama. It is quite the contrast to last week, when Fox News beat both its cable rivals and the networks in its coverage of Day 1 of the Republican Convention and Ann Romney spoke. For one thing, more people were watching the DNC last night on cable news than watched the GOP convention on the same night last week; there were 8,816,574 total viewers watching last night compared to the 7,667,716 between 8-11 PM EDT on August 28. Last night, according to Nielsen, MSNBC had 3,298,273 viewers during its 8-11 PM coverage, 1,067,970 in the 25-54 demo. CNN was next with 3,003,298 viewers and 1,002,048 in the 23-54. FNC was third with 2,515,003 viewers and 554,294 in the demo. That’s a 65% rise for MSNBC from 2008, a a 12% fall for CNN and a 24% drop for Fox News. MSNBC and CNN more than doubled viewership from last week’s RNC, while Fox News went down by 2,635,404.

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RATINGS RAT RACE: Democratic Convention Coverage Drops Double Digits For Networks, ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ ‘MasterChef’ & ‘America’s Got Talent’ Down

By | Wednesday September 5, 2012 @ 9:14am PDT

Michelle Obama Democratic National ConventionFirst Lady Michelle Obama took over primetime last night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, but a lot fewer people were watching than back in 2008. Like they had for the GOP convention last week in Tampa, ABC, NBC and CBS all broadcast an hour of the convention live, and they all had double-digit drops from the comparative night of the DNC on August 26, 2008.

With Obama’s speech the big ticket on Day 1, it was NBC that won the night as it did last week at the RNC. The network earned a 1.3/4 rating, down 24% from 2008. ABC had a 0.7/2, down 36% from four years ago. And with a 0.6/2, CBS took the biggest hit, with its coverage down 45% from the comparative night in 2008. In terms of total viewers for the hour, it was a lot like Tuesday at the RNC: NBC’s coverage last night drew 5.33 millon total viewers, CBS 3.22 million and ABC 2.59 million. Based on fast affiliates estimates not being time-zone adjusted, the numbers for the networks’ live coverage are likely to change later today.

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Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman & Kerry Washington On DNC Schedule: CNN

The trio and longtime supporters of President Obama would appear Thursday, the same night Obama and Joe Biden will accept the nomination of their party during the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. CNN reports that the actresses are listed on a tentative schedule and would follow a previously announced performance by Foo Fighters at the Time Warner Arena, and the trio might appear together. Time Warner Arena is the indoor venue in Charlotte; today, convention organizers said an original plan to host Thursday’s convention programming at the outdoor Bank of America Stadium has been scrapped due to the threat of severe weather. If Johansson, Portman and Washington do hit the stage, they will follow fellow Hollywood actors Clint Eastwood and his now-famous empty chair from last week’s GOP convention in Tampa as well as last night’s DNC Day 1 speech by Kal Penn, the Harold & Kumar star who also had a stint in Obama’s Office Of Public Engagment as an associate director.

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Kal Penn Takes A Poke At Clint Eastwood

By | Tuesday September 4, 2012 @ 6:42pm PDT

UPDATE, 6:42 PM: “I’ve worked on a lot of fun movies but my favorite job was having a boss who gave the order to take out Bin Laden and is cool with all of us getting gay married,” Kal Penn told the delegates at the Democratic Convention tonight. “So thank you invisible man in the chair for that,” added Penn taking a dig at Clint Eastwood’s mock Obama interview at the Republican Convention last week. Read More »

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TV/Film Actor Kal Penn To Host Democratic Convention’s Livestream Celebrity Special

Clint Eastwood’s memorable cameo at the recent Republican National Convention was supposed to be kept secret. But it’s widely known that Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria, formerly of ABC’s Desperate Housewives, is scheduled to speak during this week’s Democratic National Convention. After stumping for Obama in 2008, and hosting Florida’s Women’s Summit in early August, the Latina activist will be one of 9 women addressing the convention from the podium in Charlotte. But far less publicized is that Kal Penn will host a portion of the DNC’s official gavel-to-gavel livestream. That’s right, the 35-year-old Harold & Kumar stoner star and one-time Houseregular who also worked on Barack Obama’s first campaign and on his arts policy committee and later in his White House. Now he’s back in the thick of Democratic politics. The Indian-American from New Jersey has been visiting 2012 battleground states drumming up Obama support among young voters.  One report claims he’ll take the podium during Tuesday night’s DNC program. But his starring role comes Thursday when he’s hosting a web-only convention special called “Live From Charlotte” starting at 8 PM ET. It will include interviews with campaign officials and Obama supporter celebs including singer Marc Anthony, film actress Elizabeth Banks, CBS’ The Talk cohost Aisha Tyler, TV/film actress Olivia Wilde, The Nanny and now TVLand sitcom star Fran Drescher, TV/film star Zach Braff, and Gilmore Girls‘ Alexis Bledel.

Penn is returning to TV in Rob Greenberg’s single-camera comedy pilot for CBS titled Ex-Men. This past season, he  recurred on that network’s How I Met Your Mother. He also recently toplined ABC’s comedy pilot Prairie Dogs. But he’s probably best known for leaving Fox drama House and acting for a 2-year stint at the White House as associate director in the Office of Public Engagement (under his real name, Kalpen Modi). ”It felt worth trying to be part of such a pivotal moment in history,” Penn told Deadline afterwards. ”And let’s face it, people don’t go into acting for the career stability. You do it because you’re passionate. I found the same true about public service.”

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