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Did Diane Sawyer Or Brian Williams Win Evening News Demo Crown For Second Quarter?

Did Diane Sawyer Or Brian Williams Win Evening News Demo Crown For Second Quarter?NBC News and ABC News duked it out today, each claiming its newscast had won the second quarter in the news demo. It all started when ABC boasted early today that the second quarter was the last full quarter in which Diane Sawyer will be its anchor — and she won!  It was ABC World News’ first quarterly demo win in more than six years, a great way for Sawyer to bow out. Sawyer announced recently she’s stepping down as anchor of the newscast; David Muir is taking her place on the evening newscast, George Stephanopoulos has been named ABC News’ Chief Anchor.

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DIANE SAWYERNot so fast, responded NBC News — or words to that effect. Brian WilliamsNBC Nightly News won the quarter in overall audience and in the news demo, the division claimed. Williams clocked 1.951 million viewers in the 25-54 news bracket, to Sawyer’s average of 1.942 million demo viewers.

ABC maintains Di snagged an average of 1.98 million demo viewers, and Brian Williams logged 1.964 million.

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Diane Sawyer Steps Down; Successor Says He’s Humbled: Video

By | Wednesday June 25, 2014 @ 6:17pm PDT

Diane Sawyer Steps Down; Successor Says He’s Humbled: VideoABC News anchor Diane Sawyer told World News viewers tonight that she is taking a new role at the division at the end of the summer, then welcomed incoming World News anchor David Muir to the set. “What a humbling day this has been for me,” Muir said, then began to reminisce about his childhood dream of being a reporter alongside Sawyer. “There have been so many stories … Bin Laden captured and killed, collecting our thoughts in Joplin,” he remembered fondly, reiterating that she is “the captain here.” He added, “You and I have so much planned.”

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ABC News Anchor Shuffle: Who, What, When, Where, And Why

ABC News Anchor Shuffle: Who, What, When, Where, And WhyTV news industry navel lint gazing broke out today as ABC News announced that Diane Sawyer was stepping down as anchor of its evening newscast. Some highlights:

1)   Diane Sawyer likes to go out on top. ABC World News won the May sweep in the news demo – the newscast’s first sweep demo win in more than six LisaDeMoraesColumnyears. Last time ABC’s newscast won a sweep was February of ’08, with Sawyer’s predecessor, Charles Gibson. Sawyer took over the show in December of ’09. “Look at Diane’s career – she always likes to go out on top,” said one industry observer. “She won the May book, why not go out on top – that’s very typical of her,” said another.

2)  ABC News is trying to split the baby. Giving to David Muir the World News chair, while naming Chief Anchor title and giving him Sawyer’s chair during breaking news events and specials (presidential election coverage, etc.) had navel lint gazers trying to figure out “who won.” Some say Stephanopoulos got “passed over,” but others dismiss that as old school,  noting Stephanopoulos co-anchors the news division’s morning show, which is more important these days. (Matt Lauer, the reigning king of morning infotainment TV recently re-signed at NBC’s Today for more than $20 million a year, which eclipses the reported $12 mil a year Sawyer has been making). George Stephanopoulos to the new Read More »

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DeadlineNow Morning Report: Aereo Loses At SCOTUS, Diane Sawyer Out As ABC Anchor, Eli Wallach R.I.P. (Video)

By | Wednesday June 25, 2014 @ 11:25am PDT
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Morning Report, Wednesday June 25

The Supreme Court struck a deadly blow today against Aereo in its battle with broadcasters, ruling that the streaming service violates broadcast companies’ copyrights, Diane Sawyer is stepping down as anchor of 'ABC World News', character actor Eli Wallach has died at the age of 98. Dominic Patten reports.

SCOTUS Scuttles Aereo; “It’s Over”, Says Diller
Diane Sawyer Stepping Down From ‘ABC World News’
R.I.P. Eli Wallach

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ABC News Talent Tweet Spin On Today’s Anchor Announcement

This morning, as ABC News announced Diane Sawyer was stepping down from her anchor gig — David Muir takes the chair during the evening news, but George Stephanopoulos gets the throne for all breaking news broadcasts and specials as ABC News’s Chief Anchor — the three tweeted out their spins on the situation. Extra points if you guessed David Muir is having an incredibly humbling day.


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Diane Sawyer Stepping Down As ‘ABC World News’ Anchor, David Muir New Anchor, George Stephanopoulos Named Chief Anchor Of ABC News

Diane Sawyer Stepping Down As ‘ABC World News’ Anchor, David Muir New Anchor, George Stephanopoulos Named Chief Anchor Of ABC NewsDiane Sawyer will lead “new programming,” the network said,  “tackling big issues and extraordinary interviews.” George Stephanopoulos, who anchors Good Morning America and This Week, will  add the title Chief Anchor of ABC News — he will be the chief anchor during all special reports and breaking news. David Muir, who has anchored newsmag 20/20 since 2013 as well as the weekend newscast, will become anchor and managing editor of World News starting September 2.
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Hillary Clinton’s “Book” Tour Begins In Earnest: Video

By | Friday June 6, 2014 @ 4:41pm PDT

The first video from Hillary Clinton‘s interview with Diane Sawyer aired tonight on World News With Diane Sawyer. The one-hour ABC News primetime special Hillary Clinton: Public And Private – One On One With Diane Sawyer airs Monday at 9 PM ET.

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ABC’s Hillary Clinton Interview Orgy Scheduled For June 9-10

BARBARA WALTERS, HILLARY CLINTON, ROSIE O'DONNELL (IN AUDIENCE)Four days after Hillary Clinton was a “surprise guest” on Barbara Walters’ final day on ABC’s The View, the network announced Diane Sawyer would interview Clinton during a one-hour ABC News primetime special on Monday, June 9 at 9 PM, in conjunction with Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices. But, even before that primetime special, excerpts from the interview will air that night on World News With Diane Sawyer at 6:30 PM. Excerpts from that sit-down also will run across other ABC News programs and platforms, including Nightline,, ABC News Radio, ABC NewsOne and Fusion.

Then, if that’s not enough Clinton, Robin Roberts will have the first live interview with the former Secretary of State, Senator and FLOTUS on ABC’s Good Morning America the next morning, June 10.

Clinton’s book is published by Simon & Schuster – a division of CBS Corp.

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‘NBC Nightly’ Tops News Race In Total Viewers, Demo

rock center with brian williams-end-2012-11-2_20121102005733NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams turned around the demo gap week-to-week to top ABC World News With Diane Sawyer in all key categories last week.  Nightly logged 8.249 million viewers – 647,000 more than ABC (7.602 million) and 1.98 million more than CBS Evening News (6.281 million). In the news demo, Nightly averaged 1.970 million viewers – 38,000 ahead of ABC (1.932 million) and 467,000 ahead of CBS (1.503 million). Season to date, Nightly noted it’s posting its largest total-viewer advantage over ABC since the 2009-10 TV season. (ABC notes its newscast has cut its year-to-year demo margin with NBC by 88%, from 32,000 to 38,000). The NBC newscast has held the top spot in total viewers for 241 consecutive weeks, and in the younger adults 18-49 demo for 298 consecutive weeks.

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ABC ‘World News’ Beats ‘NBC Nightly News’ For Second Consecutive Week

For the first time in more thandianesawyer2 six years, ABC’s World News With Diane Sawyer beat NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams in the news demo for a second consecutive week. Last time it happened it wasn’t “with Diane Sawyer” because Charlie Gibson was anchoring back in March of ’08 when ABC’s newscast last enjoyed two weeks of demo ratings wins.. Sawyer took over as anchor in December of 2009. The week of April 14, ABC’s newscast also posted its largest victory over NBC’s in that 25-54 age bracket in more than five years. Sawyer’s newscast beat Williams’ by 85,000 demo viewers. One week earlier, Sawyer’s win was by a slim 12,000 demo viewers. ABC’s newscast bested NBC in head-to-head competition on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday during the week of April 14. Read More »

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ABC’s ‘World News Tonight’ Beats ‘NBC Nightly News’ In News Demo, With ‘Mad Men’ Pitching In

dianesawyerabcABC World News With Diane Sawyer ranked as the No. 1 evening newscast in the news demo for the week of April 7 — its first weekly demo win this season. Sawyer beat NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams by 12,000 Adults 25-54 (1.882 million vs. 1.870 million).  It was ABC evening newscasts first demo win since the week of July 22, 2013. Last July — one year after ABC’s Good Morning America snapped NBC’s Today show weekly winning streak, ABC’s evening newscast outstripped NBC’s in the news demo by 38,000 demo viewers, ending NBC’s  newscast’s ratings winning streak of nearly five years. During the week of April 7, Sawyer’s newscast covered breaking news –  high school stabbings in Pennsylvania, California bus crash, Terry Moran in Central African Republic with UN Ambassador Samantha Power covering refugees and violence — but the newscast also featured a broadcast exclusive with Mad Men stars and creator as they debuted the AMC series’ final season.  The week of April 7 also marked the newscast hitting 1 million likes on Facebook, which some have correlated to the weekly demo win. ABC’s was the only broadcast up in the demo from one year ago during the comparable week (1%) – NBC’s newscast tumbled by 18% and CBS’s Scott Pelley-anchored newscast dropped 10% in the demo.
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Diane Sawyer Begins Her ‘Mad Men’ Exit Interview Tomorrow

By | Wednesday April 9, 2014 @ 4:28pm PDT

Are there any questions left to ask the cast and creator of AMC‘s Mad Men? ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer gives it a whirl on her World News tomorrow night; additional portions of the interview will follow on Nightline and Friday’s Good Morning America. Part 1 of Mad Men’s final season kicks in Sunday, April 13. Here’s a preview of the interviews:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

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ABC’s ‘World News With Diane Sawyer’ Responds To Brian Williams’ Charge Of Goading Baby Jude: Video

By | Wednesday March 5, 2014 @ 5:58pm PST

baby judeABC’s World News With Diane Sawyer this afternoon responded to Brian Williams‘ suggestion that Sawyer might have perpetrated some rannygazoo in that viral video showing Baby Jude crying inconsolably every time he sees the NBC News anchor on the family TV screen. “Hey Brian Williams… Don’t blame Diane anymore. Baby Jude has options, you know. We talked to his parents. This seems to be working….” World News‘ statement accompanied a new video in which a guy — Baby Jude’s Presumed Dad — tried to goad him into crying whenever Sawyer appears on the TV screen. Jude did not bite. Check it out: Read More »

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NBC Wins Evening News Race During Sochi Week 2 But ABC Takes Friday In Demo

By | Tuesday February 25, 2014 @ 9:28am PST

NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams delivered four of the top six non-Olympics weekday programs Fallon_NBCNightlyNewson TV during the second week of the Sochi games on the network. NBC’s newscast won the evening news derby by a healthy margin in overall audience — 10.4 million viewers to ABC World News With Diane Sawyer‘s 8.012 million and CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley‘s 7.13 million. Williams also led in the news demo with 2.6 million demo viewers, to  ABC’s 2.2 million and CBS’s 1.8 million. Nightly topped the comparable week of three out of the past four Olympics in overall audience and, NBC noted, is drawing its biggest crowd in eight years and best total-viewer edge over ABC in 13 years, season to date. Monday through Thursday’s broadcasts – anchored by Brian Williams live from Sochi – ranked as four of the Top 6 non-Olympics weekday programs across television (broadcast and cable). Monday’s broadcast — which included Williams’ interview with Jimmy Fallon, who was making his Tonight show hosting debut that night –  averaged 11.325 million total viewers, ranking it ahead of all non-Olympics weekday primetime programs across television.

In the news demo, for the two weeks of the Sochi Olympics, Nightly News delivered 2.9 million demo viewers, which was its smallest delivery during an Olympics since 1991). And, ABC claimed the demo gold on Friday, when its newscast beat NBC’s by 31,000 demo viewers (1.960 million vs. 1.929 million, respectively) … Read More »

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‘NBC Nightly News’ Clocks 11.6 Million Viewers In First Full Week Of Sochi Games

brianwilliams__131210185524Broadcast from Sochi, NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams beat its first-week total-viewer averages during the Olympics in London, Vancouver, Beijing and Torino. It was the newscast’s biggest overall audience since the week of January 3, 2005. Versus the comparable week at the  Winter Games in Vancouver in ’10 (11.103 million viewers ) Nightly News grew 5%. In the news demo, however, Nightly averaged 3.180 million viewers in its first full week at the Sochi Games –  down 8% compared to same week at Vancouver (3.441 million). However, Nightly at Sochi came in  790,000 demo viewers ahead of World News’ 2.390 million, and 1,058,000 million demo viewers ahead of Evening News’ 2.122 million. Read More »

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Evening News Ratings Race Heats Up

By | Tuesday December 10, 2013 @ 9:13am PST

cbspelleyCBS’s evening newscast averaged more overall viewers on Wednesday and Thursday nights of last week, and in the news demo on Wednesday.  Last time that happened it was September of ’06 and Katie Couric was in her first few weeks anchoring CBS’s newscast. CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  added nearly a million viewers compared to same week last year, closing its viewer deficit relative to ABC World News with Diane Sawyer by 900,000 viewers (500,000 compared to 1.4 million) year to year. CBS is very thankful.

ABC, however, still beat CBS’s for the week, hadabcsawyer more viewers than same week last year, and, stepping back a bit, has narrowed its season margin with NBC in the news demo by double digits to its smallest gap in five years, and is delivering its most watched season in four years.

brianwilliamsThat said, NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams topped them both for the week – by nearly 1.6 million viewers over second placed ABC, which is NBC’s biggest advantage since Thanksgiving week of ’12. NBC’s newscast beat ABC’s by more than a million viewers every night of the week – and by 2.6 million on Wednesday night – marking the fifth consecutive week it’s topped ABC by more than 1 mil. NBC also noted its newscast is the only one to post year-to-year growth in the … Read More »

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ABC’s ‘World News’ Outstrips NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ In News Demo, Ending Its 243-Week Streak

By | Tuesday July 30, 2013 @ 10:02am PDT

ABC News continues to pound away at NBC News. World News With Diane Sawyer just broke NBC Nightly News’s 243-week winning streak in the news demo. Di’s newscast ranked No. 1 for the week of July 22 in 25-54, beating Brian Williams’ newscast by 38,000 viewers in the age bracket. This marks ABC’s largest demo margin over NBC’s newscast in nearly five years. Ironically, Di was off Wednesday through Friday of last week, while Williams was in the anchor chair all week. David Muir filled in for Di those three nights. More to the point, on Wednesday, ABC’s evening newscast led with Royal Baby coverage and, on Thursday with Robin Roberts’ interview with the George Zimmerman trial juror. But ABC News had been pointed in this direction, ratings-wise for some time. One week earlier, for the first time in nearly four years, its newscast edged out NBC’s twice in a single week, following a 10-week period in which ABC‘s newscast beat NBC‘s once a week on five occasions, with head-to-head regular telecasts — always on a Friday night. But the week of July 14, ABC News‘ demo wins happened on Monday and Tuesday. Among viewers of all ages, World News delivered some of its closest numbers relative to Nightly of the past 42 weeks. Di clocked 7.287 million viewers. Brian bagged 7.536 mil (Scott Pelley logged 5.954 million). With these stats Di slashed her … Read More »

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ABC’s Newscast Edged NBC’s Twice Last Week in Demo — First Time in Nearly Four Years

By | Tuesday July 23, 2013 @ 8:20am PDT

UPDATED, 8:50 AM: ABC News continues to land blows against NBC News in the ratings. For the first time in nearly four years,  ABC World News Tonight edge out NBC Nightly News in key news demographics two times in a single week. It happened last week — final ratings for the week came in this morning –  and follows  a 10-week period in which ABC‘s newscast beat NBC‘s once a week on five occasions, with head-to-head regular telecasts — always on a Friday night. But the week of July 14, ABC News‘s demo wins happened on Monday and Tuesday. The gap between the two newscasts in the key age bracket stood at just 95,000 viewers for the week. On Monday, ABC’s newcast logged 2.009 million viewers in the demo, to NBC’s 1.972 million. Tuesday ABC averaged 1.891 million and NBC 1.820 million. It’s the first time in three years and 10 months ABC’s newscast has edged out NBC’s twice in one week in the age bracket.

For a fifth consecutive week ABC’s newscast cut its year-to-year demo gap with NBC’s by double digits – last week by 40 percent. Season to date, ABC World News is posting its smallest gap with NBC Nightly News in five years.

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Diane Sawyer Snares First Post-Debate Interview With President Obama

By | Friday October 5, 2012 @ 8:54am PDT

ABC says President Obama will sit down next week with Diane Sawyer in his first national interview following Wednesday night’s debate. Portions of the interview will air on Wednesday, October 10 on ABC World News, the eve of the vice presidential debate. Sawyer’s extended interview with the President will air later this month as a part of Portrait Of A President, a special series of reports that will take a closer look at the two men running for President. Sawyer anchored special Portrait Of A President reports of Sen. John McCain and then Sen. Barack Obama in 2008.

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