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DGA Announces Documentary Nominees

By | Thursday January 12, 2012 @ 10:13am PST

LOS ANGELES –Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford today announced the DGA’s nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentaries for the year 2011.

“The remarkable documentaries made by this year’s nominees take audiences on a journey, whether casting light on injustice or exploring the human condition in all of its nuance, cruelty, creativity and triumph,” said Hackford. “Our nominees represent the best in documentary filmmaking and I congratulate each of them on a job well done.

The winners will be announced at the 64th Annual DGA Awards Dinner on Saturday, January 28, 2012 in the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles. The DGA Awards will be hosted by director/actor/producer Kelsey Grammer.

The nominees for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary for 2011 are (in alphabetical order):
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory
Radical Media
HBO Documentary Films

The Interrupters
Kartemquin Films
The Independent Television Services
BBC Storyville
Rise Films

Project Nim
Red Box Films
Passion Pictures
HBO Documentary Films
BBC Films
UK Film Council

Bill Cunningham New York
First Thought Films
Zeitgeist Films

George Harrison: Living in the Material World
Sikelia Productions
Spitfire Pictures
Grove Street Pictures

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DGA Announces TV & Commericals Nominees

By | Tuesday January 10, 2012 @ 11:15am PST

DGA Awards Announce Film Nominees

LOS ANGELES – Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford today announced the DGA’s nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Television and Commercials for the year 2011.

“The caliber of work being done on television these days is incredible, and our director nominees in each category are an indispensable element to the success of every project — establishing and enhancing the vision and tone, eliciting outstanding performances and furthering the narrative arc through their creative choices,” said Hackford. “That they are able to create excellence regardless of obstacles like tighter schedules and in an environment in which audiences have more entertainment options to choose from — is a true testament to the importance of directorial skill in television.”

The winners will be announced at the 64th Annual DGA Awards Dinner on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles.

The nominees for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television and Mini-Series for 2011 are (in alphabetical order):
Hallmark Hall of Fame, “Beyond The Blackboard”
Mr. Bleckner‟s Directorial Team:
Production Manager: Lester Berman
First Assistant Director: Anne Berger
Second Assistant Director: Ben Scissors
Second Second Assistant Director: Alex Leimone
Additional Second Second Assistant Director: Louis Lanni

The Kennedys
(Reelz Channel)

Girl Fight

Five: Charlotte
Five: Mia
Five: Cheyanne
Five: Lili
Five: Pearl
Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Richard Rothschild
First Assistant Director: Cara Giallanza
Second Assistant Director: Hope Garrison

Mr. Steven‟s Directorial Team:
Associate Director: Jim Tanker
Stage Manager: Arthur Lewis

The nominees for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series for 2011 are (in alphabetical order):
Homeland, “Pilot”
Mr. Cuesta‟s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Managers: Michael Klick, J. David Brightbill
First Assistant Directors: Ivan J. Fonseca, Louis J. Guerra
Second Assistant Directors: Karen E. Collins, Kim Kennedy

Breaking Bad, “Face Off”
Mr. Gilligan‟s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Stewart A. Lyons
First Assistant Director: Nina Jack
Second Assistant Director: Louis Lanni
Assistant Unit Production Manager: James Paul Hapsas
Second Second Assistant Directors: Anna Ramey, Joann Connolly

The Killing, “Pilot”

Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming” (Pilot)

Friday Night Lights, “Always”
Mr. Waxman‟s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Nan Bernstein Freed
First Assistant Director: Cleta Ellington
Second Assistant Director: Carla Bowen

The nominees for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series for 2011 are (in alphabetical order):
FRED SAVAGE Modern Family, “After the Fire” (ABC)
Mr. Savage‟s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Sally Young
First Assistant Director: Alisa Statman
Second Assistant Director: Helena Lamb
Second Second Assistant Director: Matthew W. Heffernan

DON SCARDINO 30 Rock, “Double-Edged Sword” (NBC)
Mr. Scardino‟s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Diana Schmidt
First Assistant Director: James E. Sheridan
Second Assistant Director: Jennifer Truelove

MICHAEL SPILLER Modern Family, “Express Christmas” (ABC)
Mr. Spiller‟s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Sally Young
First Assistant Director: Jim Hensz
Second Assistant Director: Helena Lamb
Second Second Assistant Director: Matthew W. Heffernan

Curb Your Enthusiasm, “The Divorce”
Mr. Steinberg‟s Directorial Team:
Associate Directors: Dale Stern, Jonathan Harris
Stage Managers: Jonathan Harris, Jerri Churchill, Denny Barry

Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Palestinian Chicken”
Mr. Weide‟s Directorial Team:
Associate Director: Dale Stern
Stage Managers: Jonathan Harris, Jerri Churchill, Dana Jackson

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DGA Awards Nominations Announced

By | Monday January 9, 2012 @ 10:10am PST

HAMMOND: Fincher In, Spielberg Out; What Does It Mean For Oscar Race?

Los Angeles – Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford today announced the five nominees for the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2011.

“The directors nominated this year for the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film Award have each demonstrated an inspired command of the medium. The fact that their prodigious talents have been recognized by their peers is the highest honor a director can achieve,” said Hackford. “I offer my most sincere congratulations to each of the nominees.”

The winner will be named at the 64th Annual DGA Awards Dinner on Saturday, January 28, 2012, at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland. The nominees are (in alphabetical order):

Midnight in Paris
(Sony Pictures Classics)
Mr. Allen’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Managers: Matthieu Rubin, Helen Robin
First Assistant Director: Gil Kenny
Second Assistant Director: Delphine Bertrand

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
(Columbia Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures)
Mr. Fincher’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Daniel M. Stillman
First Assistant Director: Bob Wagner
Second Assistant Director: Allen Kupetsky
Production Manager (Sweden Unit): Karolina Heimburg
Second Assistant Directors (Sweden Unit): Hanna Nilsson, Pontus Klänge
2nd Second Assistant Director (Sweden Unit): Niklas Sjöström
2nd Second Assistant Director (U.S. Unit): Maileen Williams
Unit Production Manager (Zurich Unit): Christos Dervenis
Unit Production Manager (U.K. Unit): Lara Baldwin
Second Assistant Director (U.K. Unit): Paul Taylor

The Artist
(The Weinstein Company)
Mr. Hazanavicius’ Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Antoine De Cazotte
Production Manager (FR): Ségoléne Fleury
First Assistant Director (FR): James Canal
First Assistant Director (US): David Cluck
Second Assistant Director (US): Dave Paige
Second Second Assistant Directors: Karla Strum, Ricky Robinson

The Descendants
(Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Mr. Payne’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: George Parra
First Assistant Director: Richard L. Fox
Second Assistant Director: Scott August
Second Second Assistant Director: Amy Wilkins Bronson

(Paramount Pictures)
Mr. Scorsese’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Managers: Charles Newirth, Georgia Kacandes, Angus More Gordon
First Assistant Director: Chris Surgent
Second Assistant Director: Richard Graysmark
Second Assistant Directors: Tom Brewster, Fraser Fennell-Ball
Production Managers (Paris Unit): Michael Sharp, Gilles Castera
First Assistant Director (Paris Unit): Ali Cherkaoui

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Kelsey Grammer To Host DGA Awards

By | Monday December 19, 2011 @ 11:40am PST

Los Angeles – Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford today announced that director/actor/producer Kelsey Grammer will host the 64th Annual DGA Awards on Saturday, January 28, 2012 in the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles. “We’re thrilled to welcome Kelsey Grammer as the host of the DGA Awards,” Hackford said. “With his acerbic wit, his mellifluous voice and his long experience in the entertainment industry, the evening promises to be just as irreverent, intimate and entertaining as always. We’re looking forward to it.” Grammer, who currently stars on the critically acclaimed Boss, became a DGA member in 1996 and was himself nominated for a DGA Award for outstanding directing in a Comedy Series for the “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz” episode of Frasier. In addition to directing nearly 40 episodes of Frasier, Grammer’s other directing credits include Everybody Hates Chris; Out of Practice; My Ex Life; Alligator Point; and Hank.

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Hollywood Lobbyists Say They’re Willing To Compromise On Anti-Piracy Legislation

The leading supporters of legislation to attack overseas web sites that traffic in pirated entertainment say that they’re prepared to address some legislators’ concerns about potential threats to legitimate Internet businesses. “I think you’ll see some movement,” says Michael O’Leary, MPAA’s Senior Executive Vice President for Global Policy and External Affairs. But he adds that it probably won’t be enough to stop tech companies from opposing the bill — known in the House as the Stop Online Piracy Act and in the Senate as Protect IP Act. Some of them “have no intention of agreeing” to a compromise, he says, because they “want the current state of play to continue.” The comments came in a briefing that included the Directors Guild of America and the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employee’s Union. They’re eager to communicate the industry’s reasons for supporting the legislation that would give federal officials the authority to block overseas web sites that sell copyrighted work without the owners’ permission. “Our opposition does not feel constrained by a need to tell the truth,” says Kathy Garmezy, DGA’s Associate Executive Director for Goverment and International Affairs. Tech companies who say that SOPA might violate civil liberties, she adds, are merely trying “to gin people up into a frenzy.”

That appears to be working. The bill has “a lot of hurdles” to overcome, O’Leary says — although he adds that “we will win this Read More »

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R.I.P. Oscar Producer Gilbert Cates

Mike Fleming

2ND UPDATE, 12:45 PM: Reaction from Hollywood to Gil Cates’ death today is coming fast. The Geffen Playhouse in Westwood just released a statement mourning its founder and producing director, who in addition to his Oscar pedigree led the Directors Guild of America in labor talks and founded UCLA’s film school. From the statement:

Gil was many things to many people throughout the entertainment industry — to the Oscars, one their longest running producers; to the DGA, their longtime president and chief negotiator; to UCLA, the founder of their school of Theater, Film and Television; and to the Geffen Playhouse, he was our founder, our leader and our heart.

“Gil has always referred to the staff of the Geffen Playhouse as his second family” said Geffen Playhouse Chairman of the Board Frank Mancuso. “And it is as a family that we mourn this tremendous loss. Gil built this theater and he will forever be at the center of it – we honor his life by continuing the fulfillment of his dream. As my dear friend Gil would no doubt say ‘onward and upward with the arts.’ “

From DGA president Taylor Hackford: “There are few people in the history of the Guild who have matched Gil’s vision and influence on the organization and our industry. There was no greater champion of the creative and economic rights of directors and their teams and no truer friend to the membership, board and staff of the DGA. For more than fifty years, Gil has served the Guild — as president, as secretary-treasurer, as negotiations chair. It’s impossible to think of a single issue debated, program launched or battle fought on behalf of us all that didn’t have his special touch in its crafting.

From Steven Spielberg: “No one may ever again achieve what Gil Cates achieved in his contributions to the success of the Motion Picture Academy and the Directors Guild. In producing 14 Oscar shows for the Academy and leading the Directors Guild through challenging times and negotiations, he set a remarkable standard for dedication and excellence. He was the most liked person I knew and will be missed by all who knew him as a proud member of our industry and a great pal to everyone.”

UPDATE, 11:19 AM: The Academy has just issued this statement regarding the death of Gilbert Cates: “Gil was our colleague, our friend and a former governor of the Academy,” said Academy President Tom Sherak. “He was a consummate professional who gave the Academy and the world some of the most memorable moments in Oscar® history. His passing is a tremendous loss to the entertainment industry, and our thoughts go out to his family.”

Cates produced the Academy Awards® 14 times between 1990 and 2008, more than any other individual. He was responsible for first bringing hosts Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, David Letterman, Steve Martin, Chris Rock and Jon Stewart to Oscar’s stage.

Cates served three consecutive terms as a governor of the Academy’s Directors Branch, from 1984 to 1993. He returned to the board for another term beginning in 2002, and held the post of vice president from 2003 to 2005.

PREVIOUS, 10:13 AM: Deadline has confirmed that veteran Academy Awards producer Gilbert Cates died at age 77. Read More »

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Hollywood Rallies Against Iran’s Draconian Verdicts Against Filmmakers And Stars

Mike Fleming

Iranian Filmmaker Jafar Panahi Faces Six-Year Stretch
Iranian Actress Faces Flogging Over Film

In September 2011, the Iranian government arrested six independent filmmakers for allegedly working with the BBC, on charges including espionage and treason. Along with the ongoing house arrest of director Jafar Panahi and the prior arrest of actress Marzieh Vafamehr, who was later sentenced to one year in prison and 90 lashes, the arrests sparked outrage from filmmaking communities within Iran and around the world. Prior to the release of two of the filmmakers, all six were denied access to their lawyers and families, who were forced to remain silent.

The following entertainment industry organizations stand united in their support for the rights of these artists and call for their immediate release.

Statement from the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

As an international organization representing over 6000 artists in 35 countries, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is deeply concerned whenever and wherever the rights of filmmakers are threatened. The recent arrest of six Iranian filmmakers, the sentence of “one year in jail and 90 lashes” to an actress just for playing a role in an acclaimed film, and the continued house arrest of Jafar Panahi, among others, is a situation that demands our serious attention. These filmmakers – and others – are artists, not political combatants. We join our colleagues around the world in calling unequivocally

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DGA Reaches Tentative Deal On Ads Pact

By | Monday October 17, 2011 @ 3:36pm PDT

New York – The Directors Guild of America today announced that the National Board of Directors has approved a tentative new national commercial contract to be sent to the membership for ratification.

The agreement covers a three-year term from December 1, 2011 through November 30, 2014 and addresses wage increases (2% per year, plus a wage increase of 15.8% for 2nd 2nd assistant directors in the first year of the contract); health coverage (including a 17.65% increase in the employer contribution rate for all members plus additional contributions for directors); and the global marketplace for commercials (provides producers with additional flexibility to compete for jobs outside of North America while preserving existing employment opportunities for 1st assistant directors).

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DGA Honors Host & Presenters Unveiled

By | Monday October 10, 2011 @ 3:24pm PDT

NEW YORK, NY – DGA President Taylor Hackford today announced the host and presenters for the eighth Directors Guild of America Honors, to be held at the DGA Theater in New York City on Thursday, October 13, 2011 and followed by an after-party at Nobu 57.

Comedian, actor, talk-show host and author Richard Belzer will serve as the event’s Master of Ceremonies.  He previously hosted DGA Honors in 2002, 2003 and 2008.

Following is a list of confirmed presenters:

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R.I.P. Joseph R. Aceti

By | Wednesday October 5, 2011 @ 3:32pm PDT

The Directors Guild announced today that retired TV broadcast network sports director and DGA Lifetime Achievement recipient Joseph R. Aceti has died. Here is the statement by DGA President Taylor Hackford:

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Joseph R. Aceti, beloved DGA member and the ninth recipient of the DGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Sports Direction. Joe received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006, capping a career that by all measures placed him in the pantheon of sports direction. Present at most of the seminal sporting events since the late 1960s, Joe worked for all four major networks on every type of major sporting event including

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DGA Wrongly Burned ‘Burn Notice’ In Report

By | Friday September 16, 2011 @ 4:09pm PDT

DGA Report On Director Diversity In Hiring Practices For Episodic TV

LOS ANGELES – The Directors Guild of America this week issued a report analyzing the ethnicity and gender of directors hired to direct primetime episodic television for the 2010-2011 television season. Unfortunately, the statistic reported for Burn Notice incorrectly indicated that Burn Notice did not hire any women or minority directors during the 2010-2011 television season. We have been notified that Burn Notice did in fact hire women or minority directors to direct 2 of its 18 episodes during the 2011 season, which would have changed its percentage from 0% to 11% of all directors for the show’s 2011 season.

The error was based on incomplete information for the 2011 season which was confirmed as accurate by the studio when sent the DGA figures for verification. The DGA has since received information from the studio about additional episodes shot in the 2011 season, which include the 2 episodes shot by women or minority directors.

The DGA regrets the error and apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused, and has corrected the information online and for any future use.

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DGA Report Assesses Director Diversity In Hiring Practices For Episodic TV

By | Wednesday September 14, 2011 @ 10:36am PDT

LOS ANGELES – The Directors Guild of America today released a report analyzing the ethnicity and gender of directors hired to direct primetime episodic television across broadcast, basic cable and premium cable.

The DGA analyzed more than 2,600 episodes produced in the 2010-2011 television season from more than 170 scripted television series. The report showed that Caucasian males directed 77% of all episodes; Caucasian females directed 11% of all episodes; minority males directed 11% of all episodes and minority females directed just 1% of all episodes. Among one-hour series, Caucasian males directed 80% of episodes, and in half-hour series, Caucasian males directed 74% of all episodes.

The shows highlighted below are from major production companies ABC, CBS, Fox, HBO, NBC, Sony, Warner Bros. and other production companies whose shows appear on broadcast, basic cable and premium cable networks. They do not include series that have been cancelled. First-year shows are broken out separately because hiring decisions on first-year shows are often made differently than shows in their second seasons or beyond. Pilots are not included in the statistics. Shows that primarily hired only one or two directors for the entire season [Big Bang Theory; Eastbound and Down; The Game; How I Met Your Mother; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; The League; Louie; Retired at 35; Two and a Half Men] were included in the overall data, but are not singled out in the lists below.

DGA’s “WORST OF” Lists
Following are the shows with the worst records of hiring women and minority directors for the 2010-2011 television season:

Title (Production Company) – Percentage of Episodes by Women or Minority Directors:
· Bored to Death (HBO) – 0%
· Burn Notice (TVM Productions/Fox) – 0%
· Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) – 0%
· Fringe (Warner Bros.) – 0%
· iCarly (Uptown Productions/MTV/Viacom) – 0%
· Justified (Woodridge Productions/CPT Holdings/Sony) – 0%
· Leverage (Leverage Productions) – 0%
· Victorious (Uptown Productions/MTV/Viacom) – 0%
· Weeds (Weeds Productions) – 0%

Title (Production Company) – Percentage:
· House (NBC) – 4%
· The Office (NBC) – 4%
· CSI (CBS) – 5%
· Supernatural (NS Pictures) – 5%
· Good Luck Charlie (It’s a Laugh Productions) – 6%
· Army Wives (ABC) – 8%
· Boardwalk Empire (HBO) – 9%
· Bones (Fox) – 9%
· Cougar Town (FTP Productions/ABC) – 9%
· Desperate Housewives (ABC) – 9%
· True Blood (HBO) – 10%
· Dark Blue (Horizon Scripted Television) – 10%
· Castle (ABC) – 13%
· NCIS (CBS) – 13%
· Modern Family (Fox) – 13%
· Gossip Girl (Warner Bros.) – 14%

The DGA noted that some series on the DGA’s “WORST OF” lists showed worrisome declines from their previous year hiring patterns. Burn Notice, House and Army Wives hired women or minority directors at significantly higher rates in 2009-2010 but failed to maintain the diversity of their hiring practices for the most recent television season.

DGA’s “BEST OF” List
At the same time, the following shows deserve to be highlighted for their more diverse hiring records in 2010-2011:

Title (Production Company) – Percentage:
· The Middle (Warner Bros.) – 63%
· Hung (HBO) – 60%
· In Treatment (HBO) – 54%
· 90210 (CBS) – 45%
· Treme (HBO) – 45%
· The Good Wife (CBS) – 39%
· Drop Dead Diva (Woodridge Productions/CPT Holdings/Sony) – 38%
· CSI: NY (CBS) – 36%
· Private Practice (ABC) – 36%
· Rules of Engagement (Montrose Productions/CPT Holdings/Sony) – 35%
· Nurse Jackie (Nurse Productions/Lions Gate) – 33%
· Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – 32%
· CSI: Miami (CBS) – 32%
· In Plain Sight (NBC) – 31%
· Mad Men (U.R.O.K. Productions/Lions Gate) – 31%
· 30 Rock (NBC) – 30%

First-Year Series
Although the DGA study did not include shows whose first season of production took place during 2010-2011 in the “WORST OF” and “BEST OF” lists above, the DGA feels that it is important to call attention to those shows that have already exhibited unfavorable patterns in their first season with the hope that such attention will help encourage these series to consider more diverse hiring practices in the future.

“WORST OF” First-Year Series
· Franklin & Bash (Woodridge Productions/CPT Holdings/Sony) – 0%
· Hot in Cleveland (King Street) – 0%
· Nikita (NS Pictures) – 0%
· Teen Wolf (On Site Productions/MTV/Viacom) – 0%
· Melissa and Joey (Prodco) – 3%
· Raising Hope (Fox) – 5%
· Breakout Kings (Fox) – 8%
· Harry’s Law (Bonanza Productions/Warner Bros.) – 9%
· Hawaii Five-0 (Eye Productions/CBS) – 13%

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R.I.P. Reza Badiyi

By | Monday August 22, 2011 @ 2:13pm PDT

Reza Badiyi, who holds the Directors Guild of America record for helming more television episodes than anybody in the history of the medium, died Saturday at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He was 81. Badiyi was an award-winning documentary filmmaker and actor in his native Iran before moving to the U.S. in 1955; he eventually became a cinematographer and worked with directors including Robert Altman. Badiyi started his TV-helming career in the late ’60s. Among his massive list of credits — which features more than 400 hours of series and movies of the week — are such iconic shows as The Mary Tyler Moore ShowMission: Impossible, The Rockford Files, The Six Million Dollar Man, Cagney & Lacey, Falcon Crest, Baywatch, the original Hawaii Five-0 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Last year, he was honored for his 60 years in the entertainment industry with an 80th-birthday celebration at UCLA’s Royce Hall. His last directing credit was the 2006 feature The Way Back Home.

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DGA Promotes Pair In Legal Department

By | Thursday August 18, 2011 @ 12:39pm PDT

The Directors Guild of America has elevated Associate General Counsel David Dreyfus to General Counsel, and Assistant General Counsel Tiffanie Baker has been promoted to Associate General Council to fill his spot. The staffing moves are the second batch this week for the guild, which on Tuesday announced that Russ Hollander, David Korduner and Bryan Unger were promoted to Associate National Executive Directors.

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DGA Taps Trio For Associate National Exec Director Roles

By | Tuesday August 16, 2011 @ 2:18pm PDT

The DGA will need extra space in its National Executive Director office after the guild announced today that it is giving execs Russ Hollander, David Korduner and Bryan Unger the title of Associate National Executive Director, each with different responsibilities. The moves come as part of an effort to “provide greater clarity about leadership roles and responsibilities for each of the guild’s core functions while also more clearly defining the role of the National Office and the regional offices,” the DGA said. Read More »

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Foursome Set For DGA Honors On Oct. 13

By | Friday August 12, 2011 @ 11:02am PDT

Nora Ephron, Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, IATSE International president Matthew Loeb and HBO Documentary Films’ Sheila Nevins have been tapped for the 2011 DGA Honors, set for Oct. 13 at the DGA Theater in New York. The evening also well feature a posthumous tribute to pioneering early 20th century filmmaker Alice Guy Blache. The guild said the DGA Honors celebrate “individuals and institutions that have made distinguished contributions to American culture through the world of film and television and recognizes the diversity of achievement — in business, government, labor and higher education — required to produce the best entertainment in the world.”

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DGA Awards Sets Schedule For January 28

By | Friday July 29, 2011 @ 1:45pm PDT

The DGA has released its schedule and timeline for its 64th annual DGA Awards, which are set for Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012 at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland. The feature film nominees will be announced Jan. 9. Here’s the other key dates:

Feature Film Award
Nov. 29: Mail Feature Film Nomination Ballots & Open Online Voting
Jan. 6: Deadline for Returning all Feature Film Nomination Ballots by Mail/Online
Jan. 9: Announce Five Feature Film Nominees; Mail Feature Film Final Ballots & Open Online Voting
Jan. 16-20: Membership Screenings of Five Nominated Feature Films
Jan. 27: Deadline for Returning all Feature Film Final Ballots by Mail/Online Read More »

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Taylor Hackford Re-Elected DGA President

LOS ANGELES – Director Taylor Hackford was re-elected President of the Directors Guild of America by acclamation at the Guild’s National Biennial Convention held today at DGA National Headquarters in Los Angeles. Additionally, 140 delegates representing the 14,500 members of the DGA elected a new slate of officers and members of the National Board of Directors. Steven Soderbergh was re-elected National Vice President; Gilbert Cates, who formerly served two terms as DGA president, was re-elected Secretary-Treasurer. Also elected were First Vice President Paris Barclay; Second Vice President William M. Brady; Third Vice President Betty Thomas; Fourth Vice President Gary Donatelli; Fifth Vice President Thomas Schlamme; Sixth Vice President Vincent Misiano; and Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Scott Berger.  A complete list of the new officers and board members is below.

Complete List of DGA Officers and Board Members

President – Taylor Hackford
National Vice-President - Steven Soderbergh
Secretary-Treasurer - Gilbert Cates
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer - Scott Berger
First Vice-President - Paris Barclay
Second Vice-President - William M. Brady
Third Vice-President - Betty Thomas
Fourth Vice-President - Gary Donatelli
Fifth Vice-President - Thomas Schlamme
Sixth Vice-President - Vincent Misiano
Board Members – Michael Apted, Kathryn Bigelow, Stephen Glanzrock, Lesli Linka Glatter, Cleve Landsberg, Michael Mann,
Donald Petrie, Scott L. Rindenow, Liz Ryan, Ed Sherin, Jesus Treviño
Associate Board Members - Alan Curtiss, Duncan Henderson, Dennis Mazzocco, Barbara Roche, Mary Rae Thewlis, Alternate Board Members – Laura Belsey, Theodore Bogosian, Jon Favreau, Victoria Hochberg, Rod Holcomb, Jeremy Kagan,
Randal Kleiser, Linda Laundra, Garry Marshall, Oz Scott, Millicent Shelton,
Michael Zinberg
Second Alternate Board Members – Lee Blaine, Tim Engle,
Julie Gelfand, Kathleen McGill, Jennie O’Keefe, Joyce Thomas

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Directors Guild Members Ratify New Pact

The TV-Theatrical deal between the DGA and the studios and networks was ratified by what the guild only said was an “overwhelming” margin of its membership without providing details:

Los Angeles – Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford today announced that the DGA membership has overwhelmingly voted to ratify the new collective bargaining agreements between the DGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP):

“The extraordinarily positive response by DGA members demonstrates their support for the new contract,” said Hackford. “We achieved significant gains including a sizeable increase in contributions on regular compensation, first-time ever contributions on Completion of Assignment Pay and Vacation Pay, and the establishment of a new tier in Basic Cable, among other important gains. I’m proud of what this Guild has achieved and pleased to see the strength and unity of our membership as illustrated by this vote.”

Negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which began on Tuesday, November 16, concluded on Tuesday, December 7. Talks were led by Negotiations Chair Gil Cates and DGA National Executive Director Jay D. Roth. On December 8, the DGA’s National Board of Directors unanimously recommended sending the contract to members for ratification. A summary of the new contract was mailed to members, along with a voting ballot, and the results were tallied today.

Negotiations Chair Gil Cates said: “I am proud of the Negotiations Committee, the professional staff of the DGA and the accomplishments of our

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