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David Letterman & Brian Williams Rip Karl Rove: Video

By | Wednesday November 7, 2012 @ 4:15pm PST

NBC News anchor Brian Williams went on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman tonight to talk about last night’s election coverage — the polls, the results and Karl Rove’s reaction to Fox News Channel calling the race for Barack Obama. Here’s a preview:

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UPDATE: Election Night Ratings: NBC Wins But Overall Viewership Down From 2008

By | Wednesday November 7, 2012 @ 3:19pm PST

2ND UPDATE: 3:16 PM: NBC won the ratings battle for Election Night 2012, but overall primetime viewership across all networks was down more than 4 million from 2008. Anchored by Brian Williams from “Democracy Plaza” in New York, NBC News’ 8-11 PM broadcast pulled in an average of 12.122 million viewers, 5.772 million viewers in the key adults 25-54 demographic. Fox News Channel was second overall with 11.5 million viewers and 4.45 million in the demo. ABC was third with 10.517 million total viewers and CNN was fourth with 9.25 million, followed by CBS with 7.923 million, Fox’s broadcast network with 4.934 million and MSNBC with 4.66 million. Nielsen says 66.8 million viewers watched live coverage over 13 networks from 8-11 last night, down from the record-breaking 71 million who watched Election Night 2008. ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, Univision, Telemundo, CNBC, CNN, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, Current TV, and TV One broadcast the 2012 election. That compares with 14 networks in 2008.

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1ST UPDATE, 11:22 AM: CNN took the ratings prize last night among cable news networks, just topping Fox News Channel’s coverage. However, when it came to the primetime hours of 8-11 PM ET, the latter hit an all-time viewership high with an audience of 11.5 million. Among its cable rivals CNN and MSNBC it was the only one up in viewership and the demo in primetime compared with 2008. Read More »

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Karl Rove’s Election Drama On Fox News: Video

By | Wednesday November 7, 2012 @ 12:48pm PST

Nikki Finke reported in real time on Karl Rove questioning Fox News’ own judgment last night after the network called Ohio for Barack Obama. It was fascinating TV: live, awkward and, in the end, humiliating.

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Obama Wins & Romney Concedes – Finally: But FNC Says “Not So Fast” At First When Mitt (And Karl Rove) Act Like Sore Losers Even After Networks Call Ohio For Barack: Deadline Live-Snarks TV News Coverage

By and | Tuesday November 6, 2012 @ 10:14pm PST

BREAKING… Refresh For latest updates…  TUESDAY 9:43 PM: FNC reports that Mitt Romney has just called President Obama and conceded. FNC’s Carl Cameron now says Romney aides expect his public concession speech to come at 9:55 PM. This happens just as Virginia is called for Obama (courtesy of Politico news alert). Mitt comes out and concedes. Look for this guy — the ‘Hollywood” guy: Romney Strategist’s Ties To George Clooney – to get much of the blame for Mitt’s losing campaign. I’m outta here because the moronic TV news anchors and pundits are already talking about 2016. Ugh.

TUESDAY 8:57 PM: Drama, drama, drama, tonight on Fox News Channel this Election Night. Now Karl Rove is backing down after FNC demonstrates his Ohio numbers were outdated and that President Obama indeed won Ohio. Fascinating television but also public humiliation for Rove. Ouch! FNC handled an extremely awkward situation very professionally. While this drama unfolds, Obama picks up battleground Nevada. Then Colorado.

TUESDAY 8:35 PM: FNC’s Decision Desk now tells Megyn Kelly ”we’re quite comfortable” with calling Ohio for President Obama and disputes Karl Rove’s claims. FNC number-crunchers says “quite a lot” of Democratic votes still out there to count despite what Rove contends. Talk about fascinating television!

TUESDAY 8:28 PM: FNC pundit Karl Rove just said on air to Chris Wallace: … Read More »

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Did Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Have Shortest Election Coverage Ever?

Comedy Central went live tonight at 8 PM with their Election Night coverage. But within minutes Obama won re-election and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert barely had time to deliver a punch line. The Daily Show’s Democalypse 2012 started off with a plethora of journalistic cameos including ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, CBS’ Bob Schieffer, NBC’s Tom Brokaw a hologram of Edward R. Murrow and “Anderson Cooper and his golden saxophone.” Patrick Stewart did the intro voice-over. Stewart opened the show with a list of states and Senate races that have already been called. Mitt Romney, Stewart announced, has won “most of the Confederacy”. NBC called Obama’s victory at 8:12 PM but the Daily Show still continued with segments for several minutes. One segment threw Presidential politics forward to 2016 with a fake pundit panel projecting that Hilary Clinton had a 68% chance of victory over Jeb Bush. At 8:21 PM PT, Stewart finally said, “the Presidency is projected to stay in control of the Democratic Party. We are projecting Barack Obama is the President of the United States.” The studio audience went crazy. “House of Representatives, Republican. Senate, Democrats. Presidency, Barack Obama. Two years, $3 billion dollars and we are clearly in the same fucking place we were when it started,” Stewart quickly added. The swearing was blanked out by Comedy Central. In 2008, Stewart and Colbert announced Obama’s win during that year’s live Presidential race show.

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