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‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Producer Sets ‘Bad Hurt’ Starring Theo Rossi & Karen Allen

By | Thursday February 27, 2014 @ 12:57pm PST

karen allentheo rossiEXCLUSIVE: As she heads into Sunday’s Oscars with Best Picture contender The Wolf Of Wall Street, Oscar-nommed producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff has lined up her next project, Bad Hurt, a family drama starring Sons Of Anarchy‘s Theo Rossi and Raiders Of The Lost Ark‘s Karen Allen. Also cast in the indie now filming on location in Staten Island, NY are Michael Harney (Orange Is The New Black, True Detective), Johnny Whitworth (CSI: Miami), Ashley Williams (How I Met Your Mother), and newcomers Iris Gilad and Calvin Dutton. Mark Kemble directs the story about one family’s battle to stay together as dark secrets threaten to rip them apart, from a script he wrote with Jamieson Stern. Tillinger Koskoff, who’s had producing credits on every Martin Scorsese pic since 2006′s The Departed and worked her way up through his Sikelia Productions shingle to become President of Production, will produce Bad Hurt with husband Nicholas Koskoff.

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OSCARS Q&A: ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff On ‘Sexy, Scary, Infuriating’ Pic

By | Saturday January 4, 2014 @ 4:55pm PST

Anna Lisa Raya is deputy editor of AwardsLine.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall StreetThe Wolf Of Wall StreetMartin Scorsese’s adaptation of Jordan Belfort’s memoir, starring Leonardo DiCaprio — is a wild and crazy ride that had its own wayward journey to the big screen. Helping keep things on track was producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff, who rose from executive assistant to president of production for Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions. She credits her ascent to her ability to communicate with the perfectionist director in a kind of shorthand. “Do I feel like I could handle anybody after having worked with him for so long? Sure,” she says. “He is the maestro.”

AwardsLine: How did The Wolf Of Wall Street finally get off the ground?
Emma Tillinger Koskoff: Alexandra Milchan got the book rights and then she engaged Terence Winter to write the screenplay. They brought it to Leo (DiCaprio) at a time when he had a deal with Warner Bros., in 2007. AwardsLineThen Leo brought it to Marty (Scorsese), and they began developing it. For whatever reason, the film went into turnaround at Warners. The film came back, fortuitously, right when Marty finished Hugo and he was looking for his next movie. Eventually, it all came together through Red Granite Pictures. They came in with Joey McFarland and scooped it up from Warner Bros., fully financed it and took it first to Paramount, which wanted to distribute it.

AwardsLine: What attracted you to the story?
Koskoff: It’s a classic roller coaster ride. It’s hilariously funny. Jonah (Hill) and Leo are hilariously funny together. The film is sexy, it’s scary, it’s infuriating, it’s wildly disturbing and it’s exciting all at the same time. The breadth of emotion that you go through watching this film is incredible. Read More »

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