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Comic-Con: Seth Meyers Talks Emmy Hosting & ‘The Awesomes’ Season 2

By | Saturday July 26, 2014 @ 2:55pm PDT

Comic-Con: Seth Meyers Talks Emmy Hosting & ‘The Awesomes’ Season 2The late-night talk show host’s pet side project won’t make a cameo on the upcoming Primetime Emmys telecast that he’s hosting, but Seth Meyers mentioned during The Awesomes panel at Comic-Con that his team is writing “filmed segments featuring many of this year’s nominees.”

Season 2 of his animated superhero Hulu series is upping its profile with the addition of his Saturday Night Live pals Amy Poehler, Maya Rud0lph and Will Forte voicing new characters. While Season 1 focused on a ragtag misfit superhero team (inspired largely by DC’s Justice League), in Season 2 we find The Awesomes getting more respect. Meyers’ lead Image (1) sethmeyers__140425013105.jpg for post 719698toon hero Prock falls in love with a fierce lawyer, Jaclyn Stone (Poehler), who when it comes to fighting adversaries in court will “sue their dicks off.” There’s also a new vigilante hanging around, Metal-fella, who is a lot like Marvel’s Iron Man. Whether the production will face any litigation from Marvel, Meyers quipped: “No one knows who came up with which one first. Maybe we’ll sue people.” We’ll also see the family members of Season 1 villain Dr. Malocchio (fellow SNL alum Bill Hader) including Lady Malocchio (Rudolph) and Malocchio Jr. (Forte), the latter plotting revenge. Other zany plotlines for Season 2 include Perfect Man (voiced by brother Josh Meyers) getting in a bind and learning he needs the help of The Awesomes in court. Said Seth Meyers: “Perfect Man is a racist because he’s stupid.  He’s even against Atlantic Islanders, the people from Nantucket.” Read More »

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TCA: ‘Ray Donovan’s Jon Voight Rehearses For Emmy; EP Takes On ‘Sopranos’ Comparison

By | Friday July 18, 2014 @ 7:37pm PDT

TCA: ‘Ray Donovan’s Jon Voight Rehearses For Emmy; EP Takes On ‘Sopranos’ ComparisonHomeland producers grumbled about their 2014 Emmy nomination snub for drama series at today’s TCA, but Jon Voight seemed happy to carry the Emmy nom flag for Showtime at today’s panel on his second-season series, Ray Donovan. The supporting actor nominee appeared on the panel with stars Liev Schreiber, who plays the title character, a Hollywood fixer, Paula Malcomson, Season 2 guest stars Hank Azaria and Wendell Pierce, creator/EP Ann Biderman and EP Bryan Zuriff.

For Zuriff, this marks a return to the executive producer ranks of the series following his high profile arrest and subsequent indictment for allegedly running an illegal gambling operation this time last year that prompted his temporary exit from the show. Zuriff actually touched upon his history when the cast and producers were asked to attest to the accuracy of some of the crazy storylines on the show. “We’ve all had a little bit of a past, so there’s stuff that we can draw on in the writers’ room that we can have some fun with,” he said.

Related: ‘Ray Donovan’ Executive Producer Bryan Zuriff Pleads Guilty In Gambling Ring Tied To Russian Mob

Earlier this year, Voight won a Golden Globe for his performance (star Schrieber got a nom for lead actor in a drama). When asked about Emmy, Voight could have been rehearsing his Emmy speech. The abridged version of his reply: “Let me just say, I feel very blessed and very fortunate to have had so many wonderful experiences as an actor. I am really enjoying this family that’s making Ray Donovan. It’s almost like I earned this role over years of struggling and failing and experimenting and succeeding…” He praised the “wonderful artists” he works with on Ray Donovan and reached back into the past to praise earlier collaborators John Schlesinger, Dustin Hoffman, Hal Ashby and Andrei Konchalovsky. Read More »

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‘House Of Cards’ Emmy Nominee Carl Franklin Signs With Paradigm

By | Wednesday July 16, 2014 @ 4:52pm PDT

‘House Of Cards’ Emmy Nominee Carl Franklin Signs With ParadigmEXCLUSIVE: TV and film director Carl Franklin, who’s up for an Emmy for helming the Season 2 opener of Netflix drama House Of Cards, has signed with Paradigm.  He won the Indie Spirit Award for helming 1992 crime pic One False Move from a script by Billy Bob Thornton; last week Franklin earned his first Emmy nod for Outstanding Direction for House Of Cards episode “Chapter 14.” He was most recently on ICM’s client roster. Read More »

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TCA: NBC’s Bob Greenblatt On Broadcast TV’s Emmy Woes, Thursday Challenge, Abortion Ad Controversy, ‘Community’ Comeback

By | Sunday July 13, 2014 @ 1:43pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

TCA: NBC’s Bob Greenblatt On Broadcast TV’s Emmy Woes, Thursday Challenge, Abortion Ad Controversy, ‘Community’ ComebackDays after the broadcast networks slipped to a new Emmy low, with only two best series nominations between comedy and drama and no drama series in the top category for a third consecutive year, NBC topper Bob Greenblatt was asked about the struggle to get broadcast dramas that produce 22 episodes a season the same Emmy consideration that cable and online shows receive despite making only 8 to 13 episodes a year.

Cable can be darker, more interesting, feels cooler than some of the things we can do, it’s just a fact of life,” he said. The snubs for broadcast dramas included NBC’s freshman The Blacklist and its star James Spader. “Should we debate the fact that James Spader is one of the best actors working who is not nominated? At the end of the day, I’m not sure what good it does,” Greenblatt said.

Abortion was a main topic at the executive session in light of the controversy over NBC’s rejection of a trailer for the movie Obvious Child because of the use of the word “abortion” in it. Greenblatt recalled how, during his tenure at Fox, he and his team caved in and changed a storyline that would’ve had Neve Campbell’s character having an abortion. “I don’t think we cop out anymore but writers and producers are still nervous about it because it is an issue that divides people,” he said. “But we … Read More »

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EMMYS: Split Of Top Longform & Reality Categories Gives Underdogs A Boost

By | Thursday July 10, 2014 @ 3:23pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

EMMYS: Split Of Top Longform & Reality Categories Gives Underdogs A BoostBack when the TV Academy voted to merge the best TV movie and miniseries categories in 2011, hardest hit were smaller networks in the arena like Lifetime and Hallmark Channel as HBO and British imports were expected to gobble up the nomination spots. Those networks are now benefiting the most from the recent decision to restore the two categories. For instance, Lifetime’s Georgia O’Keeffe received a best TV movie nomination the year before the category consolidation. In the three years of merged best movie and miniseries category, Lifetime did not crack the field. Today, it landed both a best TV movie nom for The Trip To Bountiful and its first ever best miniseries nom for Bonnie & Clyde, a collaboration with sister network History. (Bonnie & Clyde was one of four programs produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to receive Emmy noms today, along with the Oscar ceremony, NBC’s The Sound of Music and another Lifetime movie, Anne Nicole). Also boosted by this year’s expansion of the longform acting categories from five to six nominees, Lifetime landed two lead actress in a TV movie or miniseries nominations for the first time in almost a decade for Return To Zero‘s Minnie Driver and Bountiful‘s Cicely Tyson, with longform fueling the network’s record 17 total Emmy noms.

FARGO -- Pictured: Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo -- CR: FX/Matthias ClamerAlso getting a boost by the longform field expansion are National … Read More »

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DeadlineNow: Emmys – Matthew McConaughey’s Historic Second Chance & Other Reax (Video)

By | Thursday July 10, 2014 @ 2:21pm PDT
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The 66th Primetime Emmy Nominations Unveiled

Deadline's Pete Hammond and Dominic Patten look at who came out on top on Emmy nom day.

Emmy Noms Analysis

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EMMYS: Ricky Gervais “Nearly Cried” & Other Noms Twitter Reactions

By and | Thursday July 10, 2014 @ 10:36am PDT

EMMYS: Ricky Gervais “Nearly Cried” & Other Noms Twitter ReactionsThe Derek star may have almost had waterworks but he was far from the only one getting emotional online after the TV Academy announced the list of nominees announced for this year’s Emmy Awards. Check out some of the best tweets we saw this morning. Do you have any more good ones we can add in?

Read More »

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DeadlineNow Morning Report: Cable Reigns At Emmy Noms, ESPN Scores Again With World Cup, ‘Birdman’ To Open Venice (Video)

By | Thursday July 10, 2014 @ 10:33am PDT
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Morning Report, Thursday July 10

Cable was king at this morning's Emmy noms and HBO topped the list with 99 nods, ESPN pulls in the best overnight rating ever for a World Cup semifinal, 'Birdman' is selected as the opening pic of the Venice Film Festival. Dominic Patten reports.

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DeadlineNow: Emmy Noms – HBO Scores, Other Hits And Misses (Video)

By | Thursday July 10, 2014 @ 8:03am PDT
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HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' Leads With 19 Noms

This morning's Emmy nominations made clear that cable is still a clear favorite with voters. HBO led the pack with 99 noms overall and its hit drama 'Game Of Thrones' scored 19. Deadline's Dominic Patten looks at the other nominees and those who didn't make the cut.

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DeadlineNow: Recapping The Emmy Dark Horses By Hammond & Patten (Video)

By | Wednesday July 9, 2014 @ 5:24pm PDT
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Emmy Dark Horses -- A Recap

Deadline's Pete Hammond and Dominic Patten take a last look at who could surprise on the eve of the Primetime Emmy nominations.

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DeadlineNow Morning Report: ‘The View’ Rumor Mill, Emmy Nom Eve, World Cup Ratings (Video)

By | Wednesday July 9, 2014 @ 11:50am PDT
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Morning Report, Thursday July 9

Rumors are heating up at 'The View', with speculation now that Rosie O'Donnell may be returning, we're just hours away from learning this year's Primetime Emmy nominees, the Brazil-Germany World Cup match was a big loss for Brazil and a huge ratings winner for German broadcaster ZDF. Deadline's Dominic Patten reports.

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Reminder: Daytime Emmy Awards To Livestream Online Tonight

By | Sunday June 22, 2014 @ 2:55pm PDT

Reminder: Daytime Emmy Awards To Livestream Online TonightAfter clinching last-minute deals with the CW, CBS and HLN the last few years, the Daytime Emmy Awards couldn’t do it again this year. So, just a reminder for fans of Daytime TV, Emmy Awards and some combination therein: the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will livestream the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards only online, the first time that has been done with the long-running awards show. The Daytime Emmy Awards, which will take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, will be streamed live at beginning at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST tonight.

Deadline will be covering the show, and contribute a few observations about the proceedings as they unfold, so check back in for more in a couple of hours. You have to love the irony of an awards show about Daytime TV being available only online, and not until night (at least in some parts of the country). But hey, we live in an age of irony, right?

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EMMYS Q&A: Ricky Gervais On Netflix Underdog ‘Derek’: “I Don’t Care About The People Who Don’t ‘Get’ It”

By | Thursday June 19, 2014 @ 3:50pm PDT

EMMYS Q&A: Ricky Gervais On Netflix Underdog ‘Derek’: “I Don’t Care About The People Who Don’t ‘Get’ It”Ricky Gervais nabbed an acting Emmy for Extras and won another for producing the long-running comedy series The Office. Now he’s hoping to catch voters’ eyes and hearts with Derek, the nuanced and bittersweet series that stars Gervais as a naive caretaker in nursing home whose optimism buoys the spirits of the elderly residents and fellow workers around him. Or not. The melancholic dramedy falls outside the comedian’s more mainstream hits and has drawn mixed reviews, although Gervais says it’s the selective viewer and not a broad audience that he was hoping to capture with Derek. The show’s second season is vying in the Comedy category after debuting on Netflix in May (Season 1 was ineligible for Emmys consideration last year). As Gervais tells Deadline, this will likely be the last full season viewers see of Derek Noakes, who may appear in his own special once Gervais’ Office alter ego David Brent gets his own spin-off film.

DEADLINE: The second season of Derek is competing in the Comedy category, but it’s really more bittersweet and deeply emotional than most comedies.
RICKY GERVAIS: Well, it’s nice to try and evoke any emotion. I’ve never thought comedy just had to be knee-jerk laughs every 30 seconds, you know? But I think that’s probably why it’s slightly different than most sitcoms – it’s slightly more sincere. I think comedy, in general, is a much more intellectual pursuit as opposed to an emotional one and possibly drama is probably more emotional. But they’re all branches of the same tree. It’s a workout for your emotions. That’s what fiction is: it’s role-play for the soul.

DerekDEADLINE: The idea that shows or content or art has to be one or the other, comedy or drama, is rather reductive and only comes up during awards season, doesn’t it?
GERVAIS: Yes, it does. “What category is it in?” and that. But some people need to pigeonhole so they can sit down and enjoy it. It’s very strange. And it’s funny. I’ve had it with everything I’ve ever done. People decide what it is and then they complain that it’s not what they said it would be. It’s the same with when people try to retell a joke. They say the joke that I told, totally different, and then they say, “Isn’t that horrendous?” And I want to say, “Yes, that is horrendous. That’s not the joke I told. You at least have to say the joke I told to criticize me for it. You at least have to get every single word and comma and pacing and nuance before you can criticize it. Because in a joke, everything matters. It’s a piece of poetry, a good joke, and everything counts. So you can’t miss out a bit. You just can’t. You’re not allowed.” Read More »

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EMMYS: ‘Tanning Of America’s Steve Stoute On Norman Lear’s Influence & Hip-Hop’s Reach

By | Thursday June 19, 2014 @ 12:42pm PDT

EMMYS: ‘Tanning Of America’s Steve Stoute On Norman Lear’s Influence & Hip-Hop’s ReachThere have been a lot of hip hop documentaries over the years but few have been as extensive and with such a variety of interviewees as The Tanning Of America: One Nation Under Hip-Hop. Shown in four hourlong parts on VH1 earlier this year, the docu from former music industry exec and marketing man Steve Stoute is truly a wide ranging and deep cuts examination of a culture and how a genre that originated in the Bronx in the 70s has come to influence American life more than musically. A producer on 2013’s Ron Howard-helmed docu Made In America, Stoute reached into his extensive network for Tanning to get not just the director plus Dr. Dre, Russell Simmons, Mariah Carey, Jimmy Iovine, Rick Rubin, Brian Grazer, Fab 5 Freddy and Norman Lear among others on camera. Hosted by Stoute and based on his 2011 book of the same name, the Billy Corben directed docu with narration by Scandal’s Kerry Washington mixed in the high profile interviews with comprehensive footage tracking the evolution of hip hop. An evolution that brought down racial barriers in America and helped elect a President, says the EP.

DEADLINE: Steve, you’re a busy guy. Why add a documentary series to the workload? And not just a documentary but a 4-hour, 4-part documentary.
STEVE STOUTE: Well, you know, Dominic, what happened was, when I wrote the book, I was inspired by the response that I’ve gotten from a lot of my peers in … Read More »

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EMMYS: Carson Daly & Mindy Kaling To Announce Primetime Noms On July 10

By | Wednesday June 18, 2014 @ 9:29am PDT

EMMYS: Carson Daly & Mindy Kaling To Announce Primetime Noms On July 10The Television Academy has pulled from the NBC family for presenters for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations. Carson Daly (The Voice) and Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) have been tapped to announce the noms from the Television Academy’s Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood on July 10, beginning at 5:40 AM PT. The noms also will be streamed live on Seth Meyers hosts the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, which airs live Monday, August 25th (8 PM ET/5 PM PT) on NBC from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Don Mischer is exec producer.

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Reality Check: Dan Cutforth On What Keeps ‘Top Chef’ Sharp, Cutting Through The Clutter & What’s Next

By | Monday June 16, 2014 @ 10:42am PDT

Reality Check: Dan Cutforth On What Keeps ‘Top Chef’ Sharp, Cutting Through The Clutter & What’s NextReality Check is a Deadline feature series covering the players, programs and trends in reality television.

Dan Cutforth was already a reality TV veteran with some time spent developing Survivor when he started Magical Elves with Jane Lipsitz in 2001. Since then the Brit-born producer has charged forward with Bands On The Run for VH1, Project Greenlight, the Peabody winning Project Runway and of course Top Chef. The Bravo cooking competition show took the Reality Competition Program Emmy in 2010, breaking The Amazing Race’s 7-year winning streak. A wide reaching franchise now and undoubtedly one of the reasons the UK’s Tinopolis Group acquired Elves earlier this yearTop Chef certainly rates as a contender this Emmys. In that vein, Cutforth reveals his state of mind this Emmy season, how the genre has evolved and how he and Lipsitz keep Top Chef cooking.

DEADLINE: So Dan, what do you think the current state of Reality TV is?
DAN CUTFORTH: I think it’s interesting how hard it is to break through with a great, new show now, and I think this is something that’s been true probably for the last, maybe, three to five years. I think when you look at the current state of reality TV, at least on the mainstream level, the shows that tend to be more successful have been around for a while. It’s difficult today to show the audience something they haven’t seen before, and I think that’s what tends to be the … Read More »

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EMMYS: Mike Judge On How Viacom-Paramount Merger Influenced ‘Silicon Valley’ & ‘Office Space’s Impact On TGI Fridays

By | Saturday June 14, 2014 @ 3:45pm PDT

Mike Judge Silicon Valley interviewFor close to 20 years, multi-hyphenate Mike Judge has kept the under-25 set in stitches with his takes of less-than types, read affable vulgarians Beavis and Butthead, the hysterical rednecks on Fox’s King of the Hill, as well as know-it-all bosses in Fox’s Office Space; the latter which continues to be a cult sensation 15 years after its release. This April, Judge launched his first live-action TV comedy series, HBO‘s Silicon Valley, and like Office Space, the show provides a close-up of the absurdities of corporate types, but this time it’s the billionaires and computer geniuses who rule Northern Cali’s tech world.  The series follows a group of nerdy programmers comprised of Richard (Thomas Middleditch), Erlich (T.J. Miller), Gilfoyle (Martin Starr), Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) and Jared (Zach Woods) who hatch the idea for an audio-compression technology called Pied Piper, only to see it stolen by the Bill Gates-ian tech lord Gavin Belson. Much like his previous projects, Judge continues to flex his finesse for nuanced, deadpan, grounded, idiosyncratic types with Silicon Valley. Though HBO only aired eight episodes this spring, Silicon Valley is on pre-Emmy nom fire with three TV Critics’ Choice noms for best comedy series, actor (Middleditch) and supporting comedy actor (Christopher Evan Welch). Click through for interview: Read More »

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EMMYS: As More Shows Straddle Categories, Will TV Academy Tighten Rules?

By | Wednesday June 11, 2014 @ 6:10pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Awardsline logo_use this oneThe Board of Governors of the Television Academy voted to split three more fields heading into this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards. That pushed the number of Emmy categories to a record 106. Yet we’ve never had so many shows that don’t seem to fit in any of them.  The problem impacts mainly anthology-style dramas, which straddle the worlds of regular series and miniseries, and the proverbial “dramedies,” which 'True Detective'blur the lines between comedy and drama. The issue came to the forefront with the debate surrounding HBO’s decision to enter the eight-episode True Detective as a drama, Showtime switching Shameless from drama to comedy series after three seasons and Netflix entering Orange Is the New Black as a comedy after submitting it as a drama for the Golden Globes. Read More »

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EMMYS: Raising The Mast On Starz’s ‘Black Sails’ (Video)

By | Tuesday June 10, 2014 @ 2:38pm PDT

EXCLUSIVE: How many pirate TV shows do you know of in the history of the medium? For Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, the lives of buccaneers repped a whole new world with Black Sails.  ”I have been making TV shows for decades and I don’t think I ever heard a pirate pitch. I heard four at the same time. I knew that Michael Bay was working on one and then it walked in (the door),” exclaimed Albrecht at Saturday’s Produced By Conference.  Looking to ride a wave, NBC decided to dip their toes in the genre recently with Friday’s Crossbones starring John MalkovichStill, no threat to Starz.  ”We may not have John Malkovich, but we’re spending more money, I’ve seen the scripts, I know what it takes (for this genre), and if you want to watch a TV show, ours is going to be better,” added Albrecht. There’s no CGI at work here as seen in this behind-the-scenes video where Black Sails co-creator/executive producer Jonathan Steinberg and the show’s costume and production design team discuss their process, of particular note: It took four to five months to build that pirate ship.

Related: Produced By Conference — Top Cable Bosses Undeterred By Netflix

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