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Circulation Stabilizes For Entertainment And Business Magazines In 1H

Magazines pretty much held on to customers in the first half of 2011 according to a report today from the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Subscriptions and single-copy sales at 418 of the most popular titles only fell 1.4% vs the same period last year. The tally was down 2.3% this time last year vs 2009. People continues to lead the pack among entertainment and celebrity-driven magazines: Its average circulation of 3.56M was flat with last year. TV Guide comes in second at 2.02M — its 3.3% decline is a vast improvement from last year when it dropped 28.7%. It was followed by US Weekly (1.98M, +1.4%), Entertainment Weekly (1.80M, -0.1%), Star (880,256, -7%), OK! Weekly (747,040, +7.5%), and National Enquirer (659,562, -9.2%). Money still leads the business and finance magazines with 1.92M, -0.05%. Trailing are Forbes (928,900, +0.7%), Bloomberg BusinessWeek (921,839, +0.1%), Fortune (845,043, -1.4%), and The Economist (844,387, +2.6%).

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Is The New Photo Of Green Lantern Lame?

ew3If I understand this correctly, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern wears a costume for filming and it’s filled with sensors for all that digital and special effects gimmickry. But this photo for the official magazine of receptionists (which is owned by the same Time Warner parent company as Warner Bros in an obvious bit of synergy) shows Reynolds in a getup digitally painted onto his body. Lame or not?

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