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EMMYS: Excuse Me, How Much Is Michael Scott’s Tie? NBC Uni Launches Mannequin Campaign At Bloomingdales

By | Wednesday June 9, 2010 @ 6:00am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

I’ve written about the popularity of 3D Emmy mailers this season. NBC Uni’s Universal Media Studios took the 3D Emmy promo trend one, well, a few steps further with the first ever department store-based NUP_140744_0005campaign featuring mannequin displays. Some customers shopping this week at the three Bloomingdales stories in the Los Angeles area – in Century City, at the Beverly Center and in Sherman Oaks – stumbled upon some unusual mannequin installations. Called “mannequin moments,” each is themed after an UMS-produced primetime series in contention for Emmy nominations with the mannequins dressed like characters from the series in settings and situations reminiscent of the shows. UMS’ costume designers dressed the mannequins with clothes from the Bloomingdales’ collections, and the studio’s visual artists created a scene representative of each show (for example: in the Parks & Rec display, a parks and rec worker in a hard hat is planting a tree while two colleagues sit on a park bench.)

emmyWhy Bloomingdales? UMS believes that most TV Academy voters live and/or work in West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley and are frequent Bloomingdales shoppers. One think I’m not clear about: how exactly would the stiff dummies inspire potential shoppers/Emmy voters to nominate their prototypes’ vivid performances?

The nine installations – for House, 30 Rock and Parks & Rec in Century City; for Community, Friday Night Lights and Law & Order: SVU at the Beverly … Read More »

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CW Orders ‘Plain Jane’ Reality Series

By | Wednesday May 19, 2010 @ 8:52am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: CW has greenlighed Pain Jane, a new makeover/dating Clothes+Show+London+Photocall+7ZkZAYLlOCulreality series from Big Brother executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, which is set to air this summer.

British fashion expert Louise Roe will host the series, whose order is expected to be in the 6-8 episode range. Sony Pictures Television, where Grodner and Meehan’s company Fly on the Wall is based, is producing.

In each episode, one “plain Jane” will prepare for a date with a crush who doesn’t know she’s interested in him under Roe’s tutelage. The girl will be given a full-blown makeover including a style transformation and new wardrobe as well as confidence-building exercises that help her evolve. At the end of each episode, our “plain Jane” reveals her identity and brand new look, much to the surprise of the guy. Grodner, who also executive produces TV Land’s She’s Got the Look, and Meehan are executive producing the series with Pete Tartaglia. Plain Jane was packaged by UTA.

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CAA Now Involved In Schmattah Business

By | Thursday February 4, 2010 @ 12:18am PST
Mike Fleming

jbrandcaaEXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned that the upstart private equity firm Star Avenue Capital is buying a majority stake in J Brand, a denim apparel brand whose signature lines of skintight jeans are a favorite of celebrities with impossibly small waists and thin thighs. But what’s interesting here is that Star Avenue Capital is a partnership between CAA and Irving Place Capital, making the talent agency an equity owner in the blue jeans company. I hear SAC, led by Mark Genender, is looking for other consumer brands with growth potential.

When I first heard about this jeans deal which hasn’t been announced yet, my sources said that CAA would put money in the venture but have no operational role. *UPDATE: One of Nikki Finke’s sources looked at this deal back in November and says the stake being discussed at that time was in the $80M range — a “big bet on niche premium denim”. On the other hand, she hears Irving Place Capital bought Seven Jeans years ago and sold it for “a boatload of a profit”.*

What the agency brings to the table, supposedly, are the services of its lifestyle, marketing, trend forecasting, market research, and licensing divisions to grow the brand. It is the first time I can remember that any talent agency has held a stake in a consumer apparel brand. (Though management company The Firm once held a majority stake in the Pony shoe brand.)

The presumption is that CAA clients will … Read More »

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Relativity Goes Rogue (Or Just Ravin’…)

By | Monday March 16, 2009 @ 3:57pm PDT

This is either a brilliant idea for a new revenue stream… or a really screwy scheme. But I call dibbs on the serial-killer sweatshirts. Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity Media just announced it’s developing a “lifestyle brand” out of its newly acquired Rogue Pictures specializing in low-budget genre films.

“In the effort to fully leverage the distinctive look and product of the Rogue banner, Kavanaugh revealed that the company will include a clothing line, social networking ventures, and continued production of motion pictures which appeal to 15-25 year old audiences. ‘As we delved into this, we learned the name Rogue resonates with young people not just as a movie brand, but also as an overall lifestyle brand, in a manner that we have never seen before,’ said Kavanaugh. ‘It encourages fans to embrace films and fashion across all avenues of their lives, especially within the digital space. Through, we are able to effectively engage in a conversation with our 15-25 year old audience.’”

The Rogue lifestyle brand launches today claiming to embrace “the convergence of pop culture, music, and fashion. Like these culturally, artistically, and digitally enlightened trendsetters, Rogue embraces culture, history, and style with a smirk. With the ability to harness the pop culture-making power of the big screen and directly connect it with the mass grassroots (mass-roots) communication power of social networking, the Rogue brand provides the ultimate in digital connectivity.”


It will be … Read More »

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Oscars Giveth And Taketh Away Fashion

By | Wednesday February 11, 2009 @ 4:27pm PST

It was announced today that everyone’s favorite fashionista Tim Gunn from Project Runway will host interviews and commentary about Red Carpet fashions during guest arrivals for the 5 PM Oscar pre-show. So I thank the Academy for finally giving us someone who knows what he’s talking about and not just another addled twit who wouldn’t know a Keith Lissner from a Marc Jacobs. (New drinking game: If Tim tells anyone to “Make it work”.) But I also have to bash the people who put on the Oscars for a really lousy decision, and then lying to me about it. I’d heard two weeks ago that the Academy wanted presenters to forgo the Red Carpet and premiere their fashions during the awards show itself to beef up ratings. But when I asked about it, they told me, “Oh, no. We wouldn’t do that.” nikkioscarsml2.JPGBut they’re doing just that, according to celebrity publicists who are pissed that their clients are being asked to sneak in some side entrance and miss their Red Carpet moment (which is why the designers give them those dresses free in the first place). I say don’t fuck with the fashion. It’s the only thing in the broadcast that works.

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Watch Strike.TV Video! Online Network Created During WGA Strike Gets Real Teaser from StrikeTV on Vimeo.

HOLLYWOOD – July 3, 2008 – This Independence Day, Strike.TV sets sail with a new online Network that gives total freedom to it’s creators. Strike.TV was conceived by the professional communities of Hollywood and birthed during a year of hard times in the film and television industry. Sparked in large part by the recent labor disputes and fueled by the desires of professional story-tellers to do what they do best, Strike.TV is delivering upon promises that they made during the darkest days of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike in December 2007.
Strike.TV challenged their WGA peers to go out and do what they do best and asked them to create original pieces of entertainment for the Internet, and in return promised to do three things:
Strike.TV’s first promise was to build and launch a 21st century social network for WGA writers and their creative counterparts around the world. Not just writers, but also directors, actors, and all of the other crafts and crew that create and contribute to a modern production. The first working meeting attracted over 400 pioneers who wanted to create during a time of turmoil. This working meeting was covered by The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and over 70 formal proposals were received. Through its online social network and community Strike.TV guided 40 projects into development with many more coming in following the strike. Strike.TV continues to incubate the creations of this thriving community, while aiding in

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Furious Horror Film Fans Target Lionsgate

I give TV and movie fans a lot of credit: when they get mad, they scare the crap out of the moguls. That’s happening at Lionsgate where the studio’s phones and email accounts are jammed with angry fans for the past week. They’re making a stink because new Lionsgate topper Joe Drake appears to be dumping all of ex-prez Peter Block’s movies. That includes Midnight Meat Train, the adaptation of the Barker short story that’s a fan fave. Supposedly the trailer tested higher than any film in Lionsgate history. But when Drake took over, he promptly bumped Midnight Meat Train from its May 16th release date. The result was that Rogue Pictures’ The Strangers (which was skedded two weekends later) had zero competition in the hard-R category. And guess who was exec producer of The Strangers? Joe Drake.

Then, the websites, Shock Til You Drop and Fangoria found out Lionsgate is planning only a 100 theater run on August 1st to merely fulfill the contractual obligation with Lakeshore Entertainment. The plan is to release the DVD immediately after. So fans are asking if Drake is such a dummy that he’d intentionally sink what to them is a sure-thing hit. And they want to know if the studio that was built on horror gross (both the gory and cash kinds) is going to bite the hand that’s fed it so well in favor of four Tyler Perry movies a year.

The result is a lot of anti-Lionsgate blogging in Horrorville by fans, by self-appointed horror flick experts, and also by Barker himself. ”I would passionately encourage everybody who cares about my work … Read More »

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Thank You, Vanity Fair…

By | Friday June 13, 2008 @ 12:07pm PDT


Vanity Fair magazine has created a Blogopticon which charts the tone and content of what it considers ”the most influential or amusing blogs” vying for the attention of the world’s billion-plus Web surfers. The sites are categorized along four attributes: “news” vs “opinion”, “earnest” vs “scurrilous”, and everything inbetween. I am very proud to say that VF included my Deadline Hollywood Daily and gave it high marks indeed: at the very top of “news” and in the “earnest” category.

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R.I.P. Yves Saint-Laurent

By | Sunday June 1, 2008 @ 4:19pm PDT

The French fashion giant had a long love affair with film, including his biggest fan Catherine Deneuve whom he called his “muse”. YSL dressed her for the films Belle De Jour (1967), La Chamade (1968), La Sirène du Mississipi (1969), Un Flic (1972), Liza (1972), and The Hunger (1983). He also was the costume designer for films featuring Jean Seberg, Claudia Cardinale, Capucine and Leslie Caron. He had two documentaries done on him and his business by David Teboul: Yves Saint Laurent: His Life and Times and Yves Saint Laurent 5 avenue Marceau 75116 Paris.

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FIERCE! NBC Sues Weinsteins For Walking ‘Project Runway’ From Bravo To Lifetime

Accusations are flying from NBC Universal that The Weinstein Co lied to Jeff Zucker and engaged in “deception” and “sham negotiations” over Project Runway. This is turning into a major showbiz feud — especially after Harvey Weinstein personally assured Jeff Zucker, “I will not embarrass you”. See UPDATE below:

project-runway-101.jpgGiven his recent investment in reviving the Halston label, newly married Harvey Weinstein shares with his wife an interest in fashion. But even before he shelled out those big bucks, Harv’s and his brother Bob’s Miramax started the hottest fashion show on TV, Project Runway, before it was taken over by their successor, The Weinstein Co. Today came the surprise announcement that the No. 1 reality series on cable is moving to Lifetime beginning in November with the premiere of Season 6. Both Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are coming along for the 5-year deal. But there’s a big wrinkle: NBC Universal is suing!

NBC Universal, which owns Bravo where the show airs, filed a lawsuit at 9 AM this morning in the New York Supreme Court against The Weinstein Company to block the move. The Weinsteins said in a statement today that NBC “declined to compete for the right to have Project Runway” and is now trying “to disrupt the series moving to Lifetime”.

harv21.jpgBut NBC Universal released this official statement to me: “NBC Universal has continuing legal rights related to Project Runway, including a right of first refusal … Read More »

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No Business Like Showroom Business…

By | Sunday June 3, 2007 @ 10:44pm PDT

fashion-hollywood2.JPGFrom what I’ve seen, one of the only industries worse than the movie industry has to be the fashion industry. So now Women’s Wear Daily looks at how Hollywood entertainment moguls are buying fashion companies. “Recent transactions include Harvey Weinstein’s acquisition of Hal­ston, backed by Hilco Consumer Capital, and American Idol mogul Simon Fuller’s partnership with London fashion designer Roland Mouret, who plans to unveil his new RM collection during couture week in Paris in July.” It says other Hollywood/fashion deals are brewing, ”including a ’major celebrity manager’ currently corralling investors to relaunch several historic fashion brands, similar to what Weinstein plans to do with Halston.” And The Firm bought the sneaker brand Pony in 2001, only to sell it less than two years later. My own opinion is that the junction between Hollywood and fashion should remain on the red carpet. Because if you accept the premise that the film business is the folly of the filthy rich, and the indie film business the folly of the stupidly rich, then the fashion business must be the folly of the insane rich.

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Harvey Is Going To Look Lovely in Halston

By | Monday March 12, 2007 @ 4:40pm PDT

Since his girlfriend Georgina Chapman fancies herself a designer, Harvey Weinstein out of the blue just announced plans to buy up the ex-iconic dress label Halston. Surely, you remember all those Studio 54 jersey knit disco dresses from the ’60s and ’70s that resisted stains from spilled scotch or cocaine. Re-launched in 1997, Halston now needs the jaws of life. Enter Hollywood: Weinstein Co. with Hilco Consumer Capital have partnered to acquire the fashion house. Harv may make a documentary on the life of designer Roy Halston Frowick. ”Two years ago, when my brother and I started The Weinstein Company, one key component we were talking to the investors about was finding a name brand to acquire to diversify our company, just like Arnon Milchan did with Regency and Puma,” Weinstein told WWD. The part-ownership deal was brought to them by Jimmy Choo’s Tamara Mellon; her reward was being made Halston’s newest creator director. TWC’s already put-upon investors must be thrilled at yet another colossal waste of their money.

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Pre-Oscars: E! Starts Boobs Coverage…

By | Sunday February 25, 2007 @ 1:41pm PST

scarlett-joha.jpgE! Entertainment has started its usual insipid but slick coverage of the Academy Awards. (And just think, I could have been part of it. Gag.) Now the hosts are plugging Victoria’s Secret bras — a custom one, with their names embroidered on them, give to the five Best Actress nominees. This sounds like a made-up reason to use the word “cleavage” 800 times.

It’s a lovely day here in Southern California. No rain (after a few days of wet weather), bright sun turning to cloud cover, which should help cool down the Red Carpet. Temperatures around 60 degrees. Just perfect for outdoor activity. Like keeping your boobs inside your Victoria’s Secret bra. I can’t wait for the next E! product placement.

nikkioscarsml2.JPGNow E! is talking about “spanks”, the derriere enhancement undergarments. Claims Jessica Biel wears them. Host saying, “and I suspect Rachel Weisz wore this spank at last year’s Oscars.” Before and after shots. I’m getting creeped out. And there’s any wonder that women and girls across America suffer from body image issues?

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First H’wood Celeb On SI Swimsuit Cover; Stars Pushing Models Off Mag Cover Biz

By | Wednesday February 14, 2007 @ 2:57pm PST

beyoncesports1.jpgSo Beyoncé is on the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s annual wet dream Swimsuit Issue. That should be big news in media circles because, as SI managing editor Terry McDonell just told me, it’s the first time a Hollywood celebrity has the coveted cover of this issue instead of a model. I see the Hollywood transformation of the magazine biz as complete: Models, out. Celebs, In. There’s even a term for them: Style Idols. (This time SI’s swimsuit issue is music-themed. She also got a big plug: she posed in a bikini by House of Dereon, the fashion label she started with her mother.) Of course, this has been coming for some time, and it’s bad enough to make you feel sorry for models. (As if…) The numbers of so-called Supermodels which are households names have been dwindling because they can’t get enough covers. Look at Vogue‘s 2006 covers: a model appeared on only one of the 12. And that was 41-year-old Linda Evangelista on the August cover. News reports say she was the first model on the front in more than a year. Drew Barrymore had February, Natalie Portman March, Jennifer Aniston April, Kirsten Dunst September, Sandra Bullock October. Recently Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Hudson lands on March — mouth open, fierce weave and tons of cleavage spilling – but the image has African-American media slamming Vogue. Read More »

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Evidence Why Project Runway Rules…

By | Thursday August 24, 2006 @ 7:39am PDT

Best Fashion One-Liner Ever: On Bravo’s Project Runway 3 last night, designer/judge Michael Kors (why don’t they describe him by that ridiculous ‘jet set’ moniker anymore?) said about Los Angeles contestant Jeffrey’s plus-size sack: “That looks like Comme des Garçons goes to the Amish country.”

What To Dread This Season: Exactly how the Weinstein Brothers, who coproduce the show, will slip in a not-so-subtle tie-in to one of their forthcoming films. Remember Season 1 when shoo-in designer Kara Saun based her entire collection on the bros’ The Aviator — and lost the grand prize because of unoriginality? My best guess is that this season’s inspiration will be Quentin Tarantino’s Killshot coming from The Weinstein Co. this fall. (I don’t see much retro chic in their Miss Potter, about the life of Beatrix Potter, author of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”.) Far be it from Harvey to miss any opportunity for crass and inappropriate marketing.

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WSJ’s Camp Allen Fashion Critique: Bad

By | Tuesday July 25, 2006 @ 7:21am PDT

How did I miss this? The venerable Wall Street Journal, which has just decided to start an official fashion and design bureau, takes a serious look at “media-mogul fashion” from Herbert Allen’s Sun Valley investment confab earlier this month. Sheesh, this is pretty thin stuff. And good thing they didn’t glimpse David Geffen who pairs his jeans with either a white T-shirt or plaid flannel shirt. We learn that the media moguls, tech executives and financiers ditch their neckties and sport jackets and go Western casual. (Like, duh.) Actually, I’d call it Greenwich, Conn., casual — lots of khakis and cashmeres. But the paper “saw some common style miscues that many executives face with business-casual clothes.” Horrors, the media big shots look — drumroll, please — disheveled! They “may be used to getting their suits tailored, they often buy casual clothes off the rack and don’t pay enough attention to style or fit.” Cited as bad examples were Barry Diller in drawstring pants with a red-and-black-striped zip-up cardigan and a “clashing” orange polo shirt. Rupert Murdoch wore his cable knit tennis sweater with an orange stripe around the neck two days in a row and the color “tones are too strong for his complexion.” Geraldine Laybourne, chief executive of Oxygen media, had on a “mismatched ensemble” and she blamed her husband for it. (“He usually checks what I wear, but he slept late that day.”) Chad Hurley, the 29-year-old hero-of-the-moment YouTube CEO, wore jeans and an untucked dress shirt with the cuffs … Read More »

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What Studio Exec Dresses Like This?

By | Sunday April 23, 2006 @ 11:44pm PDT

Ah, the cluelessness of the Los Angeles Times. I’m not the first ( was) to notice this new ad campaign, featuring the graphic to the left, but I am the first to ask: In all your meetings at all the studios, have you ever encountered anyone who dressed like this? Me neither. No one wears those striped shirts circa 1980s at the studios, much less this ugly one that’s not even Zegna or Boss. At the very least, the guy should be wearing a Lauren polo shirt, preferably cashmere. No tie. The slacks should be khakis or the bottom half of a suit bought at Barney’s, not these ill-fitting Men’s Wearhouse sale item. And the only sandals I’ve ever seen on any studio mogul were Nubuck Nature Treks worn with white athletic socks on Ron Meyer.

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