Donald Trump Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ He’s Mulling Run For NY Governor

By | Monday December 16, 2013 @ 7:17am PST

NBC‘s Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump, America’s greatest living political tease, donaldtrumpappeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends this morning to say, “I’ll make a decision at some time pretty soon” in re whether he will run for governor of New York. That news comes a couple weeks after a group of GOP politicos met with Trump to discuss the possibility of his taking on Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year. In press reports before the meeting, Trump’s EVP Michael Cohen had said Trump had already stated on several occasions that he’s not interested in running for governor of New York. After the meeting, Cohen told Daily News “We had a very interesting meeting and Mr. Trump has agreed to meet with them again at a later date.”

For years now Trump has been savvily mulling a race for governor or POTUS, generating pots of publicity for his various businesses, including the business of co-owning/starring in Celebrity Apprentice and Miss Universe Pageant – both on NBC.  “I will not be running for president — See you for a great season!” Trump famously announced in May 2011, turning NBC’s unveiling of its new primetime schedule into a political news conference and demoting NBC’s pitch to advertisers about new dramas The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect and Grimm, and comedies Up All Night, Free Agents and Whitney to BTW status in media coverage of the presentation. Read More »

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Fox News’ ‘Fox & Friends’ Jumps 22% With Elisabeth Hasselbeck

By | Tuesday October 15, 2013 @ 7:46am PDT

In her first full month co-hosting Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck averaged 1,226,000 viewers, with 289,000 of them in the 25-54 news demo. That’s up 16% in total viewers and 22% in … Read More »

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‘Fox & Friends’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck Debut Ratings

An average of 1.166 million people tuned in to watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s Fox & Friends debut Monday morning. A slightly bigger crowd, 1.171 million people tuned in to say so long to the show’s longtime co-host … Read More »

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes Her ‘Fox & Friends’ Debut

By | Monday September 16, 2013 @ 3:52am PDT

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasted no time in her debut on Fox & Friends early Monday morning. After handing the guys new coffee mugs, and speed-marveling at the new set, she sat down on the new curvy couch, dismissed her time on The View with a couple nice comments (Barbara Walters is like “the best surgeon”) — ditto Survivor and her college softball team — then jumped right in to a new report claiming Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi investigation let top officials off the hook. Barely pausing for breath, she and the guys began to debate the shocking disparity between the questions asked of the two Miss America finalists the previous night. One finalist got asked about the Obama administration’s threats to attack Syria over the use of chemical weapons — the other about Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs and nude music video. “In defense…in our home, twerking is a weapon of mass destruction,” Hasselbeck said. “I see nothing wrong.”

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Hasselbeck, in a chic sleeveless lavender dress, joined Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, in the position formerly held by Gretchen Carlson, who moved out Friday and will helm a one-hour daytime show on the cable news network. Carlson got sheet-caked on her final day on the show she started on in 2006 — one year after joining FNC.  Ironically, Carlson did not get to weigh in on Monday’s segment about Miss America question disparity — she’d exited the show on the 25th anniversary of her having been crowned Miss America.  In July, Fox News announced Hasselbeck would leave ABC’s The View and join F&F this month.

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Gretchen Carlson Sheet-Caked On Her Final ‘Fox & Friends’ Morning

Gloria Estefan sang “I’ve Grown Accustomed To His Face” in honor of Gretchen Carlson, who got sheet-caked this morning on her last day at Fox & Friends. Throughout her final three hours on the early-morning program, Carlson thanked her hair and makeup people for making her look better than she felt at 3 AM each day, the show crew and producers, and her three alarm clocks for waking her up without fail  — she noted she’d never overslept once in her run  (She started on the show in 2006, one year after joining FNC). Geraldo Rivera was among those who stopped by to wish her well. Carlson, who’s just begun on Twitter, asked Rivera for tweeting advice. “Just let me whip this off,” said he of the famous naked selfie, and pretended to begin removing his clothing. “Don’t do it after 1 AM, don’t do it after two tequila shots and don’t take off your blouse,” he advised.

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Hot TV Teaser: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Ready For Monday ‘Fox & Friends’ Debut

By | Friday September 13, 2013 @ 6:00am PDT

Here’s the Fox News Channel teaser for Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s first day on Fox & Friends – Monday. It doesn’t reveal much. She’s going to wear a lot of sleeveless dresses to show off her incredible upper arms, so there’s that.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s ‘Fox & Friends’ Debut Set For September 16

By | Thursday August 22, 2013 @ 11:05am PDT

Elisabeth Hasselbeck will debut as co-host of Fox & Friends on Monday, September 16, Fox News Channel announced this morning. At 6 AM ET that morning, she will join current co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on the top-rated cable morning show in a redesigned set that also will be unveiled that morning, the cable news net added. Last month, Hasselbeck ended a decade at the sole conservative voice on ABC’s gabfest The View; she has been replaced by Jenny McCarthy who has yet to debut on that show. On F&F, Hasselbeck’s predecessor Gretchen Carlson, who will helm a one-hour daytime show on the cable news network. Hasselbeck, who previously served as a co-host on The View, will interview key newsmakers, celebrities and politicians on a brand new F&F curvy couch alongside veteran co-hosts Doocy and Kilmeade, both of whom have been with the program since it debuted in 1998.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Plugs Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox & Friends’ on ‘The View’

UPDATED, 9:55 AM: Fox News Channel‘s morning show got a big fat plug on ABC this morning when outgoing The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was allowed to announce specifics of her future plans at the top of the show. “I’m really happy and excited to confirm I will be joining the Fox & Friends team in September and I would first like to thank Mr. [Roger] Ailes, Bill Shine, and the entire Fox [News] Channel for this incredible opportunity,” Hasselbeck gushed at the top of this morning’s show, eschewing the “pursue other opportunities” shilly-shallying that usually occurs when on-air talent switches teams. The View creator/exec producer/den mother Barbara Walters even pitched in to help, telling Hasselbeck to tell Ailes she can come back to visit whenever she wants.

“I’m happy you’re going,” Walters told Hasselbeck at the start of the latter’s last day on the show this morning. “No, I’m NOT! I’m happy it’s good for you,” Walters continued, struggling to get back on script. Hasselbeck, who’d walked out onstage arm-in-arm with Babs as the studio audience gave her a standing ovation, began to praise the show’s liberals with whom she’d clashed over the years. She called Whoopi Goldberg “the most talented artist on the planet.” As for her Tormentor in Chief, Joy Behar, Hasselbeck insisted she has “an insane amount of respect” for the comic-turned-TV commentator, who is also leaving the show. Moving on, Hasselbeck named Sherri Shepard “my sister in Christ” before turning to Babs and saying how well prepared she feels to join Fox & Friends in the fall because, for the past decade on The View,  “I’ve attended the Barbara Walters School of Broadcasting and Journalism.”

The previous afternoon Hasselbeck announced she was ending her decade as the lone conservative voice on The View and moving to FNC’s morning show in September. She’ll join Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade and take the place of Gretchen Carlson, who will helm an as-yet-unnamed one-hour daytime show on the cable news network. Read More »

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‘SNL Weekend Update Thursday’ Spoofs Mitt Romney Video


UPDATE: NBC has posted a clip of the spoof, which we’ve added below. Scroll down to view.

You won’t be surprised that Saturday Night Live‘s primetime special SNL Weekend Update Thursday opened with its … Read More »

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‘Fox & Friends’ Duped By Fake Romney Supporter: Video

By | Monday September 17, 2012 @ 11:11am PDT

What was supposed to be a segment on how the U.S. unemployment rate among young people could hurt President Obama‘s support in that demo turned out to be open-mic night for aspiring comedian Max Rice. Appearing as … Read More »

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Fox News Producer Staying Put After Obama Video Flap

By | Friday June 1, 2012 @ 12:44pm PDT

It looks like Chris White is keeping his job at Fox News Channel. White was the associate producer at Fox & Friends credited with creating a four-minute video critical of President Obama that aired on the morning show … Read More »

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Is Fox News Producer Who Made Scathing Obama Video Out Of A Job?

By | Thursday May 31, 2012 @ 5:59pm PDT

Fox and Friends Anti Obama VideoIs Chris White now a producer without a network? CNN isn’t hiring him and Fox News isn’t talking, a day after a scathing Fox & Friends video segment on President Obama ran that … Read More »

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UPDATE: ESPN Drops Hank Williams Jr Permanently; Singer Says It Was His Call

By | Thursday October 6, 2011 @ 8:14am PDT

UPDATED: ESPN cut Hank Williams’ traditional lead-in song from last week’s Monday Night Football telecast after the country singer compared President Barack Obama to Hitler during a spot on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Read More »

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Hank Williams Jr Apologizes For “Dumb Statement” Comparing Obama To Hitler

Hank Williams Jr apologized on his website today for using an odd President Obama/Adolf Hitler analogy. Williams’ comments on the Fox News Channel show Fox & Friends yesterday got him in hot water, and ESPN yanked his theme song from Monday Night Football over the controversy. Williams wrote the … Read More »

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Hank Williams Jr Song Pulled From ‘Monday Night Football’ After Singer’s Obama Remark

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game will not be preceded by Hank Williams Jr’s famous opening song. ESPN pulled the opening after Williams compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler this morning on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends. ”While Hank Williams, Jr. … Read More »

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