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2011 Comic-Con: ‘Prometheus’ Unwound

By | Thursday July 21, 2011 @ 6:53pm PDT

Deadline Comic-Con correspondent Luke Y Thompson files:

The moderator for this panel will be LOST’s Damon Lindelof, who welcomes us to the “20th Century Fox bar mitzvah.” Thanks us for not going to the GAME OF THRONES panel, noting that a real knight will be making an appearance here (Sir Ridley Scott, as it turns out). Lindelof remembers one day he was driving his car and got a call saying Ridley Scott was gonna call him in 5 minutes. After he crashed the car, he says, he got the call, and it was Ridley asking if he could send Damon a script. He did, and they ended up working together on what would become PROMETHEUS. Do we want to see something? You bet.

Clip starts…but it’s just a Ridley Scott sizzle reel from previous movies? Even ROBIN HOOD? Not for long, thankfully. We see Ridley on a new set, then images of a spaceship control room full of lit panels. A giant room that looks like the Giger-designed spaceship in the first ALIEN where they find the eggs, though it’s filled with things that look more like Egyptian coptic jars – though they may still be eggs. It does seem like something bio-mechanical is inside.

We see Michael Fassbender examining them. Green-glass sleep pods. Bubble-helmets – the aesthetic is an odd mix of the original ALIEN H. R. Giger designs and pulp comic-book Buck … Read More »

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Fox And Disney Now Swap Release Dates

Remember I told you that Fox was irked when Disney scheduled John Carter From Mars on the same release date as Prometheus? Today, Fox moved the Ridley Scott tentpole with Alien prequel DNA from March 9, 2012, to June 8, 2012. Not only is that a huge summer play date, but it’s the slot that John Carter From Mars originally vacated.  I love a good dogfight between major studios. Ridley is scripting Prometheus with Lost‘s Damon Lindelof while 3D John Carter Of Mars is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ fantasy series.

Meanwhile, Disney today scheduled Arrietty for a wide February 17, 2012, release. The animated Studio Ghibli production will announce its voice cast later.

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