Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx, & Garry Shandling Brainstorm About Robert Downey Jr. Before American Cinematheque Tribute: Video

By | Tuesday November 15, 2011 @ 7:30am PST

This un-PC video was shown at the start of last month’s American Cinematheque tribute to Robert Downey Jr and features Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx, and Garry Shandling brainstorming. It’s very inside Hollywood:

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Brad Grey’s Pellicano Testimony: “Boring”

trial-brad-grey-4.jpg So the Paramount chief just finished testifying at the Pellicano trial. And the verdict is boring. Seriously, boring. “It was as boring as boring could be,” a spectator told me. Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano didn’t even bother to cross-examine … Read More »

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Brad Grey Heads To Pellicano Trial Thurs

By | Wednesday March 19, 2008 @ 3:34pm PDT

greyx.jpgI can report that the federal prosecutors in the Pellicano wiretapping trial have told the Paramount chief it’s a very real possibility he’ll take the witness stand tomorrow to talk all about Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano. Because of that, the studio boss is heading to Roybal federal … Read More »

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Pellicano Trial: Michael Fuchs, Brad Grey And Bert Fields Mentioned By Doucett

2ND UPDATE: Brad Grey May Testify Thursday…

trial-doucett.jpgUPDATE: Garry Shandling’s ex-girlfriend Linda Doucett, who has told the press she was victimized by Anthony Pellicano, left the Roybal federal building today … Read More »

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Pellicano Trial: Brad Grey Crops Up Again; Shandling Lawyer Answers Bert Fields

UPDATE: Garry Shandling’s Washington DC lawyer David Boies who represented the comedian in his lawsuit against Brad Grey responded today to Bert Fields’ statement which I posted yesterday. Boies told Allison Hope Weiner at The Huffington Post that Mr. Fields’ comment “misstates what the settlement provides”:

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Bert Fields Defends Brad Grey Against Garry Shandling’s Pellicano Testimony

Famed Century City entertainment litigator Bert Fields today issued this statement in response to some of the charges leveled by comedian Garry Shandling in his Pellicano trial testimony last week as well as the coverage of it by the Los Angeles Times. Fields defended Grey during Garry Shandling’s conflict of … Read More »

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More Brad Grey Allegations Next Week?

doucett-just-her.jpgInstead of today, not-quite-an-actress Linda Doucett takes the witness stand of the ongoing Pellicano trial on Tuesday March 18th. On the The Larry Sanders Show, she played the busty blonde role of Darlene Chapinni, secretary to sidekick Hank “Hey Now!” Kingsley. … Read More »

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Brad Grey Replies To Shandling Testimony

Paramount chief Brad Grey has just responded to former management client Garry Shandling’s testimony this morning in the Pellicano wiretapping trial:

bradgrey20.jpg“I am extremely saddened by Garry’s recollection of events dating back more than a decade. His representation is very

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WHAT A MORNING! Garry Shandling Gives Brutal Testimony About Brad Grey And Bert Fields At Pellicano Wiretapping Trial

garryshandling.jpgHollywood feuds were front and center at the Pellicano trial today. Accusations were flung about former Hollywood manager Brad Grey, now the chief of Paramount, and his pitbull entertainment attorney Bert Fields, during comedian Garry Shandling’s testimony this … Read More »

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It’s The Garry Shandling Show Tomorrow; Pellicano Trial Mentions Tom Cruise Today

By | Wednesday March 12, 2008 @ 1:52pm PDT

garryshandling-1.jpgGarry Shandling gets the biggest gig of his fast disappearing career Thursday morning when he is scheduled to take the witness stand in the ongoing Pellicano trial. Actually, he’s appearing out of order in the prosecution’s case, but his lawyer has … Read More »

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