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Barbara Walters In ‘First Sit-Down’ With Casey Anthony’s Attorney? We Think Not

By | Wednesday July 6, 2011 @ 12:07pm PDT

We’re not really sure where The Hollywood Reporter got its information this morning when it reported and sent out an email alert that ABC’s Barbara Walters “has landed the first sit-down with Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez,” especially when Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera sat with the guy for 20 minutes in a restaurant outside the Orlando courthouse soon after Baez’s client was acquitted in the death of her daughter (the interview — photo at right — aired on Fox News yesterday afternoon). The murder case, which had a nation holding its breath and cable news networks reaping the rewards of higher viewership, has created a media frenzy, but it would be nice if the reports it generates were fact-based. Even ABC’s release didn’t go so far as to say Walters’ interview was “first”; instead, they called it Baez’s “first network interview.” Well, “broadcast network” would have been clearer, we suppose. Portions of Walters’ interview will be shown tonight on World News With Diane Sawyer and on Casey Anthony: Not Guilty, a Primetime Nightline special, at 10 PM, as well as Thursday on Good Morning America and The View.

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