UK Lawmakers Call For Government Reaction To Jay Leno Joke

Jay Leno & NBC Sued Over Mitt Romney Joke

Jay Leno’s now-infamous Mitt Romney joke has spurred a lawsuit, formal complaints, hurt feelings, an avalanche of commentary and, today, a motion in the British Parliament. Last week, Leno performed a Tonight Show bit that showed a photo of a building cited as “Mitt Romney’s summer home.” In reality, it was an image of the Sikh holy shrine Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. On Tuesday, Leno and NBC were sued for libel in California over the matter, and now British Labour Party lawmakers Virendra Shrama and John McDonnell are seeking an apology from Leno and NBC to all Sikhs “for this disrespectful depiction of the Golden Temple.” The MPs are also calling for Prime Minister David Cameron’s government to “make representations to the U.S. government that while recognising principles of freedom of speech there should be more understanding and respect shown to the Sikh faith.” The full motion: Read More »

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Jay Leno & NBC Sued Over Mitt Romney Joke

By | Tuesday January 24, 2012 @ 7:54pm PST

Jay Leno SuedJay Leno thought he was poking gentle fun at the lifestyles of rich and famous Republican presidential candidates — Mitt Romney in particular. But last Thursday when Leno’s slide show came to a location cited as Mitt … Read More »

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