Fox News Back On Top For Work Week As Malaysian Flight 370 Mystery Sputters

Fox News Channel solidified its return to the top spot Friday in total day and primetime as viewers wearied of the lack of new developments in the malaysiaairjet1Malaysian airliner mystery. Fox News logged 1.08 million overall viewers in total day, 230,000 in the news demo, besting CNN (593,000 and 188,000) and MSNBC (339,000 and 110,000). In primetime, Fox News Channel Fox News clocked 1.77 million viewers, 280,000 in the news demo, beating CNN’s 710,000 and 199,000, respectively, as that network’s numbers continued to settle down owing to lack of any tangible evidence as to what had happened to the missing plane and its 239 passengers. The only exception on Friday was CNN’s 10 PM special report on the missing plane, which outperformed Thursday’s Chicagoland. Fox News also beat MSNBC’s 507,000 and 110,000, respectively.

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