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Specialty Box Office: Holdovers ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, ‘Rust And Bone’ Solid; Newcomers So-so

Brian Brooks is Managing Editor of MovieLine.

Oscar contenders Silver Linings Playbook and Rust And Bone held solid in the specialty realm as they expanded. The overall box office had dreadful debuts from TWC’s Killing Me Softly and LD Entertainment’s The Collection. But Weinstein’s David O. Russell-directed Silver Linings held nicely with a per-theater average of just over $9K as the movie added four cinemas in its third weekend. Sony Pictures Classics’ Rust And Bone remained in two theaters in its second weekend, averaging a robust $12,912, only a slight dip from last weekend’s opening.

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Fox Searchlight’s Hitchcock, meanwhile, added 33 locations, averaging $8,111 and will add 26 cities next weekend. “There appears to be evidence that word of mouth may be starting to take hold as the film begins to roll out, noted Searchlight’s Frank Rodriguez. “The film, directed by Sacha Gervasi, appears to be gaining some momentum as the performances of Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins continue to impress audiences.” Focus Features added 318 theaters for Anna Karenina. Its $5,806 average was decent and its nearly $2.3 million gross placed it 17th in the overall box office, just behind Silver Linings Playbook and two spots behind wide release debut The Collection.

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Among newcomers, Pantelion Films-Lionsgate’s Hecho En México arrived in a dozen theaters and an average of $6,500. The Independent/Film Buff Ex-Girlfriends had a New York City debut at Cinema Village, taking in $2,500. The self-described “micro-budget” feature also rolled out on digital platforms. China Lion’s Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins starrer Back To 1942 averaged a slight $5K in 20 theaters. Read More »

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Specialty Preview: ‘Addicted To Fame,’ ‘Back To 1942,’ ‘Hecho En México,’ ‘Ex-Girlfriends’, ‘Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning’

Brian Brooks is Managing Editor of MovieLine.

New arrivals to the specialty market don’t include any marquee Oscar contenders compared to recent weeks. What we have is a hodgepodge of cross-genre fare. Abramorama’s Addicted To Fame takes a behind-the-scenes look at a film set with a troubled star. Magnet Releasing’s Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning is a follow-up to the previous Jean-Claude Van Damme pic which took a circuitous route to the big screen. China Lion’s Back To 1942 may find appeal beyond its core Chinese American audience with the participation of Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins, while Pantelion Films/Lionsgate’s Hecho En México rolls out in Los Angeles with Mexican culture in the spotlight. And Ex-Girlfriends aims to capitalize on micro-budget DIY marketing.

Addicted To Fame
Writer-director: David Giancola
Subjects: Anna Nicole Smith, David Giancola, John James
Distributor: Abramorama

When David Giancola directed Illegal Aliens (2007) starring Anna Nicole Smith, he assigned cameramen to shoot behind-the-scenes footage. “He possibly anticipated [Smith's] unfortunate deterioration…” noted Addicted To Fame executive producer Richard Abramowitz. “It kept getting worse because her circumstances kept getting worse.”

Abramowitz, who teaches a film class in addition to his producing and distribution responsibilities, said he’d like to show Addicted To Fame to his class because “they don’t teach you this,” he said. “How do you deal with this on set with a star who is functionally illiterate and has personal, emotional problems?” Abramowitz said the filmmaking team is mindful that the movie could come across as opportunistic, and they are trying to release the title “respectfully while not disguising what it is.” Read More »

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