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Tony Scott Did Not Have Brain Cancer: Now ABC Saying Its Claim “Appears In Doubt”

By and | Monday August 20, 2012 @ 5:58pm PDT

BREAKING… EXCLUSIVE… UPDATED: Tony Scott’s widow Donna has told police that the famed filmmaker/TV producer did not have brain cancer,  informed insiders tell Deadline. That makes erroneous this morning’s Good Morning America report that he “had inoperable brain cancer” and quoting “a source close to him”. The ABC claim was widely picked up by media outlets globally and all the Hollywood press (but not Deadline) as the reason why Scott committed suicide Sunday by jumping off a Los Angeles County bridge at 12:35 PM. Within half an hour ABC was backing off its story (see below). This is the third time in a month that ABC News has erroneously reported on a sensitive news story. During the Aurora movie theater shooting tragedy, ABC News first claimed the gunman was a Tea Party member which was not true. And then the shooter’s mother accused ABC News of mischaracterizing a quote from her. The issues all seem the same: ABC News is not properly vetting its reporting.

Around 6:30 PM, a half-hour after Deadline corrected the ABC morning report, ABC News put out this new headline, “Tony Scott Brain Cancer Report Appears in Doubt” and this new text backing off its story:

“The family of director Tony Scott, who died Sunday after jumping off a Los Angeles bridge, was not aware Scott had cancer, Los Angeles County Coroner Ed

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Director-Producer Tony Scott Jumped To Death From San Pedro Bridge In Suicide

By | Sunday August 19, 2012 @ 8:56pm PDT

Tony Scott3RD UPDATE, WRITETHRU: A source close to the Scott family just confirmed to Deadline that famed movie director and TV producer Tony Scott “has passed away. We ask that the family’s privacy be respected at this time.” Hollywood is shocked by this tragic news that he committed suicide because British-born Scott was well-liked personally and professionally and had a lauded and thriving career. “He was the loveliest guy. Genuinely,” a family friend tells Deadline. “He was one of the good ones.” Scott was best known for classic action films like Top Gun, Days Of Thunder, Beverly Hills Cop II,  True Romance, and Crimson Tide, and the most recent Unstoppable. He also is a credited producer on this summer’s Fox blockbuster Prometheus directed by his brother Ridley Scott.

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According to insiders who’d just spoken to Tony Scott last week, he was busy developing a Top Gun sequel re-teaming with Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer despite a 25-plus-year gap between movies. Paramount confirmed to Deadline tonight that Scott was still attached to direct, and just on Friday Cruise was touring the naval Air Station nearby Fallon, Nevada, as part of prep work. But before that project Scott planned to direct as his next movie the drug-centric action thriller Narco Sub based on a spec script by David Guggenheim for Twentieth Century Fox. Scott also was trying to make Hells Angels, The Movie happen.

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