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De Niro Balks, Demme Walks, Movie Chalks (And Bradley Cooper Is Caught In Middle)

Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro appear together in this weekend’s release of Limitless from Virgin/Relativity. So I decided to check on that other reteaming of Cooper and De Niro in the works for New Line, the heartfelt dramedy Honeymoon With Harry, with Jonathan Demme on board to direct. Well, it’s not in the works anymore because of the usual De Niro paralysis. I’ve learned that Demme recently dropped out because he grew frustrated with De Niro’s hemming and hawing about the project – even after Demme and Jenny Lumet (the same team that did the wonderful Rachel Getting Married) did a rewrite of the Paul Haggis script regularly featured on “best unmade” lists. I heard both New Line and Cooper loved the new version. But De Niro still balked.

“Demme basically said to Cooper, “De Niro will never do this. It’s a wild goose chase. Bradley, we should make this movie together,’” an insider explains to me. After circling the film since August, Jonathan was ready to go into pre-production. But Cooper “didn’t want to look disloyal by leaving De Niro on the side of the road”, another source tells me. When New Line couldn’t build a bridge between Demme and De Niro, Demme parted ways rather than “make the movie in a negative environment”. Now the pic is all but dead at New Line. Jeez, given how many lousy projects De Niro stars in these days, I find it surprising that the actor would balk at working on a movie with … Read More »

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Jonathan Demme To Direct Episodes Of HBO’s New Mike White Series ‘Enlightened’

By | Monday August 9, 2010 @ 1:00pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: There is a saying that you’ve got to be an Oscar winner to get to direct an HBO pilot these days: look at Martin Scorsese (Boardwalk Empire), Alexander Payne (Hung), Bill Condon (Tilda) and Kathryn Bigelow (The Miraculous Year). Now you may need an Oscar statuette to be an episodic director on the pay cable channel too. The Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme has been tapped to direct two episodes of HBO’s upcoming Mike White/Laura Dern comedy series Enlightened. Read More »

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Will Jonathan Demme ‘Honeymoon’ With Robert De Niro And Bradley Cooper?

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: The Paul Haggis-scripted Honeymoon With Harry might make it to the altar after six years of broken engagements. Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper two weeks ago read the lead roles in a run-through organized by New Line at De Niro’s Tribeca Productions offices. Now, Jonathan Demme is circling the project. All this has created the sense of optimism that a script regularly featured on “best unmade” lists is finally on a fast track. That Honeymoon With Harry is gaining momentum now is ironic. Hollywood is squarely operating in safe-bet mode and one of the script’s problems has been that it has strong comedy and drama elements but can’t exactly be called one or the other. The most apt description is to call it a James Brooks-style look at two characters who loathe one another but are stuck together at a time when each is in desperate shape. Read More »

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