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TOLDJA! ICM Management Buyout Complete

UPDATE: It’s been a long, winding, and troubled road which began more than a year ago, but ICM President Chris Silbermann now has completed his management buyout – thus putting an official end to what was a destabilizing period for the agency. I can tell you that Jeff Berg, Chris Silbermann, Rick Levy and all the other bigwigs are giving up their titles at the new ‘ICM Partners’. In fact all 29 partners won’t have titles. The management buyout deal was finalized and signed late last night and presented to the staff first thing this morning. It’s the end of an agenting era: Chairman/CEO Berg has been the longest serving tenpercentery head in Hollywood – since 1978 when he was made ICM’s president. He will remain as an agent but surrender his management role in exchange for tens of millions of dollars over the next years. The tenpercentery is going to be 100% owned and operated by its agents after the buyout of Berg and ICM’s major investor, Connecticut-based Rizvi Traverse Management which has owned 40%. The pair sold their interest for a combination of cash, preferred non-voting shares, and an ongoing financial interest in certain assets of the agency. The official announcement just released says:

Reflecting the new, collaborative structure, the agency will be renamed ICM Partners. Representing a cross-section of the agency’s core departments – film, television, publishing and touring, those named to the partnership

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EXCLUSIVE: ICM’s Chris Silbermann Nearly Completed With Management Buyout

ICM Implosion Stopped: Chris Silbermann Stays, Less Power For Jeff Berg
ICM Part 3: Agency Board & Rizvi Blow Off Silbermann’s Demands
ICM Part 2: Silbermann Forces Decision By Rizvi; Relying On Mike Ovitz
ICM Imploding! Silbermann & Berg Battle For Control

EXCLUSIVE: Insiders are telling me that ICM President Chris Silbermann has completed his management buyout except for the “little legalities”, thus putting an official end to what was a destabilizing period for the agency. The tenpercentery is going to be 100% owned and operated by its agents as soon as the lawyers “put in the periods and semicolons” on the contracts. ”This is truly exciting to be able to say to agents, ‘You’re going to own your company.’” It will emphasize ICM’s entrepreneurial culture and begin an expansion,” a source tells me. I understand that some agents are going to be exiting as a result. (“Those agents not asked to be partner will take it personally,” one of my sources explains.) Now it’s a waiting game to see who stays and who goes. (I’ll report only confirmed names, not rumored.) ICM so far has announced no details about this restructuring. Silbermann’s goal over the past year has been to take over the tenpercentery and obtain more ownership of the agency from its major investor: Connecticut-based Rizvi Traverse Management which has owned 40% of ICM. After some very difficult months behind the scenes and then played out in public, Suhail Rizvi eventually decided to play ball with Silbermann’s demands — or face the threat that his senior TV agents might walk out of the tenpercentery. Assisting Silbermann in this power play was Rick Levy, ICM’s Chief Business Development Officer & General Counsel who was a longtime confidante to ICM Chairman/CEO Jeff Berg until this buyout plan was hatched. I understand that Berg’s ownership of ICM also is being bought out and he has been offered to continue at the agency as Chairman Emeritus. Read More »

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ICM IMPLOSION ENDS: Chris Silbermann Will Stay At Agency With More Power; Jeff Berg Will Stay With Less; Details By Xmas

ICM Part 3: Agency Board & Rizvi Blow Off Silbermann’s Demands
ICM Part 2: Silbermann Forces Decision By Rizvi; Relying On Mike Ovitz

ICM Imploding! Silbermann & Berg Battle For Control

BREAKING… EXCLUSIVE… 3RD UPDATE: I’ve just learned from insiders that major investor Suhail Rizvi has made a decision regarding the future of ICM. And it’s timed to tonight’s ICM holiday party so the staff can enjoy themselves instead of worrying about the agency’s future. “Management wanted to close the deal today so its employees have a reason to celebrate as well as to send a message to the other agencies,” an insider says. Rizvi is ensuring that President Chris Silbermann will stay at the agency. Chairman/CEO Jeff Berg also will stay. Whether their titles will change remains to be seen. But the power inside the agency will definitely change as the management buyout takes shape: Silbermann and his TV camp will have more power. Berg and his motion picture division will have less. Let me emphasize that neither Silbermann nor Berg will characterize publicly the coming settlement the way I’m doing it here: this is my insiders’ assessment of the Rizvi deal. I understand that both Silbermann and Berg are pleased with the way Rizvi has put an end to what has been a destabilizing period for the agency. Other agencies aren’t so sure: “They have successfully shifted the conversation into a management buyout story, but the fundamental problem still persists. In other words, they may have stopped the implosion but they haven’t stopped the erosion. More agents and clients are going to be exiting,” one rival agency exec predicts.

ICM staff have not yet been informed what the future will hold After my story broke, news of the partnership was finally announced late this afternoon in a company-wide memo before tonight’s holiday party. Still to be determined is who will become partners because of the management buyout and who will be left out in the cold. “Everyone at ICM holding Class A and Class B stock are part of the management buyout. Not everyone who’s part of the management buyout will be offered to join the partnership,” an insider says. Silbermann said at a staff meeting yesterday merely that an “announcement” is coming in 2 or 3 days. My insiders say details of the Rizvi deal will be worked out between now and Christmas. Meanwhile Silbermann has been busy extending his TV camp’s contracts by 3 years. “There will be a restructuring of ICM,” one of my sources explains. “Even Jeff is saying this is a deal that could be good for everybody. But there’s now no doubt that Chris will have more power, and Jeff will have less power.” Insiders now expect Silbermann to steer ICM into more of a TV agency than a movie agency with the music and publishing departments remaining at same strength.

Both the Silbermann and Berg camps as well as Rizvi realized that a decision had to come sooner rather than later because of the hundreds of calls coming in daily to the agency from clients, managers, and lawyers worried about ICM imploding. According to my sources, Rizvi, whose Connecticut-based Rizvi Traverse Management owns 40% of ICM, this week explained in several phone calls to key senior agents what he was thinking. Rizvi was especially perturbed that the ICM schism was playing out in the media. (Deadline broke the story and has been first on every development. “Where is Deadline getting all this accurate information,” Rizvi asked the agents.) Rizvi explained in the phone calls that he had “reservations” about Silbermann because the ICM president was “out of control” and “immature”. But Rizvi went on to say, “If I go with Jeff, then who’s going to run TV?”

In recent days, Silbermann sensed that Rizvi was going to back his power play. Chris holed up in the 7th Floor conference room with ICM’s CFO, coming out only to tell his camp, “Suhail is going my way. I’ll be in charge.” As for Berg, Silbermann’s camp says Jeff wants to wrap his long agency tenure within 3 to 5 years and leave with dignity. But Berg’s camp says he has no imminent plans to exit the agency and expects to keep repping his clients for a long while.

Though the friction between the two men has been ongoing since April, ICM’s crisis began last month when Silbermann confided to senior staff that he was leaving with several key ICM execs and starting his own Hollywood TV agency. Read More »

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ICM, Part 3: Agency Board & Rizvi Blow Off Chris Silbermann’s Demands (…For Now)

ICM Imploding, Part 2: Chris Silbermann Forces Decision By Largest Investor And Calls ICM Board Meeting Friday; Secretly Relying On Mike Ovitz’s Advice And Help

UPDATE: ICM investor Suhail Rizvi and the ICM Board today blew off yesterday’s demands by ICM President Chris Silbermann for a decision and board meeting about the management buyout. The reason cited is that Silbermann has yet to put anything in writing. “I think there’s a lot of concern as to whether his plan is deliverable or executable. There’s nothing to consider until it exists,” one insider tells me. ”He’s been told to put it in writing.” Another of my sources details, “There was this morning an informal board conversation so early and fractious and ill-informed that we’re not calling it a board meeting because there’s not enough information from Silbermann to call it a board meeting.”

So now the onus is on Silbermann. Until then, no one will know whether Rizvi Traverse Management will accept a buyout of its 40% stake in ICM. Or whether the ICM Board will agree to it as well. This all begs the question why Silbermann acted so prematurely. ”Chris went to NY Thursday because he felt he was not getting a serious enough consideration by Suhail. So Chris tried to goose the issue,” one of my sources explains. That, after Silbermann has been threatening for months that he and his clique would leave the agency if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Meanwhile, Silbermann’s management buyout plan remains so ill-formed that he can’t even explain it in detail yet to ICM’s agents. At one recent point, Silbermann confessed to several agents in his camp that they might have to expect a significant pay cut – even a halving of their salaries – if financial backing or an asset-based loan can’t be obtained. That took the agents by surprise, to say the least. Also, Silbermann claimed that ICM Chairman Jeff Berg was on board with this management buyout when, in fact, Berg is neither for or against it since his camp hasn’t been given any details about it yet.

As for Silbermann asking for Michael Ovitz’s advice and help to raise money, it’s well-known in Hollywood that Silbermann and his family have had many personal and professional ties to Ovitz. Also, Wall Street investment bankers involved in studio slate financial deals are confirming that they’ve been approached by Ovitz on Silbermann’s behalf. “Ovitz has been running all over the place trying to raise money for Chris to take over the company,” one sources tells me. But without success, I’m told.

“No one thinks Ovitz can raise $50 million let alone the $200 million necessary to buy out Rizvi. The view of that is ‘good luck’,” one source tells me. That Ovitz is involved at all has even put ICM’s reputation in jeopardy and led to consternation in many Hollywood circles. As one major player whose phone has been ringing off the hook about it summed up the reaction for me, “They think that Mike Ovitz is the biggest doofus on the planet, and Chris Silbermann is the second biggest doofus.”

Another latest development is that Read More »

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ICM’s Outside PR Firm Exits Agency Chaos

You know things are bad when a PR firm resigns an account in these tough economic times. But Principal Communications Group just did that as ICM continues imploding. I’ll have an update on this agency drama later today.

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ICM Imploding! Chris Silbermann & Jeff Berg Battle For Control: Rizvi Sits On Sidelines; How Long Will Warring Last?

By | Sunday November 13, 2011 @ 10:32pm PST

EXCLUSIVE: On Wednesday of last week, ICM President and heir apparent Chris Silbermann confided to senior staff that he was leaving with several key ICM execs including Ted Chervin and Rick Levy and starting his own Hollywood TV agency. In no time the buzz was all over the tenpercentery. That also meant it reached the ears of the founder of private equity investment firm Rizvi Traverse Management which since 2005 has owned a sizeable stake in the full-service ICM. On Thursday morning, Suhail Rizvi personally confronted Silbermann and asked if the ICM No. 2 exec was leaving or not. Silbermann denied everything, claiming that he’d never said it, that it was just a rumor, and that he was going nowhere — for now. But the fact is that, for months, my insiders say Chris Silbermann, the former Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann Agency partner, has been loudly and regularly threatening to leave ICM unless he gets what he wants. And what he wants is the removal of his boss, ICM Chairman and CEO Jeff Berg. And Berg, in turn, has been fighting back. Both agency chiefs have been seeking their own financing to buy out the other and take over the agency and reduce Rizvi’s stake. The infighting has torn apart ICM internally to the point where Silbermann regularly calls secret meetings and pointedly doesn’t invite Berg. While Berg calls secret meetings … Read More »

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