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OSCARS: Werner Herzog’s Controversial Toronto/Telluride Death Penalty Doc Being Rushed Into Release In November

By | Friday October 7, 2011 @ 8:31am PDT
Pete Hammond

EXCLUSIVE: After its controversial showings at the Telluride and Toronto film festivals, Werner Herzog’s dark and gripping death penalty documentary Into The Abyss, originally scheduled to be released sometime in 2012, has just been moved into the crowded November holiday corridor and will now open November 11th in New York, Los Angeles and possibly a couple of other major cities. The decision was literally forced on distributor Sundance Selects by its filmmaker, who became “obsessed” with the subject matter and demanded they release it now — particularly as the issue has turned into a hot potato due to a recent Republican presidential debate and the execution of Troy Davis. The difficulty for the distrib was Herzog’s other current doc, the 3D Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, has been a big hit and continues in theaters, and it’s likely some of those dates will now have to be pulled to make way for Abyss.

Erik Nelson, the producer on both films, explains that there was a confluence of events. “Cave is still in theaters and we had no idea it would do as well as it has done,” he said. “You’re not really supposed to put two films out at the same time by the same director (tell that to Steven Spielberg). On the other hand, what Werner wants, Werner gets. Resistance is futile. Added Nelson: “It seems now for whatever reason. everyone in the country is focused on the death penalty debate again thanks to Rick Perry and the bloodthirsty yahoos at the Republican debate, and I think Werner wants the film to be part of that discussion because timing is everything.” Read More »

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Sundance Selects Acquires Werner Herzog’s ‘Into The Abyss’

By | Thursday September 1, 2011 @ 10:51am PDT
Mike Fleming

New York, NY (September 1, 2011) – Sundance Selects announced today that the company is acquiring North American rights to acclaimed documentarian Werner Herzog’s upcoming film, INTO THE ABYSS. The documentary, produced by Erik Nelson (CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS) and executive produced by Dave Harding, Amy Briamonte, Henry Schleiff, Sara Kozak, Andre Singer, and Lucki Stipetic, explores a triple homicide case in Conroe, Texas, probing the psyches of those involved, including the 28-year old death row inmate who was executed just 8 days after appearing on-screen. Herzog’s inquiries unveil layers of humanity against an American Gothic landscape. As he’s so often done before, Herzog makes an enlightening trip out of ominous territory.

Jonathan Sehring, President of Sundance Selects/IFC Films, said: “Earlier this year, Werner Herzog took us to unseen Chauvet Cave in CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS which became one of our company’s most successful releases and the year’s highest grossing documentary. Now he has gone a step further and shown us the human soul in one of his most remarkable films INTO THE ABYSS. This is a hard-hitting, emotional and enlightening film that probes a crime and the legacy of the people involved and shows Herzog to be one of our great filmmakers. We are thrilled he has entrusted us with this film and are happy to be in business with him, our friends at Creative Differences and Investigation Discovery.”

Producer Erik Nelson describes an ongoing collaboration with

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