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Research Firm Ipsos OTX Seeking Industry Input On New Box Office Tracking System

By | Thursday October 20, 2011 @ 1:08pm PDT

It’s never been an exact science, but Ipsos’ Worldwide Motion Picture Group said today that it has started development on a new, modernized box-office tracking product, and it wants “leading major and independent motion picture studios, production companies and key individuals in the industry” to gather to discuss and refine the offering in a collaborative workshop. Curiously, there’s no mention of possible attendees (though Ipsos says many have already signed on, despite the fact no invitations have gone out yet), but the meeting is set for November 16 at The London Hotel in L.A. The research firm’s take seems like a logical one. From the release:

Over the past year distributors, marketers and the media have become frustrated at the often seen instances where pre-release tracking and box office expectations are very different than the actual performance for a movie on opening weekend. These miscalculations can at times have a ripple effect on the film industry by causing distributors to adjust their strategic direction and P&A spend resources based on results that do not accurately reflect moviegoer intentions. By improving the pre-release “tracking” system, distributors will be able to better prepare for the results of a film’s opening and ultimately help the bottom line profitability for each film.

With Ipsos’ healthy client roster of industry pros, it’s possible the gathering could be prominent enough to actually help fix an aging system. Stay tuned.

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Survey: Old Is Gold For Endorsements

If you want to sell a product, don’t kid around. That’s the clear message if you buy the results of a survey just released by global market research firm Ipsos. The hottest huckster: 89-year-old Betty White. She is America’s favorite and most trusted personality and would be most likely to drive business with an endorsement, according to the survey. She received the highest “favorability” rating among 100 well-known personalities, with 86% of those surveyed expressing a favorable opinion of her. Next on the list: Denzel Washington (85%) and Sandra Bullock (84%). Also in the top 10: Clint Eastwood (83%), Tom Hanks (81%), Harrison Ford (80%), Morgan Freeman (79%), Will Smith (77%), and Johnny Depp (76%). Most of the 100 personalities rated in the survey, which polled more than roughly 2000 adults, come from the world of entertainment, news and sports. Elected officials were deliberately excluded. Here is the complete list.

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