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British ‘The X Factor’ May Move to Jan 2012

ITV has assured X Factor boss Simon Cowell that it has enough money to do a revamp of the show as planned. “What we’re trying to do is make better shows than we’ve done before,” Cowell told the BBC. “If we can’t do that, there’s no point in doing it.” Filming on the US X Factor stars next March, which could mean moving the next Britain’s Got Talent series to Fall 2011. Cowell said that he was setting up a joint venture with new CNN host Piers Morgan for talk shows. “He’s a brilliant interviewer,” said Cowell. The X Factor boss also called Lou Reed “petty and pathetic” for not allowing Susan Boyle to perform Read More »

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‘The X Factor’ Won’t Be on ITV Screens Next Year As Simon Cowell Focuses On U.S. Fox Launch

UPDATE: Simon Cowell has confirmed he may not do next year’s X Factor for ITV. He is still undecided as he wants to concentrate on the US version. His final decision will be made in a few more weeks. Cowell said: “At the moment you are going to see me doing one show next year – and not one in England.” Cowell told the Daily Star that the launch of US X Factor could leave him no time to do X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

PREVIOUS: ITV bosses have been quietly looking for shows to replace its Saturday night ratings juggernaut next year. Cowell and his Syco production company are concentrating on next year’s Fox launch. X Factor’s disappearance until autumn 2012 would blow a hole in ITV’s ratings. This weekend the show celebrated its highest ratings of the series yet – peaking with 12.5 million watching. Saturday’s show was watched by an average 10.6 million UK viewers — compared with 9.8 million the week before. Last year’s X Factor contributed an estimated £100 million in ITV ad revenue. A single 30 second spot during last year’s pre-Christmas finale cost advertisers £250,000. It was thought Cowell would juggle his time between Britain and America, perhaps splitting the 2011 UK show in two parts straddling Christmas. All ITV and X Factor producers Talkback Thames and Syco will tell me is that … Read More »

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