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WB’s Retitled ‘Jack The Giant Slayer’ Now Opens March 1, 2013

By | Wednesday October 17, 2012 @ 5:04pm PDT

Warner Bros has tweaked the title of Jack The Giant Killer which is now Jack The Giant Slayer. It remains a 3D title but will now open three weeks earlier on March 1, 2013. Its competition March 1 will be Relativity’s 21 And Over and Fox Searchlight’s Stoker. This marks the second date change for Jack (Nicholas Hoult), which was previously moved to March 22, 2013 from June 15, 2012.

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Warner Bros Shifts ‘Rock Of Ages,’ ‘Jack The Giant Killer,’ ‘Arthur & Lancelot’

By | Thursday January 19, 2012 @ 6:09pm PST

Warner Bros has tweaked released schedules for a trio of movies this year and next. year. Rock Of Ages shifts to June 15 this summer from June 1. It’s moving into WB slot vacated by Jack The Giant Killer which moved to March 22, 2013 from June 15, 2012. Arthur & Lancelot is now undated from previously slated March 15, 2013.

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Hot Trailer: ‘Jack The Giant Killer’

By | Thursday December 15, 2011 @ 10:59pm PST

Warner Bros released a trailer for Bryan Singer’s reimagining of the children’s tale about a boy, a cow and those beans. Nicholas Hoult plays Jack and the cast includes Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Warwick Davis, Bill Nighy, Ian McShane, Eleanor Tomlinson and Eddie Marsan. Jack The Giant Killer opens June 15.

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Warner Bros Skeds 2 Films: ‘Rock Of Ages’ And ‘Jack The Giant Killer’

Rock Of Ages starring Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough, Alec Baldwin, Mary J. Blige and directed by Adam Shankman will be released on 06/01/12

Jack The Giant Killer starring Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor and directed by Bryan Singer will be released on 06/15/12

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Eleanor Tomlinson Lands ‘Jack The Giant Killer’ Female Lead

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Director Bryan Singer has set Eleanor Tomlinson to play the female lead in Jack the Giant Killer for New Line and Legendary Pictures. She stars opposite Nicholas Hoult. The 19-year old Tomlinson plays Isabella, the princess who runs away from the kingdom and is kidnapped by the giants. Before that happens, she runs into Jack, the son of a farmer and makes a strong enough impression that he leads a mission into the land of the giants to get her back. Singer did an extensive search before deciding on Tomlinson. The British actress has been acting in films since she was 12, including The Illusionist and Angus , Thongs and Perfect Snogging. More recently, she played a role in Alice in Wonderland, but this is the biggest role of her career so far. Her reps at WME and UK-based Conway Van Gelder just made her deal, and she’s off to London to begin shooting.

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Nicholas Hoult To Star In ‘Jack The Giant Killer’

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Nicholas Hoult has been offered the lead role and is negotiating to star in Jack the Giant Killer, the Bryan Singer-directed drama for New Line and Legendary Pictures. Hoult is expected to close quickly, after emerging as the lead following a long testing process. It’s the biggest role so far for the British actor, who has grown from the About A Boy star into a 6’3″ leading man. Hoult starred in the original UK series Skins, and starred in A Single Man. Hoult has X-Men: First Class coming out in June. He plays The Beast, and Singer produced that film, so he knew well what Hoult was capable of. Hoult will also star in Fury Road, the George Miller-directed prequel to the Mad Max films. That will film next year, with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron also starring. Hoult is repped by UTA and UK-based Independent.

Scripted by Christopher McQuarrie, Mark Bomback and Darren Lemke, Jack the Giant Killer is a scary revisionist take on the Jack and the Beanstalk mythology and Hoult will play a farmer who leads an expedition into the giants’ kingdom to rescue a kidnapped princess. Bill Nighy, Stanley Tucci and John Kassir were recently cast.

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Alex Pettyfer And Matt Bomer ‘Now’ Guys

Mike Fleming

While The New York Times today reports that DreamWorks intends to groom its I Am Number Four star Alex Pettyfer for stardom, Fox and New Regency have got him next. Pettyfer and Matt Bomer have been added to play starring roles in Now, the Andrew Niccol-directed film that stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. DreamWorks clearly hopes that Pettyfer will front a franchise in I Am Number Four, an alien story which will span multiple books. Pettyfer is also on a short list — along with Aaron Johnson and Max Irons and a couple others, I hear — for Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer. He also will stars in Beastly next year for CBS Films. As for Bomer, he’s got a high profile feature role, after  almost coming out of nowhere to get a big feature shot several years ago, when Brett Ratner pushed hard for him to play Superman in a three-picture arc. That possibility went away when Ratner dropped from the project. Bomer has gone on to star in the USA Network series White Collar. Now takes place in a future where the aging gene has been turned off, and life as measured by units of time becomes the currency.

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Bryan Singer Gets ‘Jack The Giant Killer’ Green Light; Who’ll Climb Beanstalk?

Mike Fleming

Bryan Singer is getting his green light on Jack the Giant Killer, and he’s now figuring out who’ll climb the vine and slay the oversized villain. I’m told it has become the role that young actors are circling. I’ve also heard that Singer’s sweet on Aaron Johnson, who played the title role in Kick-Ass, and portrayed the young John Lennon in Nowhere Boy. Now, Johnson is hardly a lock; New Line is seeing a lot of other young actors as well. Production will begin this spring. The remake was developed by New Line as a dark re-telling of the Jack and the Beanstalk fable, with a script by Darren Lemke and Mark Bomback. Singer sparked to it when he was simultaneously developing X-Men: First Class to direct. When the Jack script needed work, though, Singer was momentarily tempted to do the X-Men project first. But Warner Bros, which once pulled Singer away from X-Men 3 to do Superman Returns when Fox took too long to close, wasn’t leaving the possibility for payback. Warner Bros locked Singer into a holding deal. Read More »

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