California Pol Appeals to Jerry Brown to Expand Production Tax Credit Bill

Raul Bocanegra California Assembly manDiane Haithman is a Deadline Hollywood Contributor

Today at a California Film & Television Production Alliance rally in Sunland, CA, state assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D-Pacoima), who co-authored the legislation for an increase in California’s $100 million Film and TV Tax Credit Program, called the crowd to action: “This will not be an easy lift. We’re going to have to tell stories. There are some folks in Sacramento who think this program doesn’t work, that it’s a giveaway (to California’s workers)”

After his speech before a crowd of 600 at Independent Studio Services, Bocanegra told Deadline that there is no dollar figure attached to the overhaul legislation for California’s $100 million Film and TV Tax Credit Program but its authors want the expansion to “be competitive with other states” and cited New York’s $450 million tax credit program. When asked if he seeks a similar figure for California, Bocanegra said “yes.”

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No New Film/TV Tax Credit Cash In Jerry Brown’s Budget

Center For American Progress Hosts 10th Anniversary ConferenceGovernor Jerry Brown may take moguls’ money for his upcoming re-election campaign, but it looks like he’s not planning on handing out any more cash to keep production in California. Despite improvement in the state’s once-dire financial situation, there was no mention today of any increase to the state’s current $100 million Film and TV Tax Credit program in Brown’s budget proposal. In fact, with one minor example, there was no mention of film or television at all in the 271 pages of the Governor’s $154.9B 2014-15 budget. Education, the environment and healthcare all saw big increases in the proposal that leaked Wednesday but nothing for Hollywood. As well, citing that “wisdom and prudence should be the order of the day,” the fiscally tight-fisted Governor also plans on slashing the state’s long-term debt by $11 billion over the next year and putting $1.6 billion in a rainy day fund for a future possible downturn.

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The Governor’s budget proposal kicks off an approximately six-month process in the state legislature as the Assembly and Senate. Much of those negotiations will occur during what is an undeclared but almost certain reelection campaign by Brown. Despite the Governor’s silence on the Film and TV tax incentives today, it is widely presumed that the program will see an increase by the time a final budget is put together, passed and sent to Brown’s desk for him to sign. Brown signed the last two-year extension to the production incentive program on September 30, 2012, the last day possible. The program is set to expire later this year and end in 2017.

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Governor Jerry Brown Talks Up California’s Revitalized Economy To Roomful Of Hollywood Heavyweights

Governor Jerry Brown talked about the promise of California and played up the state’s economic comeback during a campaign fundraiser Thursday at Disney Studio boss Alan Horn’s Bel-Air home. … Read More »

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Alan Horn & Other Studio Bosses Set Big Jerry Brown Fundraiser Next Month

His re-election is a year away and as much of a sure thing as anything can be in politics but Hollywood moguls unsurprisingly are already opening up their check books for Jerry Brown now. A $1,000 to $27,200 … Read More »

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UPDATE: 28 Projects Make First Cut In State’s $100M Production Tax Credit Lottery

UPDATE, 5:22 PM: The lottery is over and 28 projects were selected today for this year’s California’s $100 million Film and TV tax credit program. That’s even with the 28 projects that were initially approved on June 1, 2012 in last year’s lottery. The doors closed Monday at 3 PM at the Film Commission’s office on Hollywood Boulevard with the last few applicants getting their submissions in under the wire. Soon afterwards, the random picking process began. A total of 380 projects were submitted between 9 AM and 3 PM today before the deadline. That’s a record for the program since it was introduced in 2009. The previous high was the 322 projects submitted last year for 2012’s $100 million allocation. A Deputy State Fire Marshal actually picked tickets out of a cylinder built for just such a lottery purpose. Each ticket had an allocated number on it that each submitted project was given Monday. All the remaining projects will now go on a waiting list in case approved film or TV projects drop out or have production or scheduling delays and lose their place and credits. Though 28 projects were first approved last year, the total figure that actually received tax credits actually ended up being 75. Today’s approved figure could also change as the Commission conducts a more thorough review of the projects. This year’s initial successful applicants will be contacted tomorrow. A full list of the features, miniseries, MOWs and TV series that were awarded a portion of this year’s $100 million and how much they received is expected Tuesday afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed Hollywood.

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PREVIOUSLY, 2:05 PM: There’s less than an hour left if you want to take a chance at getting a piece of this year’s $100 million California film and TV tax credit program. The state Film Commission is accepting applications until 3 PM PT at its Hollywood Boulevard offices for this year’s lottery, and then Lady Luck works her magic. “At 3 PM we’ll close the door so that we can conduct our lottery with assistance from the Deputy State Fire Marshal” who adds another layer of transparency to the process, Film Commission executive director Amy Lemisch told me today. “The lottery ensures credits are distributed fairly”. Once the $100 million is used up, remaining projects that didn’t receive funding will be put on a waiting list. That list isn’t quite the purgatory one might think: If already-approved projects drop off due to scheduling or production delays, those on the list will take their place and credits. Last year, 28 projects initially won a piece of the up-to-25% tax credit program. Read More »

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California Film Tax Credit Extension Signed

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill late last night that adds one year to the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program. Assembly Bill 1069 had been pared down from its original language that sought a five-year extension. … Read More »

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California OKs Only One-Year Extension Of Film-TV Tax Credits

By | Saturday September 10, 2011 @ 3:15pm PDT

Passing legislation in the California Legislature is always tedious what with all-night marathon sessions and hundreds of bills in a rush to pass before lawmakers adjourn for the year. So it was semi-miraculous that the tax breaks for California film and TV production received the … Read More »

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Study: California’s Film And TV Tax Credit Program Paying Off Economically

By | Tuesday June 28, 2011 @ 2:24pm PDT

A study of the impact of California’s Film and Television Tax Credit program shows that it has generated more than $3.8 billion in economic output and supported 20,040 jobs — good for labor income of $1.4 billion — in the Read More »

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